The Power They Hold


Published: June 1913
Translation: Michael Schauerte (from Japanese)
Source: Kindai shisō (Modern Thought), Vol. 1, No. 9, June 1913
HTML: Michael Schauerte

Yes, I know about their power.
Defy them and they’ll strike you down.
They do indeed look strong,
Which is why everyone gives in to them.

But are they really so strong?
Do they really hold such power?
It's a question that's never tested, it seems.
Although some of us have our doubts.

And some of us have taken aim at them many times
Although each time we’ve ended up the losers.
Losing’s not been the only outcome, though.
With each loss, new buds of victory unfold in our hearts.

The truth is they are weak; their power is a sham.
It comes only from your submission.
Some of us will show how weak they really are.
And scatter all who handed them their power.