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The Young Turks Revolution

Constitutional Turkey, by Christian Rakovsky, 1908

The Turkish Revolution, by Christian Rakovsky, 1908

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Turkey, by Christian Rakovsky, 1909

The Young Turks, by Leon Trotsky, 1909

The Young Turks Revolution and the Arab Countries, by V. B. Lutsky (1969)


The Turco-Italian War

The End of the Italo-Turkish War, by V. I. Lenin (1912)


The Greco-Turkish War

The Turkish Victory, by M. N. Roy (1922)


Kemal Ataturk and Kemalism

Mustapha Kemal Atatürk and Kemalism, by Mitchell Abidor

From Atatürk to Inönü, by Burhan Bilge, 1938

The Foundations of Turkish Unity, by Falih Rifki Atav, 1939

The The New Grand National Assembly, by Falih Rifki Atav, 1939

The First Congress of the Turkish Press, by Asim Süreyya, 1940


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The Workers' Movement in Turkey, by Ho Chi Minh, 1924



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