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The African Communist


The African Communist is a quarterly journal of the South African Communist Party.

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Introducing "The African Communist" by Michael Harmel [from the book African Communists Speak, "Nauka Publishing House, Moscow 1970]

Introductory Essay: "The African Communist" by Brian Bunting

Index to The African Communist, 1959-1988




Issue Number 1, October 1959

Editorial: The New Africa–Capitalist or Socialist?
Toussaint: Marxism–The Science of Change
Uganda– A Survey: G.M.
Problems of the African Revolution: George Maxwell


Issue Number 2, April 1960

Our Magazine
Editorial: Avenge the Martyrs of Coalbrook
A. Lerumo: A Historical Step Forward (Formation of the All-African Federation of Trade Unions)
Toussaint: How ’Foreign’ is Communism?
Jalang Kwena: Guinea Shows the Way Forward
N. Numade: Marxism and African Liberation

Issue Number 3, September 1960

Editorial: Problems of a Continent in Revolution
J. Girodot: The Congo Marches to Freedom
I. Potekhin: Lenin and Africa
A.Lerumo: The Agony of South Africa
I. Kumalo: Nigerian Independence
B. Pela: The United States and Africa


Issue Number 4, January 1961

Manifesto for Colonial Freedom (extract from the Statement of 81 Marxist-Leninist Parties, Moscow, 1960)
Toussaint: The United Nations: Illusion and Reality
B. Radebe: South West Africa–Test Case for UNO and Africa
F. Kumalo: Socialism for Africa
Jalang Kwena: Marxist Education Series, No. 1

Issue Number 5, May 1961

N. Numade: The Choice before New Africa
A. Zanzolo: Some Thoughts on Federation
Toussamt: Solidarity with South Africa
Jalang Kwena: Marxist Education Series, No, 2
Book Review: Africa–The Roots of Revolt, by Jack Woddis
Documents: Greetings from S.A.C.P. to C.P.G.B. 27th Congress; A Message to Africa: John Gollan

Issue Number 6, July 1961

P. Dias: Fascist Portugal Must Quit Africa
B. Pela: Two German States and the New Africa
Toussaint; Towards Real Independence (The Cairo Meeting of the All-African People’s Conference)
’A Socialist’: Socialism for Africa
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 7, September 1961

M. Decker: The Economics of Neo-Colonialism
Mohammed Harmel: Bourgiba and Africa
B. Pela: The All-African Trade Union Federation
Jalang Kwena: Marxist Education Series, No. 3
A. Lerumo: After 40 Years (Anniversary of the C.P.S.A.)
What Our Readers Write


Issue Number 8, First Quarter 1962


A. Lerumo: Forms and Methods of Struggle in the National Liberation Revolution
Jean Suret-Canale: Tropical Africa Before the Colonialists
R. Palme Dutt: Africa and Communism
Peter Florin: The German Peace Treaty and Africa
E. Iphrahim: Sudan’s Dictatorship
Marxist Education Series, No. 4
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 9, Second Quarter 1962

N. Numade: Towards a United Africa
25th Anniversary of the Algerian Communist Party
L. Bouhali: Message from the Algerian Communist Party
A. Lerumo: The South African Democratic Revolution
Jean Suret-Canale: Effects of Colonialism on African Society
B. Pela: W E.B. DuBois Joins the Communist Party
Marxist Education Series, No. 5
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 10, Third Quarter 1962

Y. Dolgopolov: National Liberation Wars
Communist Party of Lesotho: Programme Summarised
Jalang Kwena: National Independence and Socialism
B. Pela: Apartheid in the U.S.A.
A. Lerumo: Africa and World Peace
7th Congress of the Tunisian Communist Party
What Our Readers Write
Book Review; Africa, the Lion Awakes, by Jack Woddis

Issue Number 11, Fourth Quarter 1962

L. Legwa: Partitioning South Africa–Aspects of the 'Bantustan' Scheme
Jalang Kwena: Africa Looks at the Common Market
Idris Cox: Land Robbery in Kenya
N. Numade: The Working Class and the African Revolution
A. Zanzolo: The Draft Programme of the S.A. Communist Party
What Our Readers Write


