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Israel-Arab/Palestinian Conflict

Map of Israel and Palestine 1946-2005

A collection of texts on Israel-Arab/Palestinian conflict and cooperation during the British Mandate of Palestine and after creation of Israel.

Israeli and Palestinian Writers
Cooperation and Conflict during the British Mandate of Palestine
The 1948 Arab–Israeli War and Establishment of State of Israel
Further Development of the Conflict


Israeli and Palestinian Writers

Tony Cliff
– 1935–2000. Tony Cliff was a leading Palestinian Jewish Trotskyist during the 1930s and first half of 1940s.

Uri Avnery
– 1923–2018. Uri Avnery was an Israeli writer and activist, founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement in 1993.

Edward Said
– 1935–2003. Edward Said was a Palestinian-American professor of literature, and a founder of the academic field of postcolonial studies.

Ghassan Kanafani
– 1936–1972. Ghassan Fayiz Kanafani was a Palestinian writer and a leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Moshé Machover
– 1936– Moshé Machover was a founder member of the Israeli Socialist Organisation (Matzpen).

Mahmoud Darwish
– 1941–2008. Mahmoud Darwish was a leading Palestinian poet and a Communist.


Cooperation and Conflict during the British Mandate of Palestine

The Second International


Poale Zion (Workers of Zion)

The Communists and the Arab Problem, Marie Syrkin n.d. [mid-1930s]


Socialist Party, USA

British Policy in Palestine, Bezalel Sherman 1939


The Third International


Extracts from a Resolution of the ECCI Political Secretariat on the Insurrection Movement in Arabistan, 1929

Speech by Ridwan al Hilw (Yusuf), the Palestinian Delegate, to the 7th Comintern Congress, 1935

The Fighting in Palestine, Communist International January 1939


Palestine Communist Party

After the Liquidated Balfour Declaration in Palestine, Meir Vilner 1939

The Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Palestine. Resolution of the IX Congress of the Communist Party of Palestine, 1945

Arab-Jewish Unity for the Solution of Palestine's Problems, Meir Vilner 1946


The Communist Movement in Palestine, 1919-1949

Reflections on a Silenced History. The PCP and Internationalism, Musa Budeiri 2012


Communist Party оf Great Britain

The Class Character of the Palestine Rising 1, 1930

The Class Character of the Palestine Rising 2, 1930

Statement on Palestine, British Section, League Against Imperialism 1930

The Events in Palestine, 1936

Is Palestine Prosperous?, 1936

Palestine: The Imperialist View, 1937

The Palestine Report, 1937

Partition is a Crime Against Arabs and Jews, 1937

Against the British Plan to Divide Palestine, William Gallacher, M.P. 1937

Open Letter to a Socialist-Zionist, 1938

The Arab-Jewish Conference, I. Rennap 1939

The Position in Palestine and the Path to Peace, I. Rennap 1939

War Effects in Palestine and the Near East, I. Rennap 1940

Declaration on Palestine, [at the Empire Communist Parties Conference, 1947]


British Palestine, British Communists, and the "Ideo-Logical" system of Labour Monthly, Emerson Bodde 2016


Communist Party, USA

Brown Shirts in Zion. Jabotinsky – The Jewish Hitler, Robert Gessner 1935

Zionism Today, Paul Novick 1936

Palestine Under the Britian's Heel, Alter Brody 1936

On the Communist Approach to Zionism, J. Sultan 1936

Zionism, Earl Browder 1936

Palestine: The Communist Position, Paul Novick 1936

Palestine – Land of Anti-Imperialist Struggle, Paul Novick 1936

The Meaning of the Palestine Partition, Earl Browder, John Arnold, CPGB 1937

Peace by Understanding. A Communist Rejects the Partition of Palestine, Paul Novick 1938

A Solution for Palestine, Paul Novick 1938

Solution for Palestine. The Chamberlain White Paper, Paul Novick 1939

Zionism and the Imperialist War, Paul Novick 1940

Light on Palestine, Moses Miller 1946

Crisis in Palestine, Moses Miller 1946

Terror in the Promised Land, Moses Miller 1946

Palestine: What Is the Solution?, Alexander Bittelman 1946

Crossroads in Palestine, R. S. Gordon 1947

Palestine: A Solution, Charles S. Abrams 1947

A Democratic Solution for Palestine, Alexander Bittelman 1947

Palestine: Two Plans, John Stuart 1947


Canadian Communists

Palestine: What Is the Solution?, Tim Buck 1946


The Fourth International


Revolutionary Communist Party (UK)

