The Negro Worker – A Comintern Publication, 1928-37

The Negro Worker
Vol. I, No. 2 (Aug-Sept 1928)
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1-5   Organization of an International Negro Trade Union Committee by the R.I.L.U. 
5-10 L. Heller The Trade Union Movement in Colonial and Semi-Colonial Countries  
11-15 Padmore (USA) Problems of Negro Workers in the Colonies - -- U. S. A.  Talsks of the R.I.L.U.  Article by George Padmore
15-17 T. W. Ford The Mozambique Convention. Slave Traffic in 1928  
17-24  J. F. Industrialisation Processes of the American Negro. 2. Distribution in Industry 
25-30 Balabushevitch Coloured Labour in South Africa Part II  
30-32   Brief News  Dispatches from South Africa, USA, Belgium
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 1 (Jan-Feb 1929)
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1-2  G. Slavin Lenin --- The Inspirer of the Oppressed (Fifth Anniversary of Lenin's Death) 
2-8 J. W. Ford The Affiliation of the Federation of Non-European Trade Unions of South Africa to the R.I.L.U.; The Workers (White and Black) of the Offensive Against Capitalist and Imperialist Exploitation 
8-9T. Reed Native Workers' T. U. Movement in South Africa  
9-13Barbe The Negro Revolt in "French" Equatorial Africa  
14 ITUCNW of the RILU Statement of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers of the R.I.L.U. on French Slaughtering in Equatorial Africa  
15-16   The League Against Imperialism Must Become a Militant Organisation  
16-18  T. W. Ford [sic] Speech of T. W. Ford, Representing the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers of the R.I.L.U., at the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the League, January 16, 1929  Speech delivered at Plenum of the League Against Imperialism and Colonial Oppression, held in Cologne, 15th-16th Jan. 1929. "T. W. Ford" is likely a misprint of  "J. W. Ford".
19-21  Crystallisation of the Negro Race Problem in Cuba Reprint from The Nation of Jan. 9, 1929
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 4 (Aug 1929)
"Special Issue on the Anti-Imperialist Congress"
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1   I. Call for International Trade Union Conference of Negro Workers 
1-22 Comrade Ford II. The Negro Question. Report to the IInd World Congress of the League Against Imperialism Report by J. W. Ford
23-25Comrade Kouyate Speech of Comrade Kouyate (Of French West Africa) at the Congress of the League Against Imperialism  
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 5 (Dec 1929)
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1-2 J. Reed Anti-Imperialist Struggle of the Negro Workers  
2-4  George Padmore Africans Massacred by British Imperialists Page 4 is misnumbered as "52"
4-8 J. Wilenkin Dollar Diplomacy in Haiti  Page 4 is misnumbered as "52"
8-9J. Reed The Strike of Negro Workers in Gambia  
9-10  Korobitzin Persecutions in Cuba 
10-12 Victor Under the Defence of the League of Nations  
12-15  M. Rubenstein Industrialisation of the South and the Negro Problem in the U.S.A.  
16-17  J. W. Ford Struggles of Negro Miners in America  
The Negro Worker
Vol. III, Nos. 1-2 (Jan-Feb 1930)
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1  An Appeal to Negro Workers of the World 
2-3  L. H. Lenin and the Colonial Question 
3-7 George Padmore The Negro Liberation Movement and the International Conference  
7-8William Wilson Some Significant Features of the Coming Negro Workers' Conference 
8-10 J. Reed South Africa: Reformists Betray Strike 
10-12 Musso How the Influence of the Amsterdam International is Penetrating into Indonesia  
12-13  S. Victor Bushmen and Bisons  
13-14  J. W. Ford Cultural Construction in Soviet Russia  
14-17  J. W. Ford International News Briefs Items on the USA, the West Indies, Venezuela, Haiti, North Africa
The Negro Worker
Vol. III, No. 6 (Apr 1930)
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1-3 J. W. Ford, Beatrice Arskind Workers of All Races, All Nationalities, Rally Under the Banner of the Red International of Labor Unions! Forward to the London International Conference of Negro Toilers! 
3-5   Fight Against Capitalist Rationalisation, For the 7-hour Work Day! 
5-7 L. Burns Strengthen Workingclass International Solidarity! Defend the Meerut Prisoners! On the case of 32 trade unionists, including three Englishmen,  arrested by British colonial authorities in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
7-8  Religion Under the Soviets 
8-9  The New Life of a Mongolian National Minority  On the new city of Elista
9-11 G. Slavin Review: "The Future of the Negro" - By Sir Gordon Guggisberg, K.C.M.G. and A. G. Fraser, M.A.  
