You admire the delightful variety, the inexhaustible riches of nature. You do not demand that the rose should smell like the violet, but must the greatest riches of all, the spirit, exist in only one variety? I am humorous, but the law bids me write seriously. I am audacious, but the law commands that my style be modest. Grey, all grey, is the sole, the rightful color of freedom. Every drop of dew on which the sun shines glistens with an inexhaustible play of colours, but the spiritual sun, however many the persons and whatever the objects in which it is refracted, must produce only the official color! Karl Marx, Comments on the Latest Prussian Censorship Instruction


Bibliography of Working Class Literature Children's Literature
Selected abstracts from books that we cannot publish because of the backward laws of copyrights, but works that are very important additions to working class literature. It is the aim of these pages to contribute to a contemporary communist theory of teaching and child-rearing.
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    • Resources and References
Henrik Ibsen Debate Women and Marxism Archive
Four plays by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Eleanor Marx. Fiction and Poetry written by women on the working class, women's issues, and Marxism.
Encyclopedia of Trotskyism Utopia
Trotskyism in Literature Utopian writings, including satirical and dystopian novels and science fiction.
May Day  
Poetry and Literature  


Ascetic's Song
Brown Africa
Humanity in Search of Itself
Nepal-Amerika Express
Red 'Terrorist' Answers White Terrorist
Intro to Ahuti (Remembering Parijat)
Louis Aragon
Hymn 1934
Stanzas in Remembrance 1954
Angelica Balabanoff
To the Austrian Victims of Fascism, 1936
Edward Bellamy
Looking Backward From 2000 to 1887, 1887
Alexander Blok
The Scythians, 1918
Bertolt Brecht
Questions From a Worker Who Reads, 1935
Louise Bryant
Flowers and Ashes, 1915
Otto Rene Castillo
Apolitical Intellectuals
Before the Scales, Tomorrow
James Connolly
The Rebel Song, 1903
We Only Want the Earth, 1907
Love of Freedom, 1915
Mahmoud Darwish
Palestinian Communist Poet.
Pierre Dupont
The Song of the Workers, 1846
Michael Gold
The Damned Agitator and Other Stories, 1920s
Maxim Gorky
Creatures That Once Were Men, 1897
Song of the Stormy Petrel, 1901
Mother, 1906
Heinrich Heine
The Silesian Weavers, 1844
Nâzim Hikmet Ran
Turkish Communist poet.
Thomas Hood
The Song of the Shirt, 1843
Cheddi Jagan
Death to Imperialism, 1954
Alexandra Kollontai
Red Love, 1927
A Great Love, 1929
Sisters, 1929
The Loves of Three Generations, 1929
Jack London (1876-1916)
The Iron Heel
Revolution, short stories
The Scab (Speech)
John MacLean Archive
John MacLean March, by Hamish Henderson
Ballad of John MacLean, by Matt McGinn
Marx & Engels
Marx and Engels’ Early Literary Experiments
Jean-Patrick Manchette
Nada (excerpts), 1972
Mao Tse-tung
Yellow Crane Tower, 1927
The Double Ninth, 1929
New Year's Day, 1930
The Long March, 1935
Vladimir Mayakovsky
Collection of Poems by the Bolshevik poet
Claude McKay (1889-1948)
If We Must Die, 1919
William Morris (1834-1896)
Wake, London Lads!, 1878
Chants for Socialists, 1885
News from Nowhere, 1890
Poems by the Way, 1891
Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976)
Bengali poet.
Pablo Neruda
Collection of Poems
A Poem for Fidel Castro
To the Women of the Whole World
Phil Ochs (1940-1976)
George Orwell (1903-1950)
Animal Farm, 1945
Ōsugi Sakae (1885-1923)
Barren Flowers, 1913
The Power They Hold, 1913
Society or Hell?, 1913
Kočo Racin (1908-1943)
Lenka, 1939
Shamsur Rahman (1929-2006)
Bangladeshi poet.
John Reed
Mac-American (fictional short story), 1914
Love at Sea (poem), 1916
A Daughter of the Revolution, 1925
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
An Unsocial Socialist, 1883
Death of an Old Revolutionary Hero, 1905
Androcles and the Lion, 1912
Upton Sinclair
The Jungle, 1906
Damaged Goods, 1913
John L. Spivak (1897-1981)
Georgia Nigger, 1932
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)
Collections and Collected Works
Short Stories
Robert Tressell (1870-1911)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, 1914
Cesar Vallejo (1892-1938)
The Black Messengers
Paris, 1936
To My Brother Miguel in Memoriam
Black Stone on Top of a White Stone
Poems to be Read and Sung
Our Daily Bread
Daniel Viglietti (1939-2017)
H.G. Wells
The Time Machine, 1895
A Modern Utopia, 1905
Poems for Workers, edited by Manuel Gomez, 1920s


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