Issue Number 12, First Quarter 1963

A. Zanzolo: The Theory of the South African Revolution
The Road to South African Freedom: Programme of the Communist Party
Idris Cox: They Cannot Forget Lumumba
A. Cohen and A. Lerumo: Central African Federation–Burying the Corpse
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 13, Second Quarter 1963

Editorial Notes: The Things that Bind the international Communist Movement; Southern African Events; Ban on Tunisian C.P.; ’Assagai’ Magazine
Against the Ban on the Algerian C.P.
B. Pela: The One-Party State in Africa
Senegal and the African Independence Party
L. N'Diaye: Bourgeois and Proletarian Nations
British Right-Wing Labour and Africa
Joseph W. Musole: Class Struggles in Zambia
What is Communism?
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 14, Third Quarter 1963

A. Lerumo: South Africa is at War
Jack Woddis: Africa and Industrialisation
John Gallon: Britain and S. Africa
Charles P. Howard: Secrets of the Congo
Terence Africanus: Mr. Mboya’s ’Socialism’
Documents: No Arms for South Africa! (A. J. Lutuli); This is Communism (Fidel Castro)
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 15, Fourth Quarter 1963

W.E.B. DuBois: The Birth of African Unity
N. Numade: Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland
Ivan Potekhin: Land Relations in African Countries
Peter Mackintosh: Fascist South Africa Today
Sol Dubula: How Social Change Comes About (study series)
Book Reviews: Africa, the Way Ahead by J. Woddis; The African Patriots by Mary Benson
Documents: Statement by Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee; South Africa and Peace (J. B. Marks); Protest on Refugees (Bechuanaland People’s Party)
What Our Readers Write
Stand By Our Leaders (the Rivonia Arrests)


Issue Number 16, First Quarter 1964

Strive for World Communist Unity: Statement by the Central Committee, S.A.C.P.
P. Tlale: Sanctions Against Apartheid
Henri Alleg: Algeria Rebuilds
Foundation of Nigerian Socialist Workers and Farmers Party
Sol Dubula: The Role of Ideas in History (study series)
Book Review: South-West Africa by Ruth First
Dorothy Hewitt: Verwoerd, Verwoerd, They Cry, A Poem
What Our Readers Write
Documents: Kenya’s First Address at the U.N. (Oginga Odinga); South Africa’s Political Prisoners (O. R. Tambo); Expel S. Africa from the U.N. (D. Nokwe)

Issue Number 17, Second Quarter 1964

Jack Woddis: Ghana’s Changing Economy
Joseph W. Musole: Central Africa After Federation
Book Reviews: The Rise of the South African Reich by Brian Bunting; African Socialism by Fenner Brockway
What Our Readers Write
Documents: Fascist Terror in South Africa {United Nations Special Committee on Apartheid)

Issue Number 18, Third Quarter 1964

Editorial Notes: The People Unconquerable (On the Rivonia Trial); The Nigerian General Strike; South West Africa; Congo–Tshombe Returns; Death of Nehru
Z. Nkosi: Blueprint for Slavery (Bantu Laws Amendment Act)
Desmond Buckle: The U.A.R., a Bastion of Anti-Colonialism
P. Tlale: The Apartheid Economy Today
Kgang Dithata: Congo–The Constitutional Aspect
Terence Africanus: The First International–100 Years After
Documents: Political Terrorism in Lesotho (S.A.C.P. Statement)
What Our Readers White

Issue Number 19, Fourth Quarter 1964

The Pretoria-Bonn Atomic Axis (Memorandum from the Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee in the German. Democratic Republic
Ivan Potekhin: Pan-Africanism
W. O. Goodluck: Nigeria and Marxism
Makwugo Okoye, P. TIale: Africa and Democracy
Scheepers Fourie Across the Colour Line–Aspects of S.A. Literature
Book Reviews: Whither the Transkei? by W. A. Bellwood; Bantustans–the Fragmentation of S. Africa by Christopher R. Hill; South Africa: The Peasants Revolt by Govan Mbeki; South Africa: Crisis for the West by C. and M. Legum
What Our Readers Write


