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The Union of the Populations of Angola (UPA), Revolutionary Government of Angola in Exile (GRAE), National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA)


UPA: The Angola Drama (1958)
UPA: The Struggle for the Independence of Angola (1960)
Statement of Mr. Holden Roberto, President of the UPA (1961)
Declaration of Principles of the Revolutionary Government of Angola in Exile (G.R.A.E.) (1962)
Press Conference by Holden Roberto, President of UPA (1962)
Bembe Barracks Communique on massacres committed by UPA elements (1962)
National Liberation Army of Angola Communique: To the Press and the Angolan People [against UPA leadership] (1962)
Press Conference by Marcos Kassanga, Brigade-Major for the Army of Liberation of Angola [criticising the UPA leadership] (1962)
The Angolan Revolution Enters Its Second Year, by Michael Pablo, Fourth International, May-June 1962
Nkrumah's Proposal for the Formation of a Military Alliance and Unified Military Command for Angolan Liberation Forces (1962)
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Statement of Doctor Jose Joao Liahuca [against GRAE] (1964)
UPA Memorandum to the Summit Conference Committee (1964)
Letter of Resignation to the UPA Steering Committee from Fidelino Loy de Figueiredo, GRAE Representative in Vienna, Austria (1964)
Cover MPLA: Some Facts Showing "G.R.A.E." Incapacity to Lead the Angolan People's Fight and the Arbitrary Behavior of the Committee on Nine on the Angolan Question, (1964)
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Report of the Conciliating Committee Between the Angolan Revolutionary Government (GRAE) and the People's Liberation Movement of Angola (MPLA) (1964)
Why We Quitted the U.P.A. and G.R.A.E. of Mr. Holden Roberto. Roberto Betrays Both the Revolution and the Masses, by Jonas Savimbi (1965)
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An Open Letter to the Angolan People, by K.N. Cikomo [on resigning from UPA and joining the MPLA] (1965)
UPA Memorandum to the Government of Zambia (1965)
MPLA Declaration on the Conciliatory Joint Meeting (1966)
MPLA: An Odious Balance. Instead of Combatting Against the Portuguese Colonists, Holden is Using the Territory of Congo (Kinshasa) As His Base to Kidnap and Assassinate True Angolan Patriots (1967)
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Report, Decisions and Recommendations of the OAU's Committee of Five For Angola (1968)
MPLA's statement on OAU's withdrawl of recognition of "G.R.A.E." (1971)
UNITA: The MPLA-GRAE Opportunistic Reconciliation, Kwacha–Angola, July-August 1972
The MPLA's Appeal to the FNLA for the Unification of Angolan Fighting Forces (1972)
The MPLA's Proposals for the Unification of the Angolan Fighting Forces (1972)
OAU on Meeting of Reconciliation Between MPLA and FNLA (1972)
Draft Internal Regulations for the Supreme Council for the Liberation of Angola [pursuant to December 1972 unification agreement between MPLA and FNLA] (1972)
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MPLA and FNLA form council, Guerrilheiro, No. 14, February-March 1973
Address of the Head of the MPLA Delegation at the Opening Session of the First Meeting for the Implementation of the Agreement of 13 December 1972 signed by the MPLA and FNLA (1973)
Statement of Holden Roberto on the December 13, 1972 Unity Accord (1973)
Letter from Agostinho Neto to Holden Roberto (1974)
Angola: Leadership Crisis, by Dr. Fola Soremekun, University of Zambia (1974)
The Report of the OAU Conciliation Commission on Angola (1975)
Agreement Between the Portuguese Government and the [three] Angolan Liberation Movements [the Alvor Agreement] (1975)
The Nakuru Agreement [of the three liberation movements] (1975)
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A Footnote on the Relationship of ACOA to UPA-FNLA-GRAE, by George M. Houser (1975)


G.R.A.E. Actualities, No. 2 (1970)