11   From the Revolutionary Front of Oppressed Toilers  News items from Congo, the Phillipines, India, USA,
The Negro Worker
Vol. III, No. 7 (May 1, 1930)
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1-2A. Lozovsky Negro Workers Awakening Letter from Lozovsky, followed by invitation from from the RILU inviting trade unionists to send delegates to the London conference
2-5  L. Heller Revolutionary Upsurge in the Colonies 
5-9   May First, International Holiday of Revolutionary Labour  
9-10A. Gold Agricultural Workers' Strike in South Africa  
10-  The New Life of a Mongolian National Minority  On the new city of Elista, Russia
9-12 Gilbert Lewis A Negro T.U.U.L. Organizer in the South of the U.S.A.  
12-14  G. Padmore Life Among Negro Farmers in America  
14-16  Buniat Zade (Chairman of the Soviet People's Commissariat of the ASSR) Azerbedjan Workers Keep Flag of Internationalism Flying High  
17-18  Willem Maesschalck (Brussels) The Situation in the Belgian Congo. Suppression of the Labor Movement  
The Negro Worker
Vol. III, No. 9 (June 15, 1930)
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1-2ITUCNW of the RILU Revolutionary Greetings to the First International Conference of Negro Workers 
2   Black Masses and the War Danger 
3-6 Slavin Forced Labor 
7-9  The Labour Government and the Colonies 
10-13 Saturnino Ernandez The Negro Proletariat of Latin America and the International Conference of Negro Workers 
13-16 J. Reed Realignment of Forces in South Africa  
17-19  A. Gold Conditions of the Working Class in Jamaica  
19-24  Michelson Conditions of Negroes in the French and Belgian Colonies of Central Africa  
24-27  M. K. The Conditions of the Natives in  East Africa  
14-16   Conditions of the Natives in  West Africa  
27-29  B. Smith The Situation in the Belgian Congo. Suppression of the Labor Movement  
The Negro Worker
Vol. III, Special Number (Oct 15, 1930)
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   Appeal to Our Readers and Editors! 
1  To All Toilers of the World! To All Negro Workers and Peasants! Condemnation of the Labour Government of PM Ramsay MacDonald for impeding the First International Conference of Negro Workers
2-3Executive Committtee of the First International Conference of Negro Workers To the Workers of All Countries! To all Oppressed Peoples of the World! 
3-5 V. Chattopadhyaya The First International Conference of Negro Workers  
6-7 J. W. Ford Chairman's Address. The Following is a Summary of the Comrade Ford's Speech to the Conference  
7-9 George Padmore The Economic Struggles of the Negro Workers  Report to the First International Conference of Negro Workers
9-10  William Wilson For a More Vigorous Struggle Against Forced Labor  Report to the First International Conference of Negro Workers
11-13   The Negro Workers and the War Danger  Report to the First International Conference of Negro Workers
13-14   Resolution Against Lynching  
14-15   To All Toilers of the World. To All Negro Workers and Peasants.  Repeat of text on pp. 2-3
15-16   International Congress of Negro Workers (Resolution on the International Red Aid)  
16  Election of Executive Committee  
16-17  The Aims of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers  
17  Bureau Headquarters  
The Negro Worker
Vol. III, Special Number (Nov 1, 1930)
Special Issue on the Fifth Congress of the R.I.L.U.
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   Statement to Our Readers 
1-2William Wilson The V Congress of the RILU and the Black Colonial Masses  
2-10James W. Ford Report on the Work of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers of the R.I.L.U. 
11-12 A. Losovsky Struggle Against White Chauvinism  
13-14Tom Marsh - Nigeria The Negro Movement in Africa  
14-17 Comrade Green Comrade Green Report on conditions in South Africa
17-19 George Miller Comrade George Miller (Gambia)  Report on conditions in Gambia
19-21 George Padmore Comrade George Padmore (U.S.A.)  Report on conditions in the USA
21-23Comrade Belf The Negro Movement in North and Latin America  
23-24 Comrade Adams Comrade Adams (U.S.A.)  
