MIA: Subject: Women: Fiction and Poetry


Fiction and Poetry

1870 - 1940

[If the date written is unknown, the date published is used.]


1879: Ibsen, Henrik A Doll's House.


1881: Ibsen, Henrik Ghosts.

1883: Schreiner, Olive The Story of an African Farm.

1888: Bellamy, Edward Looking Backward.

1889: Schandorph, Sophus Stina Becomes a Farmer's Wife


1892: Schreiner, Olive Dream Life and Real Life: A Little African Story.

1896: Crane, Stephen Maggie: A Girl of the Streets.

1897: Schreiner, Olive Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland.


1900: Cleveland, Rose Alice Release

1901: Pemberton, Caroline H. The Charity Girl.

1903: Pemberton, Caroline H. Song of Labor

1905: Rokeya, Begum Sultana's Dream

1906: Beals, May The Rebel at Large.


1910: Malkiel, Theresa Serber The Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker. (excerpt)

1911: Kauffman, Reginald Wright The House of Bondage.

1912: Baker, Estelle The Rose Door.

1912: Edwards, Albert (Arthur Bullard) From A Man's World.

1913: Edwards, Albert (Arthur Bullard) From Comrade Yetta.

1913: Sinclair, Upton Damaged Goods.

1913: Flexner, Hortense The Fire-Watchers

1913: Stokes, Rose Pastor Paterson

1914: Dell, Floyd The Beating, Why Mona Smiled

1914: Tietjens, Eunice The Drug Clerk

1915: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Herland

1915: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins The Wolf at the Door

1915: Beals, May Bound

1915: Beals, May The Miner's Tale

1915: Oppenheim, James Bread and Roses

1915: Frank, Florence Kiper A Girl Strike-Leader

1915: Barker, Elsa Breshkovskaya

1915: King, Edward A Woman's Execution

1916: Forbes, Helen The Hunky Woman

1917: Bell, Josephine A Tribute

1918: Untermeyer, Jean Starr Church Sociable

1918: Ridge, Lola The Ghetto and other poems

191?: Hall, Hazel Puzzled Stitches


1920: Ridge, Lola Sunup and other poems

1925: Cleghorn, Sarah N. The Mother Follows

1925: Deutsch, Babette Petrograd

1925: Field, Mary Names

1925: Herendeen, Anne Revolution

1926: Ridge, Lola Histrionics

1927: Kollontai, Alexandra Red Love.

1927: Niyazi, Khamza Khakimzade A Song of Emancipated Women

1929: Neverov, Alexander Marya the Bolshevik

1929: Romanov, Panteleimon Black Fritters

1929: Shaginian, Marietta Three Looms

1929: Seifullina, Lydia The Old Woman

1929: Kollontai, Alexandra Great Love

1929: Kollontai, Alexandra Sisters

1929: Kollontai, Alexandra The Loves of Three Generations


1934: Bodenheim, Maxwell To a Revolutionary Girl

1934: Hughes, Langston Mother and Child

1939: Lechlitner, Ruth Forever This Spring

1939: LeSeuer, Meridel Salvation Home

1940: Taggard, Genevieve Ode in Time of Crisis

1941: Inber, Vera Candlestick "Adolf"

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