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Psychology and Marxism

“Psychology is in need of its own Das Kapital – its own concepts of class, basis, value etc. - in which it might express, describe, and study its object”. Lev Vygotsky, The Historical Meaning of the Crisis in Psychology.

photo of the vygotsky school

Vygotsky (first row, 3rd from left) and Luria is 2nd from left.

The purpose of this subject section is to serve as a reference point in exploring the relationship between Marxism and Psychology. Marxism and Psychology will consist of three types of works:

Marxist Works: Authors whose writing on or about psychology were influenced by Marxism.

Reference Works: A chronological collection of classics of psychology which are important reference material in understanding the Marxist works.

Commentary: Articles by contemporary authors who help clarify important concepts that were addressed by Marxist writers.

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