25   A Southern Textile Workers  
26-28  Comrade Hernandez (Cuba) Report on conditions in Latin America
29-30  Negro Delegation Supports the Five-Years' Plan  
30-36  Resolutions on the Negro Question  
37-38  On the Activites of the International TU Committee of Negro Workers  
The International Negro Workers' Review
Vol. I, No. 1 (Jan 1931)
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3-6  Our Aims  
6-13 A. Losovsky Greetings to Negro Workers Alexander Losovsky was General Secretary of the Red International of Labour Unions (RILU) aka the PROFINTERN
13-16 Thomas Ring Revolutionary Forces of Africa  
16-20 George Padmore Imperialism in the West Indies  
20-22  Appeal to the Black Soldiers of France  
22-24 E.F. Small Situation of Workers and Peasants in Gambia, West AfricaSpeech at the First international Congress of Negro Workers, Hamburg, July 1930
25-27  Our Study Corner - The Rise and History of the Trade Union Movement [pt. 1] & Organization and Functions of a Strike Committee  
28-30  Workers Correspondence From the U.S. and Guadeloupe
  Executive Committee, International Trade Union Committee of Negro WorkersFrom the U.S. and Guadeloupe
Vol. I, No. 2 (Feb. 1931)
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3  White Terror in South Africa On Dingaan's Day (16 Dec.) arrestees
4-5  The International Day of Struggle Against Unemployment To be held on 25 Feb.
 J.W. Ford The International Labour Office and Forced Labour Ford was the most prominent African-American member of the U.S. Communist Party
11-13 W.Z. Foster The Fight of the American CP Against Unemployment: Significance to Negro Workers Foster was General Secretary of the U.S. CP
14-15 Albert Nzula, Johannesburg Native Workers Make Organizational Advances in South Africa Nzula was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers (ITUCNW) of RILU
15-18  Down with Racial and National Chauvinism Declaration of the 'Negro Delegation' to the Fifth RILU Congress
18-19  Special Resolution on World among Negroes in the U.S. and the Colonies [pt. 1] Adopted by the Fifth RILU Congress
  Our Study Corner - The Rise and History of the Trade Union Movement [pt. 2] & How to Organize for Mass Action From the U.S. and Guadeloupe
23  Workers' Correspondence From the U.S., West Africa, and Albert Nzula (South Africa)
Vol. I, No. 3 (March 1931)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
2  The Change in the Name of Our Journal This is the first issue to be called The Negro Worker
3 M.M. Kotane, Durban Coming Struggles in South Africa  
4-6 Shapurji Saklatvala Who is this Gandhi Reprinted from The Labour Monthly
7-9 J.W. Ford The War Drive Against the Soviet Union - the 'Anti'-Slavery Society, London  
9-12 Maxim Gorky Crimes Against the Workers' Republic of Soviet Russia  
12-14 Wang, Canton Development of the Chinese Workers' Movement  
14-16  Special Resolution on Work Amongst Negroes in the U.S. and the Colonies [pt. 2]  
  Our Study Corner - The Organization of Workers' Defence Corps  
20-21  Slavery - A Book Review Book by Kathleen Simon
21-22  Workers' Correspondence From the U.S. and South Africa
Vol. I, Nos. 3-4 (April-May 1931)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
3-5 Foster Jones, a seaman, Freetown Situation of Native Workers in Sierra Leone  
5-6 A. Nzula, Johannesburg Conference of the African Federation of Trade Unions To be held 3-5 April in Bloemfontein
6-7 Moreau, Havana White Terror in Cuba  
7-10 J.W. Ford Negro Seamen and the Revolutionary Movement in Africa (some lessons from Chinese seamen)  
10-12 R.A. Duman, South Africa South African Native Farm Tenants  
12-18 A. Losovsky Fifth World Congress of the RILU  
18-22  Summary of the Report of Comrade Ford to the Fifth World Congress of the RILU on Work among Negroes (pt. 1)  
23-29  What is the RILU (A Short Record of the Fifth World Congress)  
29-30  Workers' Correspondence From the U.S., Australia, and Japan
31  May Day and the Negro Toilers  
The Negro Worker
Vol. I, No. 6 (June 1931)
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3-5G. PadmoreThe Revolutionary Movement in Africa 
5-6 J.P. Sepeng (Johannesburg) May 1st Struggles in South Africa  
7-8  Negro Revolutionary Martyrs 
  J. W. Nkosi - African Revolutionary Martyr Murdered South African Communist
  Death of Gilbert Lewis An African-American Communist, died of T.B. at Yalta
8-11  Smash the Lynching of Eight Young Negroes In March 1931 nine African-American youths were arrested in Alabama on rape charges. Although within three weeks all except the youngest had been sentenced to the electric chair, thanks largely to the efforts of the International Labor Defence and other Communist and leftist groups, all were eventually acquitted.
