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Bolivian Writers and Thinkers


Guillermo Lora  (1922 - 2009)

Hugo González Moscoso (1922 - 2010)


See also, in the Spanish Section, texts by:

Federico Escobar Zapata, Álvaro García Linera, Gerardo Irusta Medrano, Guillermo LoraInti Peredo, Efraín Quicañez Aguilar, Carlos Soria Galvarro






The Chaco War (1932 - 1935)


Rosalio Negrete, Chaco – Imperialist Battleground (1934)
Jean Mendez, Murder for Profit: El Gran Chaco (1934)


The Popular Rising of 1946


Reva Craine, Bolivia - Colony of the U.S.A. (1943) 
Reva Craine, Big Business Enslaves Bolivian Masses (1943) 
Reva Craine, U.S. Ambassador in Bolivia Sides with Tin Bosses vs. Striking Workers (1943)
Reva Craine, Good Neighborliness of Bosses Pays: U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia Cooperates to Continue Labor Peonage in Mines (1945)
Labor Action, A First-Hand Report of Recent Popular Revolution in Bolivia (1946)
Juan Valverde, Bolivia Before and After the July Rebellion (1946)
Andrzej Rudzienski (as L. Velasco), A Triumph for Trotskyism in Bolivia (1946)
Andrzej Rudzienski (as Luis H. Velasco), Miners of Bolivian Plateau Choose Eight Trotskyists as Their Deputies (1947)
Andrzej Rudzienski (as Luis Velasco), Stalin's Agents in Bolivia: The Nature of the Bolivian Revolution (1947)



The National Revolution of 1952 - 1954

Guillermo Lora, Revolution and Counter Revolution in Bolivia: The Great Decade of Class Struggles (1952)
Pierre Broue, Bolivia, 9 April 1952: A Forgotten "February Revolution"? (1992)
Labor Action, The Nationalist 'Revolution' in Bolivia (1952)
Socialist Workers Party (USA), One Year of the Bolivian Revolution (1953)
Sam Ryan, A Letter on the Bolivian Revolution (1952)
Sam Ryan, Class Collaboration Makes a Recruit (1953)
Sam Ryan, The Bolivian Revolution and the Fight Against Revisionism (1954)
Andrzej Rudzienski (as Juan Robles, and as Juan Rey), Reports from Bolivia (1947-1954)
Fourth International magazine, The Sixth Anniversary of the Bolivian Revolution (1958)
Adolfo Gilly (as Héctor Lucero), Bolivian Agrarian Reform: Its Situation and Tasks After Six Years (1960) 
Adolfo Gilly (as Héctor Lucero), Bolivian Agrarian Reform: Its Situation and Tasks After Six Years (second of two installments) (1960) 
F. Chesnais & C. Chesnais, Bolivia: The birth of the POR (1972)
John Newsinger, Revolution in Bolivia (1983)
José Villa, The 1952 Revolution: How the 4th International and the POR betrayed the revolution which could have carried Trotskyism to power (1992)
Revolutionary History issue on Bolivia, "Bolivia. The Revolution Derailed?  The Crisis of 1952 and the Trotskyist Movement" (1992)
Tim Wohlforth, Revolution in Bolivia (Letter) (1992)



Military Coups, Bourgeois Democracy, and Political Instability (1962 - 1999)


World Outlook magazine, "Preventive Coup d'Etat" in Bolivia (1964)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Unions Present Junta with 39-Point Platform (1964)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Trotskyists Advise "No Confidence" in Military Junta (1964)
Executive Committee of the Partido Obrero Revolucionario (POR), Position of Bolivian Trotskyists on Barrientos Regime: "The Military Junta Usurps the Victory of the People in Order to Save Imperialist Domination" (1964)
Livio Maitan, Bolivia After the Downfall of Paz Estenssoro (1964)
World Outlook magazine, The Battle of Sora-Sora: Interview with a Participant (1964)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Trotskyist Leader Slain by Military Junta (1965)
Livio Maitan, Upheaval in Bolivia: An Eyewitness Report (1965)
World Outlook magazine, "Virtual Civil War" in Bolivia (1965)
World Outlook magazine, The Crisis in Bolivia (1965)
Presencia daily, "Workers Militia Take Over the Mines" (1965)
Paryido Obrero Revolucionario (POR), The "Center Left" Demagogy of General Barrientos (1965)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Students Declare University "Free Territory" (1967)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Dictator Outlaws Leftist Parties (1967)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Trotskyist Leader Exiled in Amazon Jungle (1967)
Rouge, For Bolivia! (1969)
Workers Vanguard (Trotskyist) of Greece, The Bolivian Revolution and the Deviations of the POR (1971)
Raimond, A letter on Bolivia (1972)
Aníbal Lorenzo, The Lessons of Bolivia (1972)
Hugo Blanco, Peter Camejo, Joseph Hansen, Anibal Lorenzo, & Nahuel Moreno, Argentina and Bolivia—The Balance Sheet (1973)
Nahuel Moreno, A Scandalous Document - A Reply to Germain. Chapter 1: Bolivia (1974)
Guillermo Lora, The Bolivian Revolution and the Activity of the POR (1978)
Yao Chuntao, Bolivia: Coup After Coup (1981)
John Newsinger, Revolution in Bolivia (1983)
Marxist-Leninist Party of the USA, Bolivian workers confront state of siege (1989)
Workers Power (eds.), Bolivia: A History of Class Struggle - Articles from Workers Power, Trotskysist International and Trotskyist Bulletin, plus "The Bolivian Revolution of 1952" from Revolutionary History (1992)
Robert J. Alexander, International Trotskyism, 1929-1985: Trotskyism in Bolivia (1991)