Issue Number 20, First Quarter 1965


Editorial Notes: The Frontiers of Freedom
A. N. C. Kumalo: A Poem of Vengeance (and other Tributes to Mini, Mkaba and Khayinga, Executed 6 November 1964)
A. Lerumo: The Battle for the Congo
Z. Nkosi: No Mercy from Vorster
George David: The Elections in Guiana
Savitri Azad: How Verwoerd Uses Anti-Communism
Africa: Notes on Current Events
Book Reviews: The Economics of Apartheid by W. H. Hutt; The South African Economy by D. Hobart Houghton

Issue Number 21, Second Quarter 1965

Editorial Notes: The U.S. War on Vietnam
From the South African Communist Party: Message to Vietnam French and South African Communists Meet
Henri Alleg: Ichtirakya!
Romesh Chandra: Pio Pinto: Son of Africa
Sol Dubula: South West Africa–the Hour of Decision
A Special Correspondent: Nigeria After the Elections
Mohit Sen: The Indian Scene Today
Jack Woddis: Democracy and Africa
Africa: Notes on Current Events
Documents: Message from Bram Fischer; Consultative Meeting of Communist Parties
Joseph Mofolo Bulane: South African Literature–a Rejoinder to S. Fourie

Issue Number 22, Third Quarter 1965

The South African People will Win their Freedom! Central Committee, South African Communist Party
Editorial Notes: The Pledge is Binding (10th Anniversary of the Freedom. Charter); No Easy Walk; Algerian Events
Sol Dubula: Kenya 'African Socialism' Paper
A. Langa: Tanzania Five Year Plans
Z. Nkosi: The 'Fischer' Trial
Africa: Notes on Current Events
Bankole Akpata: Wallace-Johnson–A Tribute
Alex Chima and A. Chukuka Eke: Africa and Democracy–A Discussion
Angolan Study Centre: Facts on Angola
Book Reviews: Axis to the Cape by Eberhard Czaya; 117 days by Ruth First; And a Threefold Cord by Alex La Guma
Documents: Rally and Unite Anti-Imperialist Forces (Appeal from C.C., C.P.S.A.)

Issue Number 23, Fourth Quarter 1965

Zimbabwe; Statement by the Central Committee, South African Communist Party
Editorial Notes: Kick the Smith Gang Out! Pioneer Marxists of Africa (50th Anniversary of International Socialist League [S.A.])
P. Tlale: The Imperialist Stake in Apartheid
A. Zanzolo: Islands of Independence in the Slave South
A. Langa: Elections in Tanzania
Sol Dubula: The Myth of P.A.C. 'Militancy'
Africa–Notes on Current Events
Obi B. Egbuna: My Death Warrant
Book Reviews: The Three Internationals by R. Palme Dutt; The Forest by William I. Pomeroy; Apartheid Analysed by Sol Dubula
Documents: Meeting of British and South African Communists


Issue Number 24, First Quarter 1966

Editorial Notes: Nigeria: Collapse of Sham Democracy; South Africa Enters 1966; Bram Fischer; The Sudanese Communists; Unity Against Apartheid; The Late Arthur Letele
R. Palme Dutt: British Labour and Africa
Sol Dubula: Patting the Record Straight
Henri Alleg: Political Detainees in Algeria
A. Lerumo: Liberation of the Southland
Joseph Mofolo Bulane: The Oral Tradition in African Poetry
Africa: Notes on Current Events
Book Reviews: Neocolonialism: The lest Stage of Imperialism by Kwame Nkrumah; Egypt and Socialism by Idris Cox
Documents: The African National Congress on the Rhodesian Crisis; A Communist on the Truth (Govan Mbeki)

