Italian Communist Party August 24, 1944

Paris Liberated by the Patriots

Translated: for by Mitch Abidor.

As the French Resistance was liberating Paris, the Italian Communist Party distributed this in Italy.

The Nazi order is in ruins on all fronts. Romania lays down its arms. A new government is formed by King Michael to carry out negotiations.

Germany’s satellites, conscious of its impending end, begin to separate themselves from it.

Italians of the occupied lands:

The Hitlerite beasts, routed on all battle fronts and caught in the mighty grip of the hatred and revolt of the oppressed peoples, ineluctably approaches its end.

We must throw in the balance all of our energy in a supreme will for redemption and freedom, and hasten the end of the gigantic tragedy the world was thrown into by the insane ambition for domination of the Teutonic corporal.

In France the Allies, after having everywhere broken the resistance of the Wehrmacht, spread across the country, liberating one locality after another.

On the Eastern Front the Hitlerite armies are being pulverized under the implacable and continuous action of the armies of the Russian people. In Italy the Allies, testing the so-called Gothic Line, are preparing to deliver the final attack.

Toulouse, Marseilles and other cities have been liberated by the French patriots, who now control one-third of the national territory!

We will free our cities and countryside of the hated Nazi-Fascist domination. Unite in the ranks of the glorious combatants for freedom!

Out with the German invaders and the Fascist sell-outs and traitors!

From one point to another of our oppressed soil mightily arises the unanimous cry of an entire people: