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Eduardo Mondlane

Eduardo C. Mondlane

1920 - 1969



Portuguese Africa [with Janet Mondlane] (1962)
Old Roots in African Education (1962)
Mozambican Contract Labour in South Africa, [from the book The African Liberation Reader, Volume 1] (1962)
The Struggle for Independence in Mozambique (1963)
The Movement for Freedom in Mozambique (1964)
The Mozambique Liberation Front: The Crystalization of a Struggle for Freedom, (1964)
Deceptive moves by Portugal: FRELIMO's attitude, (1964)
The Development of Nationalism in Mozambique, (1964)
Dr. Eduardo Mondlane Attacks United States' Cooperation with Portugal, Mozambican Revolution, [NY Edition], Vol. 1, No. 3 [1964]
FRELIMO Action Forces Portuguese Ban on African Organisation, (1965)
Notes on Speeches by Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo C. Mondlane, (1965)
New Year Message to the Mozambican People, (1967)
Participation of Students in the Struggle for National Liberation, [from the book The African Liberation Reader, Volume 1] (1967)
Conversation with Eduardo Mondlane, (1967)
FRELIMO Fights for Human Rights, Sechaba, Volume 2, Number 3, March 1968
Some Considerations on the Causes of the Difficulties at the Mozambique Institute, (1968)
Report of the Central Committee the Second National Conference of FRELIMO, Afro-Asian Bulletin, Volume X, Numbers 7-8, July-August 1968
Press Conference on the Results of the Second Congress of FRELIMO, (1968)
The Evolution of FRELIMO, [from the book The African Liberation Reader, Volume 2] (1968)
The Tribal Question in the Advanced Stage of the Struggle, [from the book The African Liberation Reader, Volume 2] (1969)
Mozambique Now One-Fifth Under African Rule, Sechaba, Volume 3, Number 4, April 1969

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