12-14 Margaret Clyde, London Race Prejudice in "Democratic" England  
14-18 RILU Executive Bureau To the South African Federation of Trade Unions Signed by A. Losovsky
19-21  Our Study Corner - Rise and History of the Trade Union Movement [pt. 3]  
21-22 William Patterson "Race Hatred on Trial", A Book ReviewOn a pamphlet published by the U.S. Communist Party. Patterson (1890-1980) was a lawyer and leading African-American member of the U.S. Communist Party
22-23  Workers' Correspondence From South Africa
The Negro Worker
Vol. I, No. 7 (July 1931)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
2  Introduction to a Pamphlet: ("ABC of Trade Unionism for Negro Workers") 
3-4  Increase and Spread the Scottsboro Defense  
 4-6 August First International Day of Struggle Against Imperialist War
7  Hands off the Scottsboro Prisoners Leading article from the Leningrad daily Krasnaya Gazetta of July 6, 1931
8-10 J.W. Ford The International Conference on African Children Geneva, 22-25 June 1931
11-13 A. Losovsky ABC of Trade Unionism for Negro Workers (Preface)  
14-16  Facts About the Soviet Union Rising purchasing power; use of convict labour; reconstruction of agriculture; the Five Year Plan; extracts from a speech by Stalin
16-18  Alexei TolstoyHistory has a Long Memory (The Scottsboro Case)Poem
18  Workers' Correspondence From South Africa


The Negro Worker
Vol. I, No. 8 (Aug. 1931)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
2  Liberia and the Dirty Work of the Negro Reformists  
3-5 O. Huiswood Imperialist Rule in British Guiana Otto Huiswoud (1893-1961), from Dutch Guiana, was a very early member of the U.S. Communist Party. At around this time he visited Trinidad, Jamaica, elsewhere in the colonized Caribbean
5-8 Mansy Bloody Suppression of Native Rising in the Belgian Congo  
8-9 Arthur S. Gray Capitalism a Menace Reprinted from Marcus Garvey's Negro World
9-13 ITUCNW What Must Be Done in British Guiana. An Open Letter 
13-14  Against White Terror On the 1 Aug. 1931 arrest, in Marseilles, of Tiemoko Garan Kouyaté (1902-1942)
15  Workers' Correspondence From South Africa


Vol. I, No. 9 (Sept. 1931)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
3-5 Eugene Jordan After Scottsboro, Camp Hill (The Alabama Massacre) Reprinted from The New Masses of Aug. 1931
5-8 ITUCNW An Appeal to the Black Soldiers of France  
 P.G. Moloinyane, African Federation of Trade Unions, Johannesburg Vuka Afrika (Rise, Africa), Serfdom Strangles Black Masses  
10-11 Harold Williams, New York Socialists Spread Race Hatred - Communists Fight for Unity of the Working Class  
9-13 ITUCNW What Must Be Done in British Guiana (An Open Letter) Geneva, 22-25 June 1931
12-14 George Padmore Lynch Law: the Class Weapon of the American Bourgeoisie  
14-16  Facts About Soviet Russia & the Declaration of the Rights of Working and Exploited Peoples As accepted by the Jan. 1918 Third Congress of Soviets
17-19 ITUCNW What the Workers of Sierra Leone Should Do (An Open Letter)  
The Negro Worker
Vol. I, Nos. 10-11 (Oct.-Nov. 1931)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
2-4  The War Danger - War in the East  
5-11 George Padmore Under the War Yoke of Imperialism. Hands Off Liberia!  
12-13  Forced Labour Under the British Flag  
13-16  Colonial Masses in Revolt - the End of the Labour Government The Aug. 1931 collapse of Britain's Second Labour government
16-18 Huiswood The Congo Uprising  
18-19 Charles Alexander (Trinidad)Negro Workers Starving in Cuba  
20-22  The Anti-Imperialist Movement: Resolution of the League Against Imperialism (pt. 1) Adopted in Berlin, 2 June 1931
23-25 Hermann Remmele The Land of Socialist Construction. Two Worlds: Socialism & Capitalist  
25-30  International News in Brief . Facts Worth KnowingHunger demos in the U.S., strikes in Texas; the position of migrant workers in Cuba; an anti-tax demo. in Grenada
31  Capitalist Terror 
31-37  Under the Banner of The Red Aid  
37-38  Voices from the Colonies Inviting letters to The Negro Worker
38-42  Workers' Correspondence From Guadeloupe, South Africa and Nigeria
42-43  Death of Comrade Macaulay  On the news of the death of Frank Macauley
43-44  Workers' Bookshelf  
45  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers? 