Issue Number 25, Second Quarter 1966

Editorial Notes: Bram Fischer–and the S.A. Elections; The Judges Judged; Vietnam and U.S.; Treason in Ghana; An Absurd Antic
Dennis Ogden: Ghana Socialists Fight Back
Christine Johnson: Let's Free Ghana and Free Africa
Claude Lightfoot: Negro Oppression and U.S. Foreign Policy
Sigingi kaNelani: Apartheid Colonialism in America
Uriah Simango: Mozambique, My Country
Henri Alieg: Algeria: Behind the Silence
A. Langa: Nigeria: Behind the Coup
Book Reviews: History of Black Africa, Vol. I by E. Sik; The Wretched of the Earth and Studies in a Dying Colonialism by F. Fanon
Documents: Message from the S.A. Communist Party to the 23rd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Issue Number 26, Third Quarter 1966

Editorial Notes: Rebels Against the Crown; Independence for Lesotho and Botswana; The Communist Party; 45 Years
A. Zanzolo: Crisis in Africa
Z. Nkosi: Bending the Colour Bar
A. Lerumo: Showdown in Kenya
Y. Usman: Shortcomings of Military Rule
Y. Ngomezulu: The Soviet Union as I Saw It
Sol Dubula: African notes on current events
Book Review: Tomorrow's Sun by Helen Joseph
What Our Readers Write
Documents: President Nasser's May Day Speech

Issue Number 27, Fourth Quarter 1966

Editorial Notes: After Verwoerd, Fuhrer Vorster; Concern About China; Tributes to South Africa's Communists
Joan Bellamy: Testing Time for Ghana
A. Zanzolo: Drought, Water and Politics in Southern Africa
D. N. Pritt Q.C.: Bram Fischer's Great Speech
Khaled Mohel El-Din: Phases of the Egyptian Revolution A. Langa: South West Africa: The Phoney War Ends
Sol Dubula: Africa: Notes on Current Events
Book Reviews: Race Relations in Britain by A. Chater; African Trade Unions by loan Davies; Socialist ideas in Africa by Idris Cox; The Late Bourgeois World by Nadine Gordimer; Five Years by Deirdre Levinson; An African Bourgeoisie by Leo Kuper
What Our Readers Write


Issue Number 28, First Quarter 1967


Editorial Notes: 'Confrontation' in Southern Africa; Unconquerable Vietnam; 50 Years or Workers' Rule
Africa: National and Social Revolution–A Report on the Cairo Seminar A. Zanzolo: A Nation Behind Bars
Toussaint: Transkei
Sol Dubula: Africa–Notes on Current Events
Book Reviews: History of Black Africa, Vol. 2, by E. Sik; The Press in Africa by Rosalynde Ainslie
Documents: Rhodesia, the Case for Action (Julius K. Nyerere, Text of Address to the O.A.U.) Vietnam: Resolution of the Central Committee, S.A.C.P.

Issue Number 29, Second Quarter 1967

South African Communist Party, Central Committee Statements on The Present Situation in the World, in Africa, in Southern Africa; The International Communist Movement; Events in China
Toussaint: Tanzania's New Revolution (The Arusha Declaration)
Tigane T. Bibiker: The Sudanese Communist Party will Survive
Terence Africanus: 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution, 1– The Background
R. E. Braverman: Trade Union Apartheid
Sol Dubula: Africa–Notes on Current Events
Documents: J. C. Nyerere and O. R. Tambo on the Arusha Declaration
Book Reviews: The Jail Dairy of Albie Sachs; African Writing Today (ed. E. Mphahlele)
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 30, Third Quarter 1967

Editorial Notes: Imperialism, Israel and the Arabs; The Nigerian Tragedy; Again the Congo; A Worthy Laureate
B. Kades: The Sources of Economic Growth
Z. Nkosi: South African Imperialist Expansion
J. J. Jabulani: Money Screams in Katanga
Terence Africanus: 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution, 2 – From February to October
Sol Dubula: Africa–Notes on Current Events
Baba Oluwide: A Tribute to J. O. B. Omotosho
Book Reviews: Not Yet Uhuru by Oginga Odinga; The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Issue Number 31, Fourth Quarter 1967