Palestine the Pawn, 1938

The Jews Abandoned, 1939

Zionism - An Outpost of Imperialism. Open Letter to Labour Party Conference by a Group of Palestine Socialists, 1944

Palestine - The Anglo-American Commission of Enquiry, 1946


Communist League of America (U.S.)

Palestine – Pogrom or Revolution?, Max Shachtman 1929


Socialist Workers Party (U.S.)

For a Socialist Policy on Palestine, Felix Morrow 1936

The Palestine Question, Paul Koston 1939

Zionism and the Arab Struggle, The Spark 1939

British Overlords Sole Gainers in Palestine Conference Plan, Felix Morrow 1939

A Program of Action for Palestine, Haor (El Nour) 1939

Rebuttal on the Palestine Question, The Spark 1939

Zionism and the Jewish Question in the Near East, Fourth International 1946


Workers Party (U.S.)

Jewish Colonization in Palestine, Karl Minter 1942

Nazi Pogroms Threaten Unarmed Palestine Jews, Albert Gates 1942

Whither Zionism? Wither Jewry?, Karl Minter 1943

Whither Zionism? Wither Jewry? - II, Karl Minter 1943

Whither Zionism? Wither Jewry? - III, Karl Minter 1943

A "Dreyfus Case" in Palestine, William Gorman 1943

The Jewish Question and Palestine, Labor Action 1944

Comments on Articles on Zionism, Ben Hall 1944

Palestine ...Political Divisions; The Coming Elections, William Gorman 1944

British Policy Reason for Moyne Murder, William Gorman 1944

Resistance Flares in Palestine, Max Shachtman 1946

For Self-Determination in Palestine, Leon Shields 1946

The Meaning of Self-Determination. A Reply to Leon Shields, Albert Gates 1946

The Jews of Europe and Immigration to Palestine, New International 1946

Free Immigration Everywhere. Free Palestine with Majority Rule, National Committee, Workers Party 1946

No Immigration to Palestine. Arab Freedom the Main Issue, W. Brooks 1946

Four Recent Books on Palestine, William Gorman 1947

[Jews and Palestine], W. Brooks 1947


Other currents


Socialist Party of Great Britain

Potash and Palestine. Dead-Sea Fruit, Edgar Hardcastle 1929

Divide and Rule in Palestine, Gilbert McClatchie 1937


The 1948 Arab–Israeli War and Establishment of State of Israel

Social Democratic and Left Socialist Parties


Jewish Workers' Bund

Statement on Palestine and Zionism issued by the New York Bund Organization 1947

Statement of the Jewish Socialist Organization in England August 1947

Jewish Labor Bund and the Jewish-Arab War in Palestine April 1948

The State of Israel June 1948

The Jewish Labor Bund and the State of Israel Statement of the Executive of the Bund World Coordinating Committee June 1948

Truce in Palestine July 1948


Mainstream Communist Parties


Communist Party of Israel

The Peoples of Palestine Struggle for National Independence, S. [Shmuel] Mikunis 1948

Critique of United Workers Party Platform, Esther Vilenska 1948


Communist Party, USA

New Tasks and Realignments in the Struggle for the Jewish State in Palestine, Alexander Bittelman December 1947

Wall Street Sells Out the Jewish State, Alexander Bittelman 1948

The New State of Israel, Alexander Bittelman 1948

Class Forces in Israel's Fight for Independence, A. B. Magil 1949


What We Did: The American Jewish Communist Left and the Establishment of the State of Israel, Dorothy M. Zellner



The Soviet Union and the Creation of the State of Israel, Gabriel Gorodetsky 2001

Moscow's Surprise: The Soviet-Israeli Alliance of 1947-1949, Laurent Rucker 2005


Trotskyist Parties


Revolutionary Communist League (Mandatory Palestine)

The Trotskyist Position in Palestine: Against the Stream, Kol Ham'amad 1948


Socialist Workers Party (U.S.)

