PCF 1936

For the Respect of the Will of the People

Source: L'Humanité, May 27, 1936;
Translated: for marxists.org by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2005.

The Central Committee of the PCF, gathered in plenary session with the Communist deputies, salutes the great victory won by the Popular Front April 26 and May 3.

The people of France clearly expressed their will to defend their bread against those who would starve them, freedom against fascist adventurers, and peace against war-mongers. This will of the people is and will remain the supreme law of the Communist Party.

This is why the Central Committee and the Communist elected representatives are unanimous in considering indispensable a strict and loyal collaboration by the Communist Party in the governmental work of tomorrow for the realization of the program of the Rassemblement Populaire.

For the accomplishment of this task the Central Committee considers that it will be committed, and it assures the new government its total and unflinching support.

The Central Committee understands and approves the will of the popular masses, who are able to see that nothing have been done in the three weeks since the victory of the Popular Front that it’s necessary to urgently and without delay take the following measures: opening of the great work projects meant to absorb unemployment and revive the economic life of the country; the adoption of the first measures repairing the injustices caused by the décrets-lois concerning state workers, public service, veterans, small shareholders, the elderly and large families; adoption of measures assuring the protection of children and the development of sport by the grant of a credit of one billion spread out over several annuities; the constitution of a morality commission to conduct inquests into the origin of the fortunes of politicians who enriched themselves through politics (Tardieu, Laval, Bouisson, Fioncette, etc...; defense of the franc against the traitors to France who attack the stability of the national coin in order to strike the workers, peasants and small merchants; adoption of measures destined to relieve the laboring population of the countryside and to re-valorize agricultural products; a general amnesty; application of the law to the seditious leagues, whose activities should attract the vigilance of the people of France in order for them to block any attempted coup de force.

The Central Committee congratulates itself on the progress realized in recruitment for the Party that now unites 125,000 members and every day registers hundreds of new memberships.

The adhesion of thousands and thousands of workers to the Communist Party that fights to make the rich pay in order to relieve the people of the burden of poverty that crushes them shows the growing confidence that the working masses of France place in it, for it is the best defender of the daily interests of the people of our country; of the dignity and honor of France, because it is the valorous combatant fro the great cause of the unity inaction of the Popular front, because it is the defender of peace, and because it shows the way to the breaking of labor’s chains and the liberation of humanity, the way to the installation of the French republic of Soviets, of a France free, strong and happy.

The Central Committee calls on al the members and Party organizations to intensify the recruitment campaign, to put everything in motion for the formation of Communist militants capable of leading the action of the working masses for the defense of bread, peace and liberty by the development of the unity in action and by the development of committees of the popular front that will assist in the realization of the program of the rassemblement Populaire and the hopes of the French people.