The Communist

First British Foster Parent[*]

Source: The Communist, January 13, 1923.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
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Five more Children in the No. 3 Home of the Workers’ International Russian Relief at Tsartitsin. The names of these little Famine Orphans (reading from Left to right) are Marie Belakonova, Katerine Kondracheva, Michael Tokareff, Stephen Malkoff, and Alexander Schamschin. 24s. for establishment charges, and 10s. per month for upkeep, are need for the first four.


HARRY P. GREENER, Newcastle-on-Tyne, has the distinction of being the first British Foster Parent to a Russian orphan. In response to the appeal for the “adoption” of Russian famine orphans by workers and sympathisers with Soviet Russia in Britain, launched recently by the British Joint Labour Aid Committee of the Workers’ International Russian Relief, he has adopted one boy for a period of one year, and sent cheque for this purpose. Little Alexander Schamschin, aged six, in the No. 3 (Lenin Home) of the Workers’ International Russian Relief at Tzaritsyn, Lower Volga, who stands at the extreme right of the above photo, is the happy foster child. Congratulations to Comrade Greener.


*  Title given by Transcriber. Untitled in the original.