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Selected Chapters From Oskar Hippe’s


...And Red Is The Colour Of Our Flag

Oskar Hippe’s book covers sixty years of struggle whose course was decided when he joined the Spartacus League after hearing Karl Liebknecht oppose the Social Democrats’ patriotic support for the First World War. Oskar Hippe participated in the German revolution of 1918 and the mass struggles in the years which followed. He fought to learn from these events and to understand the treacherous role of Social Democracy and the increasingly Stalinised Communist Party of Germany. This fight for the continuity of the revolution brought him to Trotsky and the Left Opposition, later the Fourth International and into the centre of the resistance to Hitler by the German workers’ movement. Oskar and Gertrud Hippe were uncowed by imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Nazis. Then came the postwar deal between imperialism and Stalinism which split Germany and Oskar spent eight years in Soviet and East German prisons.

This is both a story of great courage and a vital contribution to the history of the political development of the working class, not just in Germany, but internationally.

We present here only the Chapters covering the German Revolution 1918-1923. The book can be ordered from Index Books in Britian, the chapter of which we republish here with the permission

Table of Contents


Revolution in Russia, Upheaval in Germany

After The November Uprising

Proletarian Battalions


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