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Ludwig Feuerbach

Lectures on the Essence of Religion

Written: 1851;
Source: Lectures on the Essence of Religion. Only 2 of the 30 lectures are reproduced here. The same material is dealt with in Feuerbach's book, Essence of Christianity, reproduced in full in this archive;
Translated: Translated by Ralph Mannheim, 1967;
Published: Harper & Row Publishers;
Transcribed: Andy Blunden;
HTML Markup: Andy Blunden.

Table of Contents:

I      Occasion and Context
XXX Atheism alone a Positive View

“We have busied ourselves and contented ourselves long enough with speaking and writing; now at last we demand that the word become flesh, the spirit matter; we are as sick of political as we are of philosophical idealism; we are determined to become political materialists” Lecture I