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Soviet Government

27th Congress of the CPSU, 1986

Soviet Declarations prior to the October Revolution

1905: Manifesto of the St. Petersburg Soviet
1917: Petrograd Soviet: Order No. 1
1917: Petrograd Soviet: Call to the Peoples of the World

Soviet Government Decrees and Declarations

First week in power

To Workers, Soldiers, and Peasants!
Decree on Peace
Decree on Land
Decree on Suppression of Hostile Newspapers
Declaration of the Rights of the People of Russia
[Expelling] the Opposition within the C.C.


Further Decrees and Declarations (1917-1918)

1918: Declaration of Rights of the Working and Exploited People
1918: Soviet Constitution
1918: Foreign Relations
1918-1937: Red Army
1920-1922: Party Congresses
1921-1924: Pravda
1928: Societal Overview (Facts, Descriptions, and Statistics)
1936: Constitution (Fundamental law) of the USSR
1937: USSR Population Distribution
1946: The Population of the Soviet Union: History and Prospects
1940-1989: Economic Statistics
1984: Propaganda

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