Writers: Ho Chi Minh





List of Claims of the Annamese People (1919)

Some Considerations on the Colonial Question (1922)

In A ‘High Civilization’ (1922)

Equality! (1922)

The Civilizers (1922)

Racial Hatred (1922)

Annamese Women and French Domination (1922)

An Open Letter To M. Albert Sarraut, Minister of Colonies (1922)

Murderous Civilization! (1922)

The Martyrdom of Amdouni and Ben-Belkhir (1922)

About Siki (1922)

Indochinese Prosperity Under the Rule of M. Long (1922)

Open Letter to M. Leon Archimbaud (1923)

The Colonial Abyss (1923)

Just As In The Mother Country (1923)

Menagerie (1923)

Uprising at Dahomey (1923)

Despotism in Indo-China Protected and Protectors (1923)

Oppression Hits All Races (1923)

The Counter-Revolutionary Army (1923)

It Is Not Militarism, But... (1923)

English ‘Colonization’ (1923)

The Workers’ Movement In Turkey (1924)

Workers’ Movement In The Far East (1924)

Lenin And The Colonial Peoples (1924)

Report On The National And Colonial Questions At The Fifth Congress Of The Communist International (1924)

Appeal Made on the Occasion of the Founding of the IndochineseCommunist Party (1930)

Vietnamese Declaration of Independence (1945)

Letter To Old People (1945)

Wage Resistance War! An Appeal to the Vietnamese People (1946)

Appeal To Compatriots To Carry Out Destruction, To Wage Resistance War (1947)

Twelve Recommendations (1948)

Instructions Given at the Conference Reviewing the Second Le Hong Phong Military Campaign (1950)

Address On The Occasion Of The Inauguration Of The Congress To Merge The Viet Minh And Lien Viet (1951)

Message Sent To The Artists On The Occasion Of The 1951 Painting Exhibition (1951)

The Imperialist Aggressors Can Never Enslave The Heroic Vietnamese People (1952)

Letter To The Compatriots In The Thai-Meo Autonomous Region (1955)

Instructions Given At The Conference Reviewing The Mass Education In The First Half Of 1956 (1956)

Consolidation and Development of Ideological Unity Among Marxist-Leninist Parties (1956)

The Path Which Led Me to Leninism (1960)


Delivering address in Hanoi, 1945

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