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Contents By Year

August 5 Unsigned, The Communist Conference
August 5 Montefiore, Something to Learn from Russia
August 19 MacManus, The Third Anniversary
August 19 MacManus, Towards the Revolution: Our Policy
August 26 Paul, Minerals and World Power
August 26 Montefiore, Our Class-Conscious Governing Class: A Professor’s Mission in Wales
September 2 Montefiore, Hands Beating at the Door
October 14 Hawkins, Communist Disipline
October 14 MacManus, Miners! Down Tools!!
October 14 Inkpin & MacManus The Communist Party and Communist Unity
October 21 MacManus, Stand by the Miners!
October 28 Fox, Labour and the Intellectuals: A Criticism of the New Whigs
November 4 Montefiore, Women and Communism
November 18 Dutt, The Sabotage of Europe
November 25 Montefiore, The Sickle and the Hammer
December 2 Paul, Lenin on Communist Tactics in Britain
December 2 Unsigned, London Labour Party Conference: Communist Party Affiliation Turned Down
December 2 Bell, Open Letter to the Rank and File of the I.L.P.
December 2 Lozovsky, To the Workers of England
December 9 Arnot, Unemployment!
December 23 Bukharin, Common work for the Common Pot
December 23 MacManus, The Spectre at the Feast!
January 6 Montefiore, History in the Making: The Congress of the French Socialist Party at Tours
January 27 Bukharin, The Era of Great Works
May 12 Jackson, The Organisation of Idolatry
March 19 Jackson, The Commune of London
March 21 MacManus, The Ventetta
April 2 Paul, Wrangel’s Last Stand
May 7 Zinoviev, Zinovieff’s Letter (Official Statement from the E.C.C.I. on Serrati and Levy—Excerpts)
May 14 Jackson, Sedition!
May 21 Jackson, Wages and Wonderment
June 4 Jackson, Dictatorship of the Damned
June 18 Jackson, Useful and Suggestive
June 25 Jackson, Ideals of a Communist
August 27 Wilkinson, The Congress of 1921
September 10 Gallacher, Communists in Industry
September 17 Wilkinson, The Red Trade Union Congress
October 1 Bell, Propaganda and Agitation
October 29 Paul, Are We Realists? (Part I)
November 5 Paul, Are We Realists? (Part II)
November 5 Jackson & Postgate, Four Years—The Story of the Russian Revolution
November 19 Paul, Are We Realists? (Part III)
November 5 Jackson, The Miners Battle
November 26 Bell, Are We Realists?: A Reply to William Paul
December 10 Postgate, Miss Pankhurst on Russia
December 10 Montefiore, Mrs. Swanwick on Women
December 10 Jackson, Trotsky and Terror
January 7 Jackson, The Mechanics of the Mind
January 7 Montefiore, Pink Pills
January 14 Bell, The Crisis in the T.U. Movement: A Programme of Action
February 25 Dutt, The End of Gandhi
March 11 Murphy, Control Your Job
April 8 Jackson, What Communism Means (Part I)
April 29 Jackson, What Communism Means (Part IV)
April 29 Montefiore, Implications of Genoa: A Further Reply
May 6 Jackson, What Communism Means (Part V)
May 6 Murphy, Stop the Lot
May 13 Bell, Back Again in Russia
May 13 Mann, The Great Lock Out
May 13 Jackson, What Communism Means (Part VI)
March 20 Murphy, Cut Off the Juice
May 20 Jackson, Taking Things Seriously
May 27 Murphy, End the Confusion
June 3 Roy, The Liberalism of the British Labour Party
June 10 Bell, May Day in Moscow
June 10 Murphy, Stand by the Boilermakers
June 17 Murphy, De Profundis”: The Return of the Engineers
June 24 Jackson, The Puritan Revolution
June 24 Paul, Mercenary Murderers
July 15 Murphy, The Miners at the Cross Roads
August 19 Murphy, American Coal War
August 26 Elsbury, British Trade Union Blacklegs
August 26 Brodsky, A Criticism
August 26 Murphy, A Reply to Brodsky
September 2 Murphy, Trade Union Congress
September 2 Unsigned, Back to the Unions
September 9 Murphy, The Great Red Drive: Miners’ Minority Movement
September 23 Mardsen, Trade Union Blacklegs: The Brodsky-Murphy Controversy
September 30 Carney, Trade Union Blacklegs: A Letter from Jack Carney
September 30 Murphy, The Critics Answered
September 30 Newbold, What is the League of Nations—Anyway?
September 30 Pollitt, A Challenge
October 7 Bell, Rally to the Unions
October 21 Radek, The Greek Revolution
October 28 CPGB, A United Front Against the Capitalist Enemy: Manifesto of the Communist Party of Great Britain
November 4 Bell, French Communists in Congress
November 4 Jackson, Why Bother About Parliament?
November 18 Katayama, Foreign Policy of Japan
November 18 Evelyn Roy, The Truth about the Sikh Rebellion
November 25 Unsigned, Soviet Russia on the Up Grade: Encouraging Reports from the Industrial Field
December 2 Saklatvala, British Capital and Indian Revolt
December 2 V. Vilenski, The Sovietization of the Far East
December 16 Unsigned, Labour Defence Committee
December 16 Lenin, Labour Defence Committee
December 23 The Shop Stewards’ Congress of Germany, Fight for a Living Wage
December 23 Trotsky, Prospects of Revolution
December 23 Unsigned, The First Workers’ University
January 6 Chicherin, Five Years of Red Diplomacy
January 6 Unsigned, Rebuilding the Communist Party
January 13 Bell, March Separately—Strike Jointly
January 13 Unsigned, First British Foster Parent
January 20 Murphy, Viscont Milner’s Dilema
January 27 Murphy, Milner Becomes Irritable
February 3 Murphy, Milner’s Ghost
February 3 Roy, Legal Murder in India
February 3 MacManus, To the Memory of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg: Moscow’s Tribute
June 10 Bell, Stop the March to Ruin: Manifesto of the Communist Party of Great Britain