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The Ibsen debater

Henrik Ibsen Works

A Doll's House, 1879
An Enemy of Society, 1882
Lady of the Sea, 1910

Henrik Ibsen Critiques

Letter from Olive Shreiner to Havelock Ellis, 1884
Letter from Engels to Paul Ernst, 1890, Fredrick Engels
A Doll’s House Repaired, Eleanor Marx, March 1891
Ibsen's Greatness and Limitations, 1900, Franz Mehring
Excerpt from “Ibsen” by Leon Trotsky, 1901
The Intellectuals and the Workers by Karl Kautsky, 1903
Ibsen, Petty Bourgeois Revolutionist, 1908, Georgi Plekhanov
Excerpt from “Eleanor Marx
” by Havelock Ellis, 1935
Ibsen, 1937, Anatol Lunacharsky