U.S. Imperialist Treachery on Palestine, Irving Dale 1948

Editorial: The Arab-Jewish War in Palestine, The Militant 1948

Zionism and the Middle East. The Aftermath of the Jewish-Arab War, S. Munier [Gabriel Baer] 1949


The Workers Party (U.S.)

What's Ahead for Palestine?, Al Findley 1948

Partition One Thing; Aid to Jews Another, Albert Goldman 1948

War of Independence or Expansion?, Labor Action 1948

How to Defend Israel. A Political Program for Israeli Socialists, Hal Draper 1948


Other currents


Socialist Party of Great Britain

Palestine and its Problems, Gilbert McClatchie 1948


Independent Writers


New Palestine Party: Visit of Menachem Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed (Letter to the New York Times), Albert Einstein et al. 1948

The Birth of Israel, Jean-Paul Sartre 1949


Further Development of the Conflict


The Palestinian Resistance


Basic Political Documents of the Armed Palestinian Resistance Movement, Leila S. Kadi  1969


Palestine Liberation Organization

Proclamation of the Establishment of the PLO 1964

Palestinian National Charter 1964

Palestinian National Charter 1968

Political Program of the PLO 1974

Communiqué of the 19th Extraordinary Session of the Palestine National Council 1988

Palestinian Declaration of Independence 1988

Address to the UN Security Council on the Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Yassir Arafat 1990


Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah)

Constitution 1960s

Towards a Democratic State in Palestine (Part 2) 1970


Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Statement by the Political Bureau 2002


Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

National Unity Government with New Political Program 2007


National Reconciliation Document of Palestinian Prisoners Inside Israeli Prisons, Fatah, Hamas, DFLP, PFLP & Islamic Jihad Movement 2006




Social Democratic and Left Socialist Parties



The Expulsion of Israel From the UN – What Purpose Would It Serve? 1975

The Palestinian Problem in MAPAM: The Middle East, International Affairs 1985


Mainstream Communist Parties


Communist Party of Israel

Peace Front in Israel, 1950

Who Endangers Israel's Security?, Esther Vilenska 1950

Israel Is In Danger, Moshe Sneh March 1953

Israel, [on the Suez crisis] S. Mikunis 1957

The Real Gain For Israel Is a Peace Agreement, Esther Vilenska 1972

A Peace Medal For Yasir Arafat, Esther Vilenska 1975


New Communist List/Communist Party of Israel (Rakah)

The Road to Peace in the Middle East, Wolf Ehrlich 1969

Two Years Since the June 1967 War, Meir Vilner 1969

We Shall Struggle to Prevent the Renewing of Battles, for Establishment of a Just and Lasting Peace!, Statement of the CC of the Communist Party of Israel on the Occasion of the 4th Anniversary of the June War 1971

Nevertheless It Does Move, and Will Go on Moving! 4 Years After the June War, Wolf Ehrlich 1971

Heroes of the War, Meir Vilner [The African Communist, #56, First Quarter 1974]

Israeli CP Leaders Condemn Terror Against Civilians 1975

Zionism – Is It Racist? Two Statements on the UN Resolution, Hyman Lumer, Meir Vilner 1975


Communist Party оf Great Britain

Israel and the Arab Middle East, R. Palme Dutt 1957


The British Communist Party and Israel: From the Establishment of the Jewish State to the Invasion of Lebanon, [from June Edmunds' The Left's Views on Israel: From the Establishment of the Jewish State to the Intifada] 2013


Communist Party, USA

Jerusalem, National Independence and Peace, Alexander Bittelman July 1950

Israel in Crisis, A. B. Magil 1950

Which Way Israel?, A. B. Magil 1956

Which Way Israel?, Hyman Lumer 1966

The Middle East Crisis, Hyman Lumer 1967

Arabs and Israelis: The Broken Peace, Tom Foley 1967

War and Peace in the Middle East, 1967

Israel Today: War or Peace?, Hyman Lumer 1970

The Middle East: Which Way to Peace?, Herbert Aptheker 1971

Israel: Image and Reality, Carl Bloice 1973

Zionism: Its Role in World Politics, Hyman Lumer 1973

Zionism – Is It Racist? Two Statements on the UN Resolution, Hyman Lumer, Meir Vilner 1975


