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Albanian Life

Albanian Life was the journal of the Albania Society of Britain. It was founded by Bill Bland, who also served as the editor of the periodical from its start to end. Bill was an acknowledged expert on Albanian history, culture, arts and language. He wrote the first Albanian-English dictionary. Each issue of Albanian LIfe featured articles on a range of subjects, including Albanian history, art, and culture.


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Albanian Life  No 25; No. 2, 1983

Sport In Albania by Besnik Dizdari, Ismet Bellova and Osman Palushi; The Church of St. Mary at Appolonia by Gjergj Frashsri; New Literature Available; "Three Girls", a poem by Vorea Ujko; Cartoons: "How the World Looks from Tirana"; "The Shadow," a short story by Elena Kadare; Albanian Society Meetings; The Shkodra-Titograd Railway; Correction to text of Prof. Martin Smith's lecture; Spirituality in Albanian Poetry; Corrspondence from Vivien Pixner, Margaret Arkwright; Albanian News (November 1982 - January 1983); Book Reviews: "Portrait of Albania" reviewed by Steve Day, "Albania: A Travel Guide" by Philip Ward, reviewed by Tom Blake; "The Hand of Lenin," a poem by Muharrem Jakupi.

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Albanian Life  No 38; No. 1, 1987

Contents include: Bill Bland: "Human Rights in Albania"; Delegation; Poem: Pjeter Budi: "Cain"; Ramadan Sokoli: "Vivaldi's Opera 'Skanderbeg'"; Holidays in Albania; Short story: Paulin Selimi; "A Letter to John Paul II"; Petrit Kalaja: "Nature Reserves in Albania"; Correspondence; Poem: Ndoc Gjetja: "5,000 Pairs of Shoes"; Albanian News; Reports of Meetings; New Books and Magazines; Dictionary of Albanian Literature; Cartoons from "Ylli"; The photograph on the front cover is of the Children's Park in Tirana.

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Albanian Life  No 39; No. 2, 1987

Albania and the United Nations, by Norberto Steinmayr; The Man who Came Home, a short story by Gentiane Naipi; The Epic of the Battle of Kosova: 1389 by Fatos Arapi; Tirana, by Frank Carter; Two Poems: The Return of the Girls, by Besnik Mustafaj and The Telephone, by Dritero Agolli; The Albanians in Calabria by Madame Grandin; The Xhublete, by Andromaqi Gjergji; The Klos-Bulqiza Conveyor by Engjell Hoxha; Albanian News; New Magazines Available; Albanian Society Meetings; Notice of Lecture.

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Albanian Life  No 41; No. 1, 1988

Contents include: Speech of Albania's Foreign Minister, Reis Malile, at the meeting of Balkan Foreign Ministers in Belgrade; "Identity", a poem by Moikom Zeqo; "An Unexpected Meeting", a short story by Ludmilla Pajo; "An Impression of Albanian Football in Europe", by William Jamieson; Albanian Society Meetings; "Contemporary Reports of Albania Between the Wars", by John A. Sabine; "The Views of 19th Century British Travellers on the Albanian Language", by Shpetim Mema; New Magazines Available; Conferences on Albania; Albanian News

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Albanian Life  No 42; No. 2, 1988

"On Effective Literature" by Ismail Kadare; "Solar Energy in Albania" by Fatos Pecani; Book Reviews - Gwen Robyns: Geraldine of the Albanians; Adi Schnytzer: Stalinist Economic Strategy in Practice: the Case of Albania; New Book - Serge van Hoof: Football in Albania; Short story: "Grandmother's Illness" by Enver Kushi; "A Mediaeval Musician", by Afrim Hoti; "Murder at the OmsK Corral", K. Damo; "Women in Folk Song" by Zihni Sako; "The Views of 19th Century British Travellers on the Albanian Language" by Shpetim Mema; Obituary: Lasgush Poradeci (1899-1987); Poem: "The Lake", by Lasgush Poradeci; Albanian Society Meetings; New Magazines; Albanian News.

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Albanian Life  No 43; No. 3, 1988

"First Impressions" by Eve Bland; "The Young Archaeologist," a poem by Moikom Zeqo; "The Situation in Kosava" (Zëri i Popullit); "Albanians Will Not Be Silent " by Sabri Hamiti; "The Bear Cubs," a short story by Roland Gjoza ; "Esperanto" by Miço Samara; "Three Poems" by Bardhyl Londo: "Migjeni," "Lasgush Poradeci," and "Chronicle of a Love"; "The 1957 Foreign Office Documents on Albania" by Norberto Steinmayr; "The Earthquake of 9 January 1988"; "Perestroika" (Zëri i Popullit); "Albanian News"; New Book; Albanian Society Meetings; Notice to Members. The reproduction on the front cover is of a picture of Albania's national hero Gjergj Kastrioti — Skanderbeg, attributed to Christophano De Altissimo.