Editorial Notes: Freedom Marches South (Guerrilla War Opens in Zimbabwe); Karl Marx's 'Capital'
J. B. Marks: October, Africa arid National Liberation
Terence Africanus: 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution 3–Shaking the World
Kathleen Welsh: Oppression and Suppression–A New Consolidation in South Africa
J.J. Jabulani: Bonn-Pretoria Axis
Samuel Ben Adam: Zionism and the Future of Israel
Ali Yata: The Moroccan Revolution
Book Reviews: The Rise and Fall of Kwame Nkrumah by Henry L. Bretton; The Literature and Thought of Modern Africa by Claude Wauthier
Documents: Major Nozegwu's Last Words
What Our Readers Write

Issue Number 32, First Quarter 1968

Editorial Notes: The War in the South
Muhoi Wa Kirinyaga: Uhuru's Bitter Fruits
Jean Suret-Canale: Aid and Co-operation: A Democratic Policy for France
Homage to Che Guevara
South Vietnam NLF: Toward Victory and Peace in Vietnam
Uriah Simango: The Liberation Struggle in Mozambique
Book Reviews: Verwoerd (Alex Hepple); The Political Economy of South Africa (Ralph Horowitz); The World Thai Was Ours (Hilda Bernstein); A Healthy Grave (James Kantor).
Documents: The Russian Revolution–1917-1967. (Text of the contents of the illegal journal Freedom published and circulated underground in South Africa by the Communist Party); STrengthen Anti-Imperialist Unity! (Joint Communique issued by representatives of the South African Communist Party and the Socialist Unity Party of Germany); British Communists Hail South African Revolutionaries.

Issue Number 33, Second Quarter 1968

Editorial Notes: The Burning Question; Deep into Zimbabwe; Exercise in Servility; Towards Communist unity; Homage to Karl Marx
A. Lerumo: Our People in the U.S.A.
J.J. Jabulani: The Case for the Persecution
Joe Slovo: Latin America and the Ideas of Regis Debray
Sean Redmond: James Connolly of Ireland
Book Review: Jack Woodis's Neo-Colonialism reviewed by A. Langa
Documents: Material from the Budapest Preparatory Commission for the international conference of Communist and Workers' Parties

Issue Number 34, Third Quarter 1968

The Developing Armed Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa: Report adopted at the Plenary Meeting of the South African Communist Party
Editorial Notes: Dr. Kaunda Stands Firm; France on the Brink; Professor Z. K. Matthews
Terence Africanus: Karl Marx: The Man Who Changed the World
J.J. Jabulani: Africa Notes and Comments
Willem Abram Malgas: The Coloured People of South Africa
J. Villiers: White Labour and Apartheid
A. Langa: Socialism and Rural Revolution
Book Reviews: New books on Ghana and the Congo (Geoffrey Bing and Kwame Nkrumah) and on South Africa (Allen Drury)
Letters to the Editor: William L. Patterson, National Committee, CPUSA; Jack Woddis
Documents: Joint Statement of the Communist Party of Lesotho and the S.A.C.P.

Issue Number 35, Fourth Quarter 1968

Editorial Notes: Czechoslovakia; Swaziland Independence; World Marxist Review; Students in South Africa
Duma Nokwe: The National Liberation Movement of South Africa
Sol Dubula: Nigeria in Turmoil – The Factual Background
J.J. Jabulani: Africa – Notes and Comments
Vasily Solodovnikov: The Soviet Union and Africa
Book Review: Ghetto Rebellion to Black Liberation by Claude M. Lightfoot (Reviewed by A. Lerumo)
Letters to the Editor: From Henri Alleg, June Milne, South Africans in the G.D.R.
Documents: Czechoslovakia: Statements by the S.A. Communist Party and the African National Congress; Interview with Moses Kotane

