Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Stand on Ideological Issues

Resolution Adopted by the Central Committee at a special plenum at Burdwan in April 1968

Date: April 1968
Publisher: Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Transcription/HTML: Paul Saba
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New Epoch

On the Issue of Contradictions

On the Issue of War and Peace and Lenin's Thesis on Imperialism

On Disarmament and Banning of Nuclear Weapons

Peaceful Coexistance of States with Different Social Systems

On the Forms of Transition to Socialism

The Concept of National Democracy and Non-Capitalist Path

The Trio that Works Out into a Full-Fledged Line of Class Collaboration

On the Issue of People's State and People's Party in the Soviet Union

On the Issue of Material Incentives in the Soviet Union

On the Issue of Stalin and the So-Called Cult of Personality

On Yugoslav Revisionism

On the Slogal of Unity In Action

On the Issue of Correct Relations Between Fraternal Communist Parties

Carry on the Fight Against Revisionism, Guard Against Left-Sectarian Deviation

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