Che Guevara and the 1967 Guerrillas

Che Guevara, Bolivian Diary. Fascimile. (Book 1) (1966-1967)
Che Guevara, Bolivian Diary. Fascimile. (Book 2) (1967)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Government Claims Outbreak of Guerrilla War (1967)
National Liberation Army [ELN] of Bolivia, Instructions to Urban Cadres (1967)
National Liberation Army [ELN] of Bolivia, Communiqué No. 1 to the Bolivian People. Revolutionary Truth against Reactionary Lies (1967)
World Outlook magazine, Bolivian Generals Claim Battle Victims (1967)
World Outlook magazine, Guerrilla Front in Bolivia Pictured as "Impregnable" (1967)
Political Bureau of the Partido Obrero Revolucionario (POR), From the Bolivian Underground: "The Meaning of the New Guerilla Front" (1967)
Fidel Castro, Fidel on Death of Che - Speech to Cuban People Oct. 15 (1967)
US Central Intelligence Agency, The Final Days of Major Ernesto Che Guevara (1967)
World Outlook magazine, Report from the underground: "Che's Name Resounds in Bolivia" (1967)
Alex Harte, Bolivian guerrillas issue manifesto (1969)
Joel Aber, Bolivian revolutionaries are dealt savage blows (1969)
The Militant newspaper (USA), "Inti" Peredo Reported Killed (1969)
The Militant newspaper (USA), Granma editorial salutes Bolivian revolutionary (1969)
Anibal Lorenzo, The Lessons of Bolivia (1971)



The Cochabamba Water War, the El Alto Gas War, and the "Third Bolivian Revolution" (1999 - 2019)


Alan Woods & Jorge Martín, Bolivia: The Key to the Andean Revolution (2003)
Phil Hearse, Water War in Bolivia (2005)
Chris Harman, Uprising in Bolivia: stones and clubs defeated the tanks (2003)
Proletarian Revolution, Bolivia’s Unfinished Revolution (2003)
Chris Harman, South America’s New Revolt (2004) 
Jeffery R. Webber, The Rebellion in Bolivia (2005)
Mike Gonzalez, Bolivia: the rising of the people (2005)
Proletarian Revolution, Bolivia: Revolutionary Prospects and Reactionary Threats (2005)
Proletarian Revolution, Bolivian Upheaval and the Encuentro Continental (2005)
Claudio Katz, Latin America’s new ‘left’ governments (2005)
Chris Harman, Revolution in the air (2005)
Jeffrey R. Weber, Bolivia Postscript: Tensions Building (2005) 



The MAS Period and the Morales Government (2006 - 2019)

Jeffery R. Webber, Bolivia: The Fall of Carlos Mesa (2005)
Jeffery R. Webber, Bolivia: Evo Morales' First 100 Days (2006)
The Internationalist, Bolivian Elections: Evo Morales Tries to Straddle an Abyss (2006)
Crawford Spence & Mark Shenkin, Morales and the Bolivian State (2006)
Chris Harman, Taking on the multinationals in Bolivia (2006)
Jeffery R. Webber, Bolivia: Transition on Hold (2007)
Benjamin Dangl, Coca and Conflict in Bolivia (2007)
Susan Spronk, Bolivia's Long Revolution (2007)
Adriana Paz, Bolivia: A Democratic Revolution Transforming Society (2007)
Gerry Foley, Rightists Build Parallel Government in Bolivia (2008)
Jeffery R. Webber, Bolivia's Autonomist Right – A Dangerous Threat (2008)
Raul Burbano, Refounding Bolivia: Morales Calls for Vote on a New Democratic Constitution (2008)
Jeffery R. Webber, Bolivia After the Referendum (2008)
Jeffery R. Webber, Struggle, Continuity and Contradiction in Bolivia (2010)
Against The Current magazine, Bolivia's Growing Crisis (2011)
Dawn Paley, Bolivia's Uncertain Revolution (2011)
Kevin Young, Indians, Leftists, and Rebellion in Bolivia (2013)
Devin Beaulieu & Nancy Postero, The Politics of Extractivism (2013)
Marc Becker, Bolivia's Extractive Economy and Alternatives (2016)