Issue Number 36, First Quarter 1969

Editorial Notes: Zimbabwe, Britain and the World; Indonesia; At the Olympics
Albert Zanzolo: Africa in 1969: African Unity Now; The National Question and Nigeria
N. Numade: Africa's Chance for Socialism
Mohammed Harmel: The Tunisian Way: Myth and Reality
J.J. Jabulani: Africa – Notes and Comments
Alexander Sibeko: Students in Revolt
Terance Africanus: Comintern
Philosophy is Partisan
Book Review: African Women – their Legal Status in South Africa (H. J. Simons)
Documents: From the session of the Preparatory Meeting, held in Budapest, November 18-21, 1968,for the World Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties

Issue Number 37, Second Quarter 1969

Editorial Notes: Eduardo Mondlane; Zionist Menace; Bantustan Elections; Reginald Bridgeman
Toussaint: Beneath the Golden Surface
J.U. Garang: The Southern Sudan
Letters to the Editor: Correspondence about Nigeria (from Toussaint, Idris Cox and J. Girodot), Algeria (from Henri Alleg), Afro­Americans (from D. I.) and Kenya (from P.0. Ombok)
Book Reviews: Rule of Law in South Africa; 18th Century African Philosopher

Issue Number 38, Third Quarter 1969

Editorial Notes: The World Communist Conference; People's Power in the Sudan; Socialist Germany; Zambia m the Front Lines; Let Our People Go
Mobilising for Revolution
Alexandei Sibeko: Students in Revolt (II)
Joe Slovo: Che in Bolivia
Teresa Zania: The I.C.U.
Book Reviews
Letters to the Editor
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Materials from the International Communist Meeting (Moscow, June 5-17, 1969)

Issue Number 39, Fourth Quarter 1969

Editorial Notes: Ten Years of Struggle; Homage to Ho Chi Minh; Zambia at the Crossroads; A Murderers' Charter
B. Ngotyana: The Strategy of Rural Development: Tanzania's Second Five Year Plan
Phineas Malinga: The Overdue Funeral of Mr. Rhodes
Y. Ngomezulu: Twenty Years of the German Democratic Republic
P. Mthikrakra and S. Dlomdlayo: More on the Coloured People: A Reply to W.A. Malgas
Book Reviews: The Lion and the Gnat (Under this title Joe Slovo writes a review article on William Pomeroy's collection Guerrilla Warfare and Marxism)
Documents: Death in Detention (A Reprint from the Rand Daily Mail June 28, 1969)

Issue Number 40, First Quarter 1970

Editorial Notes: Inhumanity; A Disturbing 'Manifesto'; Cabora Bassa; 'Boss' Claims Another Victim; White Immigration
Terence Africanus: Lenin and Africa
Z.Nkosi: Rogue Elephant of Africa
Ondiek Okelo: East African Economic Development
Peter Mackintosh: When Thieves Fall Out
Nxele: Africa: Notes and Comments
Scarlet Whitman: The Beauty of a Zulu Battle Line A Poem
Book Reviews: Colour and Class in South Africa by Jack and Ray Simons (A. Lerumo); Kaunda and the White South by J.R. Hull (S. Whitman), The Rise of the South African Reich by Brian Bunting (Teresa Zania)
Documents: The Voice of the African National Congress (text of illegal broadcast); New Light on Czechoslovakia (G. Husak's report)
Letters to the Editor: The Coloured People – W.A. Malgas Replies; Congratulations on Our Tenth Birthday

Issue Number 41, Second Quarter 1970

Editorial Notes: Homage to Lenin; Nigeria – Peace and Reconciliation; Smith's 'Republic'; SACTU: Fifteen Years; The Coloured People; Raising the Standard
S.P. Bunting: Lenin – A Personal Impression
G. Mirsky: The 'New Revolution' in the U.A.R.
Nxele: Lesotho – Background to the Coup
William L. Patterson: The Black Panther Party
Africa: Notes and Comments
J.K.Obatala: U.S. 'Soul' Music in Africa
Book Reviews
Documents: UN debate on the 'legitimacy' of liberation wars; Conference on Leninism and the World Revolutionary Process (S. African contribution)
Letters to the Editor

