MIA Subjects: Political Economy After Marx

Political Economy After Marx


Early English Debates on Marxist Value Theory
Building the Fabian Church, 1883-1915

Hobson, John
Imperialism, A Study, 1902
Many other articles on Economics, 1891-1937

Kautsky, Karl
The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx, 1887/1903
Socialism and Colonial Policy, 1907
Finance-Capital and Crises, 1911
Gold, Paper Currency and Commodity, 1912
High Cost of Living: Changes in Gold Production and the Rise in Prices, 1913
Ultra-imperialism, 1914

Lenin, V.I.
On the So-Called Market Question, 1893
A Characterisation of Economic Romanticism, 1897
The Development of Capitalism in Russia, 1896-99
A Note on the Question of the Market Theory, 1898
Once More on the Theory of Realisation, 1899
Marginal notes on Luxemburg's Accumulation of Capital, 1913
Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916
Notebooks on Imperialism, 1915-16

Hilferding, Rudolf
Böhm-Bawerk's Criticism of Marx, 1904
Finance Capital, 1910

Veblen, Thorstein
The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and His Followers, 1906

Marcy, Mary
Shop Talks on Economics, 1911

Luxemburg, Rosa
The Accumulation of Capital, 1913
The Accumulation of Capital - an Anti-Critique, 1915

Bukharin, Nikolai
Imperialism and World Economy, 1916
Economic Theory of the Leisure Class, 1919
Imperialism and The Accumulation of Capital, 1925

Bonger, Willem
The present economic system, 1916

Grossmann, Henryk
The Theory of Economic Crises, 1919
The Law of Accumulation and Collapse of the Capitalist System (Also a Theory of Crisis), 1929
Fragments on criticisms of 'Law of Accumulation', 1929-32
The change in the original plan for Marx’s "Capital" and its causes, 1932
Marx, Classical Political Economy and the Problem of Dynamics, 1941
The Evolutionist Revolt against Classical Economics, 1943 (excerpts)

Eugen Samuilovich Varga
The International Situation—A Study of Capitalism in Collapse, 1921 (with Leon Trotsky)
Economic Basis of Imperialism in the U.S. of North America, 1921
The Decline of Capitalism, 1924

Rubin, Isaak Illich
Abstract Labour and Value in Marx’s System, 1927
Essays On Marx's Theory of Value, 1928
Ricardo's Doctrine of Capital, 1936-7

Kawakami, Hajime
Marxist Political Economy as a Science, 1928

Samezō Kuruma
An Introduction to the Theory of Crisis, 1929
Discussion of Marx's Method (part 1), (part 2), 1969

Group of International Communists
Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution, 1930

Pannekoek, Anton
The Theory of the Collapse of Capitalism, 1934

Mattick, Paul
The Permanent Crisis. Henryk Grossman on Capitalist Accumulation, 1934
Marxism and Marginal Utility Economics, 1939
Marx and Keynes, 1955
Review of Paul Sweezy’s The Present As History, 1955
Review of Monopoly in America, 1956
Marxism and the Latest Stage of Capitalism, 1957
Economics of the War Economy, 1959
Baran and Sweezy’s “Monopoly Capital”, 1966
Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory, 1974
Economics, Politics and The Age of Inflation, 1977

Keracher, John
Economics for Beginners, 1935

Dunayevskaya, Raya
The Decline in the Rate of Profit and The Theory of Crises, 1947

Shoul, Bernice
The Marxian Theory of Capitalist Breakdown, 1947

Winternitz, J.
The Marxist Theory of Crisis, 1949

Ernest Mandel
The Theory of “State Capitalism”, 1951
The Marginalist Theory of value and neo-classical political economy, 1962
Surplus Capital and Realization of Surplus Value, 1966
An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory, 1967
The Labor Theory of Value and Monopoly Capitalism, 1967

Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.
Political Economy, 1954

Tsushima, Tadayuki
Understanding “Labor Certificates” on the Basis of the Theory of Value, 1956

Victor Perlo
The Empire of High Finance, 1957

Evald Ilyenkov
The Dialectics of the Abstract and Concrete in Marx's Capital, 1960

Camatte, Jacques
Capital and community, 1964-72

Vygodsky, Vitaly
The Story of a Great Discovery, 1965
Marx on the Proletariat's Economic Struggle in Capitalist Countries, 1988
What Was It Actually That Engels Published in the Years 1885 and 1894?, 1995

S. Menshikov
Millionaires and Managers, 1969

Istvan Meszaros
Marx's Theory of Alienation, 1970
‘Marginal Utility’ and Neo-classical Economics, 1995

Altvater, Elmar
Notes on Some Problems of State Interventionism, 1972

Yaffe, David
Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital - Review Article, 1972
Economic Perspectives, the Programme and the Permanent Arms Economy, 1972
The Marxian Theory of Crisis, Capital and the State , 1972
Why the organic composition of capital must rise with accumulation, 1972
The State and the Capitalist Crisis, 1976-8
(with Paul Bullock) Inflation, the Crisis and the Post-War Boom, 1979

Peter Howell
Once Again on Productive and Unproductive Labour, 1975

Pilling, Geoffrey
The Crisis of Keynesian Economics - A Marxist View, 1986

Miller, Jim
Must The Profit Rate Really Fall?, 1995

Yaffe, Helen
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: a rebel against Soviet Political Economy, 2006



Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen von
Karl Marx and the Close of His System, 1904

Böhm-Bawerk “believes he has proved the untenability of economic Marxism, and confidently announces that “the beginning of the end of the labor theory of value” has been inaugurated by the publication of the third volume of Capital.”

Ota Šik
Socialism – Theory and Practice, 1989

Ota Šik was one of the earliest proponents of “market socialism,” developing the economic program for Dubcek’s “Prague Spring.” This article was the keynote address for a conference on the meaning of socialism, convened by Šik in 1989, shortly before the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

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Hiroshi Uchida
Marx's Grundrisse & Hegel's Logic
, 1988

Cyril Smith
Hegel, Economics & Marx's Capital
, 1998

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