Documents of the History of Iraq

Revolutionary Iraq 1968-1973

The Political Report adopted by the Eight Regional Congress of the
Arab Ba'th Socialist Party - Iraq

Written: January 1974
Published: October 1974, Baghdad
Public Domain: This work is completely free.

Table of Contents


Part One: The Phase extending from
July 17th 1968 to January 1974

Chapter One: The Party and the Assumption of Power

Chapter Two: The Revolution of 17-30 July 1968

Chapter Three: The Party and the Revolution. Initial Stage

Chapter Four: The National and Democratic Tasks

Chapter Five: Tasks of Socialist Transformation

Chapter Six: The Armed Forces

Chapter Seven: Cultural and Social Transformations

Chapter Eight: National Tasks

Chapter Nine: International Policy

Part Two: The Tasks of the Next Phase

Photo of Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr, p. 5
Photo of Saddam Hussein, p. 7