Issue Number 42, Third Quarter 1970

Editorial Notes: White Racism and World Sport; Scholarship or Espionage?; A Popular Fallacy Exploded
N. Kimema: In Kenya Now
Samuel Ben Adam: Israel: Africa's Friend or Foe? David Ivon Jones: Lenin's First Newspaper
Z. Nkosi: Elections in South Africa
Nxele: Africa: Notes and Comments
Book Reviews
Documents: Botswana's Foreign Policy (President Seretse Khama); My path to Leninism (Ho Chi Minh); Lenin the Liberator (illegal SACP leaflet.)

Issue Number 43, Fourth Quarter 1970

Editorial Notes: Britain Declares War on Africa; South West Africa; Lesotho, Botswana; The Fight Goes On; Soul Music
Freedom Can Be Won! Augmented Meeting Central Committee of the Communist Party of South Africa
J. Girodot: Sudan: The Revolutionary Task
Francis Meli: The Comintern and Africa
Cartoon: Comrade Lenin Cleans the Unclean from the Face of the Earth
Charlene Mitchell and Michael Myerson: Africa's Impact on Black America
Book Reviews
Documents: "I accuse the South African Government of Murder": Statement to the UN Special Committee on Apartheid by Miss Mary Benson

Issue Number 44, First Quarter 1971

Editorial Notes: 50th Anniversary of the CPSA; New Population Figures; Rhodesia; S.A. Diplomatic Offensive; The Tan-Zam Railway; President Nasser; A Veteran Revolutionary Passes
James Aldridge: Nasser in Three Dimensions
H. Rashid: Egypt's Workers Fight for Freedom
Phineas Malinga: Oppenheimer's Role in S.A. Imperialism
Alexander Sibeko: South African Students Protest
N. Malapo and B. Ngotyana: African Workers and the National Struggle
A. Langa: African Notes and Comments
J.J. Jabulani: Why I Joined the Communist Party
A. Lerumo: How the Party Was Formed
Book Reviews
Letters to the Editor

Issue Number 45, Second Quarter 1971

Editorial Notes: Ten Years of Republic – Nothing to Celebrate; Free South African Political Prisoners; S.A."Economic Miracle" Over?; Black Session; Sex and Drugs – "Communist Weapons"; Twisting the Law; Ugly Americans to the Rescue; Free Angela Davis
Toussaint: When Talk is Treachery – Africa's Parting of the Ways
Henry Maya: The Imperialist Threat to Africa – 1: Uganda
B. Tau: The Imperialist Threat to Africa – 2: Guinea
J. Villiers: Botswana - Balanced on a Tightrope
A. Langa: Africa: Notes and Comments Socialist Land Reform in Tanzania by a Special Correspondent
A. Ramsamy: Why I Joined the Communist Party
A. Lerumo: 50 Years of the Communist Party – 2: The Stormy Twenties
Documents: THE SOUTH AFRICAN QUESTION – Resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the Communist International in 1928
Book Reviews
Letters to the Editor
"African Communist" list of Contents 1968-1970

Issue Number 46, Third Quarter 1971

Editorial Notes: When Houphouet-Boigny Nearly Cried; Growing Militancy in South Africa; African Resistance; White Reactions; 50th Anniversary of Labour Monthly
Fifty Fighting Years: Statement by the Central Committee or the South African Communist Party
A. Lerumo: 50 Years of the Communist Party – 3: From 'Fusion' to Fascism
Builders of the Party: Photographs of some South African Communist Party leaders duriing the last 50 years
Why I Joined the Communist Party: 1. The Impact of the Durban Riots, by Zakhele Zulu; 2. People Can Change, by Diana Wood
Phineas Malinga: Ten Years of the Republic
24th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party by a Member of the Delegation of the South African Communist Party
Message of lhe Communist Party Delivered by J. B. Marks. Chairman of the SACP
Statement on the Sate of British Arms to South Africa
A. Langa: Africa: Notes and Comments
Book Reviews
Documents: Paul Robeson and Africa – Paper read to a symposium in Berlin in April by Alex la Guma
Letters to the Editor

