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Alexander Berkman


Alexander Berkman

"The state has no soul, no principles. It has but one aim -- to secure power and hold it, at any cost."

—Alexander Berkman, The Kronstadt Rebellion, 1922

Alexander Berkman is known most for his What is Communist Anarchism? : Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism.



1912: Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

1925: The Bolshevik Myth

1929: What is Communist Anarchism? : Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism


1900s: The Lesson of 11th Nov. 1887

1906: Prisons and Crime, Part 1

1906: Prisons and Crime, Part 3

1910s: The Awakening Starvelings

1910s: Notes on Reviews of Prison Memoirs

1910: The Need Of Translating Ideals Into Life

1913: Confession of a Convict

1914: The Jobless

1915: Anti-War Manifesto

1916: The Only Hope of Ireland

1916: Why The Blast?

1917: Registration

1917: To The Youth of America

1917: War Dictionary

1919: Deportation: Its Meaning and Menace

1920s: The Bolshevik Dictatorship at Work

1920s: The Paris Commune and Kronstadt

1922: Bolsheviks Shooting Anarchists

1922: The Kronstadt Rebellion

1922: The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party

1922: The Russian Tragedy

1925: On Kronstadt

1928: Defense of Rudolf Rocker against "Freie Arbeiter" charges

1931: America and the Soviets

1934: The Anarchist Movement Today

1935: The Average American


1928: Suggestions for Discussion


1914: In Reply to Kropotkin

1920: Letter to Fitzie


1930s: An Enemy of Society: Autobiography Outline of Alexander Berkman




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