Communist Party of Cuba

Cuba's Position on the Middle East Crisis, 1967


Trotskyist Parties and Organisations


Socialist Workers Party / International Socialists (UK)

Israel and Imperialism (A brief analysis), N. Israeli 1968

Palestine: Guerilla Organisations, Ibrahim Ali 1969

Palestine, Ibrahim Ali 1971

The Struggle to Liberate Palestine in Israel: The Hijack State, John Rose 1986

Palestinian Nationalism and the Arab Revolution, Phil Marfleet 1986

A Tale of Two Movements, Phil Marfleet 1994

Bookwatch: Palestine and the Middle East ‘Peace Process’, Clare Fermont 1996

Palestine Solidarity in Israel, Chanie Rosenberg 2001

Building Solidarity with Palestine, Chris Harman 2007

The “South Africa moment” – Palestine, Israel and the boycott, Tom Hickey and Phil Marfleet 2010

An end to isolation? Palestine and the Arab revolutions, Phil Marfleet 2015


Socialist Workers Party (U.S.)

Burning Issues of the Mid-East Crisis, Peter Buch 1969

Palestinian Liberation and Israel, Peter Buch 1969

Resolution on Israel and the Arab Revolution, adopted at the Twenty-Fourth National Convention of the SWP in August 1971

Israel and the Arab Revolution, Gus Horowitz 1973


Independent Socialist League (U.S.)

The Jewish Question and Israel, Resolution adopted by the Independent Socialist League 1951

Israel on its 4th Anniversary, Al Findley 1952

Israel's Arab Minority: The Beginning of a Tragedy, Hal Draper 1956

Israel's Arab Minority: The Great Land Robbery, Hal Draper 1957

Zionism, Israel & the Arabs, Hal Draper 1990


American Socialist magazine

The Arab-Israeli Conflict, A Jewish Socialist 1957


World Outlook magazine

The Israeli Victory — a Setback for the Antiwar Movement, 1967

Bertrand Russell Scores Israel as Aggressor / Israeli Communist Party Backs Israel’s Aggression, 1967

The Arab-Israeli War: Yost’s Analysis, Peter Buch 1968


French Jews for Palestinian Rights, Daniel Bensaïd et al. 2000


International Socialist Review magazine

Israel: Colonial-settler state, Phil Gasper 2000


Socialist Viewpoint magazine

Collection of texts on Israel-Palestinian Conflict 2001-2019


Socialist Voice journal (Canada)

Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Defense of Palestinian Rights, Suzanne Weiss 2008


The New Left


United States

Arab-Israeli Debate: Toward A Socialist Solution, Jewish Liberation Project vs. Committee to Support Middle East Liberation 1970

The Way to Peace: Two Peoples, Two States, Robbie (Scholem) Skeist for the Chutzpah Collective 1975

Guilt Tripping: The Middle East Debate in the National Lawyers Guild, Steven Lubet and Mirian Henriquez Nudel 1976


Socialist Register

Israel, Palestine and Zionism, Marcel Liebman 1970



The Palestine Question Analyzed in the Light of Marxist Politics, Reuven Kaminer


Socialist Organisation in Israel / Matzpen

Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace (Israel and the Arabs 1948-1961), N. Israeli (Akiva Orr and Moshé Machover) 1961

Some Remarks Concerning the Left in Israel, 1966

Matzpen. A Collection of Political Statements, 1967-1971

Matzpen. A Collection of Political Statements, 1967-1969

Zionism and Palestine, Avika Orr 1971

Israel: Politics, Myths and Identity Crises, Avika Orr 1994

Moshé Machover Archive




The War in the Middle East Class Against Class 1973

Israel-Palestine: For a class analysis Workers International Newsletter 1974

Nationalism hurts Palestinian revolution Workers International Newsletter 1974

Correspondence with a Palestinian Revolutionary Workers International Newsletter 1974

Resolution on Palestine, Second International Meeting of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations 1984

RIM Committee Statement in Support of the Uprising in Palestine, Revolutionary Internationalist Movement 1988



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