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Auguste Comte

Auguste Comte


“Our doctrine is one which renders hypocrisy and oppression alike impossible. And it now stands forward as the result of all the efforts of the past, for the regeneration of order, which, whether considered individually or socially, is so deeply compromised by the anarchy of the present time. It establishes a fundamental principle by which true philosophy and sound polity are brought into correlation; a principle which can be felt as well as proved, and which is at once the keystone of a system and a basis of government.” [General View of Positivism]





Letter to Madame Comte: “An affection he will always be proud of” 1847

Report to the Positivist Society 1848

Letter to Sir Robert Peel 1848

Letter to Baron Alexander Humboldt 1855

A General View of Positivism (excerpt) 1856


Founding of a Positivist Club, by Eugène Sémérie 1870