Issue Number 47, Fourth Quarter 1971

Editorial Notes How Our Anniversary Was Celebrated
Academician A.M. Rumyantsev: A Tribute from the Soviet Union
Sol Dubula: Ten Years of Umkhonto we Sizwe
A. Lerumo 50 Years of the Communist Party – 4: Apartheid, Resistance and Armed Struggle
Arnold Adams: Why I Joined the Communist Party
El Mahdawi: Dark Days in the Sudan
Picture Feature – 100th Anniversary of the birth of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg
The Sudan Events – SACP Central Committee Statement
D. W.: The Man They Resolved to Kill George Jackson 1941-1971
A. Langa: Africa: Notes and Comments
Azad: How the Militants Came to Power in the Indian Congress
Dr. R. Press: Science and Africa
Sizakele Sigxashe: Taxation Robs the African People
Book Reviews
Poem by Scarlet Whitman

Issue Number 48, First Quarter 1972

Editorial Notes: Imperialisms 'Grand Strategy' in Africa; The Nixon-Home Vorster Line; Hands off Zambia!; The Murder of Ahmed Timol; China in the UN
F. Meli: A Nation is Born [Commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the foundation of the African National Congress]
R. Palme Dutt: The Crisis of the World Capitalist Economy
Sol Dubula: 'Bantustan Politics'
Henry Winston: Marxism and the Black Panther Party
Henri Percikow: For Angela Davis [poem]
A. Langa: Africa: Notes and Comments
Book Reviews
A.N.C. Kumalo: Before Interrogation? [poem]

Issue Number 49, Second Quarter 1972

Editorial Notes: Zimbabwe Says No!; China and the World; Danger Signals in Korea; Emile Burns
Z. Nkosi: Namibia Strikes a Blow
A. Marinov: Africa and the European Common Market
Angela Davis: The Black Woman in Slavery
Y.M. Dadoo: Bangladesh – A Victory for National Liberation
Rod Dyson and Ruth First: Dialogue
P. Malinga: Africa: Notes and Comments
Book Reviews

Issue Number 50, Third Quarter 1972

Editorial Notes: invincible Vietnam; Kwame Nkrumah of Africa; Justice in South Africa; In the Universities; Fidel in Africa: In Brief – 'Kwete!' – D.N. Pritt – Tenth Birthdays (FRELlMO and the CP. Of Lesotho) – Our Fiftieth lssue
In Lesotho Today
J. Villiers: Namibia and the World
R.E. Braveman: Apartheid, Industrialisation and the Trade Unions
Yusuf Dadoo: Tribute to Dimitrov
Esker Toyo: Guinea fights for Independence
A. Bakaya: World Capitalism, Gold and South Africa
P. Malinga: Africa: Notes and Comments
Book Reviews
Letters to the Editor

Issue Number 51, Fourth Quarter 1972

IN MEMORIAM – J. B. MARKS 1903-1972:
On the Death of J.B. Marks
J.B. Marks: Breaking the Shackles
A Sad Farewell
Messages of Condolence
The Life of a Revolutionary
Editorial Notes: To the Future; Time to Speak Out; Rhodesia and the Olympic Games; Which Way Egypt?
Boris Ponomaryov: 50th Anniversary of the USSR
One Year Later: [A statement by the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party on the anniversary of the 19 July Movement]
Alexander Sibeko: Students Fight for Freedom
Ali Mattan Hashi: The Somali Revolution
Albert Tshume: Africa's Revolutionary Way Forward
Peter Mackenzie: Malagasy Breakthrough
Book Reviews

Issue Number 52, First Quarter 1973

Issue Number 53, Second Quarter 1973

Issue Number 54, Third Quarter 1973

Issue Number 55, Fourth Quarter 1973

Issue Number 56, First Quarter 1974

Issue Number 57, Second Quarter 1974

Issue Number 58, Third Quarter 1974

Issue Number 59, Fourth Quarter 1974