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— Anti-Imperialism and
Workers Struggle in the Arab World —

The Problem of the Middle East, by Tony Cliff 1946
Modern History of the Arab Countries, by Vladimir Borisovich Lutsky 1969
The Arab Revolution, by Michel Pablo 1958


Communist International
Minutes of the Congress of the Peoples of the East (1920)

Seventh Congress (1935): Speeches by Arab Delegates


See Algeria History Archive


Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Egypt, by S. Munier 1951
The Military Coup in Egypt, by S. Munier 1952
The Nasser Revolution, by Harry Braverman 1959
Egypt: Moral Economy and Labor Protest, from Labor and the State in Egypt. Workers, Unions, and Economic Restructuring, by Marsha Pripstein Posusney 1997
Egypt: the pressures build up, International Socialism 2005
Egypt’s Long Labor History, Atef Said 2009


Revolutionary Iraq 1968-1973, by Arab Ba'th Socialist Party - Iraq 1974
Ba’ath Regime’s Bloody Background, by Samira Haj 1990
Daring for victory: Iraq in revolution 1946–1959, by Anne Alexander 2003
The Tragedy of Iraq’s Communists, by Anne Alexander 2008
For a Revolutionary Iraq, Statement by Revolutionary Marxist and Socialist Organizations in the Region 2014

See also 2003 Iraq War Subject Archive


France and England in Lebanon: Imperialist Intrigue in the Middle East, The New International, 1943
Lebanon’s Fight For Independence, by Jean van Heijenoort 1944
The 1976 Lebanese civil war, by Daniel Bensaid 1982


The Green Book, by Muammar Gaddafi 1975
Libya – the development of the Qadhafi [Gaddafi] regime, by Jon Bearman 1984


The 1936-39 Revolt in Palestine, by Ghassan Kanafani 1972
Letter from Gaza, by Ghassan Kanafani 1956
The Trotskyist Position in Palestine: Against the Stream, by Revolutionary Communist League 1948
Palestine: Guerilla Organisations, by Ibrahim Ali 1969
Palestine, by Ibrahim Ali 1971

See also History of Palestine Archive and Palestinian Resistance section of the Israel-Arab/Palestinian Conflict Subject Archive


The Sudan, from Communism and Nationalism in the Middle East, by Walter Z. Laqueur 1956
Sudan, by Ian Birchall 1971


Western Sahara
Polisario Denounce French Strategy in Africa, Socialist Press, 1978
The Bitter War in the Sahara, Socialist Press, 1978
Tension Builds Up in West Sahara, Peking Review, 1979
Unrest in West Sahara, Peking Review, 1980
The Battle for the Sahara, by Jack Goldberg, Socialist Viewpoint, 1986
The Saharan People Under the Boot of the Imperialist New World Order, The Internationalist, 2004


The Arab Spring
2010: Tunisia - "Ben Ali assassin, Sarkozy accomplice" — New Anti-Capitalist Party, France
2011: The return of the Arab revolution — Alex Callinicos
2011: Tunisia: the people’s revolution — Chamseddine Mnasri
2011: Act One of the Egyptian Revolution — Philip Marfleet
2011: Egypt 2011: what sort of revolution is this? — Neil Faulkner
2011: The Struggle in Egypt Surges Ahead — Ahmed Shawki
2011: The Unfolding Arab Uprisings — Interview with Mark LeVine
2011: Egypt and Beyond — Gilbert Achcar
2012: Reflections on the Egyptian Revolution — Anne Alexander
2012: The Arab Spring, the West and Political Islam — Hisham H. Ahmed
2012: Syria: Arab Solution Needed — Hisham H. Ahmed
2012: Syria: Understanding the Regime and the Revolutionary Process — Khalil Habash
2012: The Syrian crucible — Jonathan Maunder
2012: U.S. Hands Off Syria! Victory to the Uprising! — Socialist Action (U.S.) Political Committee
2012: Hands off Syria and Iran! End the Drone Wars! — United National Antiwar Coalition
2013: No to Dictatorship, No to Trading on the Revolution and the Martyrs — Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt)
2013: Down with Military Rule! Down with Al-Sisi, Leader of the Counterrevolution! — Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt)
2013: Egypt: End the Military Repression — Socialist Alliance National Executive
2013: Imperialism, Sectarianism and Syria’s Revolution — Interview with Joseph Daher
2013: Syria: Chemical Weapons Massacre — Revolutionary Left Current in Syria
2013: Arab Uprising & Women's Rights: Lessons from Iran — Haideh Moghissi
2013: Can People Get What They Want? — Gilbert Achcar
2013: On Egypt — Gilbert Achcar
2013: Egypt: ‘Do Not let the Army Fool You’ — Fatma Ramadan
2013: Egypt: The workers advance — Philip Marfleet
2013: “Never going back”: Egypt’s continuing revolution — Philip Marfleet
2014: Egypt: after the coup — Philip Marfleet
2014: Did They Get What They Wanted? — Atef Said
2014: Sectarianism and the Arab revolutions — Bassem Chit
2015: Bassem Chit’s critique of Arab nationalism — Simon Assaf
2015: Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution — John Molyneux
2016: Lessons of the Egyptian Struggle — Mahienour al-Masry
2016: ISIS, imperialism and the war in Syria — Anne Alexander
2017: The Syrian Revolution and Syria Today — Interview with Ghayath Naisse
2017: Arab Spring: Against Shallow Optimism and Pessimism — Atef Said


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