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Blanqui as an older man

Louis-Auguste Blanqui Archive

“it is my duty as a proletarian, deprived of all the rights of the city, to reject the competence of a court where only the privileged classes who are not my peers sit in judgment over me”
[Defence Speech].

Biography of Blanqui

Appeal to the students, 1830

Reception Procedure at the Society of the Seasons, 1830

Call to Arms, 1830

Speech before the Society of the Friends of the People, 1832

Defence Speech, 1832

Democratic Propaganda, 1833

Organization of the Society of Families, 1833-4

First issue of “Le Libérateur”, 1834

Who Makes the Soup should Eat It, 1834

Appeal of the Committee of the Society of the Seasons, 1839

Address of Central Republican Society to the Government, 1848

Central Republican Society to the Provisional Government, 1848

To The Democratic Clubs of Paris, 1848

Parisians!, 1848

Response to the Tascherau Document, April 1848

For the Red Flag, 1848

To the Mountain of 1793! To the Pure Socialists, its True Heirs!, 1849

Warning to the People, 1851

Proclamation of February 20, 1866

Proclamation to Parisians, 1866

Manual for an Armed Insurrection, 1866

Working-Class Exclusivism, 1868

Notes on Positivism, 1869

Eternity Through the Stars, 1872

The Army Enslaved and Oppressed, 1880


The texts by Blanqui in this archive have been translated from the original French for the M.I.A. by Andy Blunden and Mitch Abidor. The original French texts are to be found in L’archive Auguste Blanqui. The one exception is the “Warning to the People” which comes from Marx-Engels Collected Works. Any errors in translation should be notified to Andy Blunden.



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