46 What We Fight For: 
Vol. I, No. 12 (Dec. 1931)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
3-4  Workers, Defend Your Colonial Brothers!  
4-7 G. Padmore Bankruptcy of Negro Leadership Denouncing, inter alia, W.E.B. DuBois and the leader of the Trinidad Workingmen's Association, Captain A.A. Cipriani
8-9 T. Jackson (an alias of Albert Nzula)South African Negro Workers and Dingaan's Day  
9-10  Soviet Movement in China  
10  New Revolt in India Tax strikes in Bengal, Kashmir, and the United Provinces
10-13 B.J. Belgian Imperialist Rule in Ruanda  
13-15 J.B. Land of Socialist Construction: the Union of Free Soviet Republics  
15-17 O.E. Huiswoud Starving Workers Demonstrate in Demerara  
17-19 Mansey How to Organize the Unemployed  
19-20 G. Kouyaté Black and White Seaman Organize for Struggle France
20-24 A correspondent British Oppression in West Africa  
24-27  The Crises in Africa  
28-29  Workers' Correspondence A letter from H. Williams on the position of migrant workers in Cuba and elsewhere
29 J.B. Press Review Of the African Federation of Trade Unions publication The Hammer and the League Against Imperialism's Anti-Imperialist Review
Vol. II, Nos. 1-2 (Jan.-Feb. 1932)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
2-3  Our First Anniversary  
3-4 G.P. Workers, Defend Liberia!  
4-10 G. Padmore The War Is Here  
11-13  Lenin - Our Greatest Leader  
13-16 Maxim Gorky Capitalist Terror in America  
16-19 O. Huiswood The Fight Against Starvation in Dutch Guiana  
19-21 R. Bishop The Fight for Indian Independence  
22-25 I. Amter What is Taking Place in Soviet Russia?  
25-28  Negro Workers, Fight Against the War! Resolution adopted in July 1930 by the ITUCNW
28-32  Workers' Correspondence An African sailor describes his visit to the USSR
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 3 (March 1932)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers?3e 
2-3  Race Prejudice in England  
4-9 G.P. War in the East  
9-11  Imperialist Orgies in Africa 
11-14 G. Padmore How the Imperialists are "Civilizing" Africa  
14-18 Charles Alexander For a Revolutionary Trade Union Movement in the West Indies
19-26 O.E. Huiswood The Labor Movement: The Economic Crisis and the Negro Workers [pt. 1]  
27-28 G. KouyatteSolidarity Between White and Coloured Sailors In France
28  The World Congress of Seamen To begin 20 May 1932 in Hamburg
29-32  Workers Correspondence From Liberia and the U.S., and from Reginald Bridgeman, Secretary of the British section of the League Against Imperialism.
Reginald Francis Orlando Bridgeman (1884-1968) had risen smoothly from one diplomatic position to another, to be posted to Teheran at about the time Reza Shah seized power, Bridgeman became so friendly with Soviet Ambassador Feodor Rothstein that the Foreign Office began to distrust him and in 1923 retired him from the Service. Bridgeman's first interest in anti-colonial work was connected with the London Chinese Information Bureau.
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 4 (April 1932)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers? 
2-3  The Scottsboro Boys Shall Not Be Murdered!  Joint statement of Exec. Committee of Red Aid, Exec. of the ITUCNW
4-6 War in the East  
7-9  Child Labour in China  
10-12 H.I.M. Native Peoples Under the Union Jack On the treatment of Aboriginal Australians
13-15 Bransley R. Ndobe, Secretary of the Independent African National Congress Capitalist Terror in South Africa  
15-19 T. Jackson (South Africa)Negro Misleaders in South Africa On the role of Prof. D. Jabavu; also Thaele, Abdurahman and Kadalie
19  Self-Determination for the West Indies Report of a 25 Feb. 1932 meeting of the Negro Welfare Association, London
20-24  Appeal to Negro Seamen and Dockers! 
25-27 O. E. Huiswood The Economic Crisis and the Negro Workers [pt. 2]  
28-29  Capitalists Gone Crazy On the destruction of foodstuffs in the midst of semi-starvation
30-31 O. Huiswood Stop the Scottsboro Murder  
32  Solidarity Between Black and White Workers In the U.S., on the Scottsboro and other issues
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 5 (May 1932)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-6 G.P. Soviets for Peace - Capitalists for War  Editorial
6-8 Cyril Briggs War in the East: Negro Workers, Fight Against Imperialism Briggs (1888-1966), from Nevis, was a very early member of the U.S. Communist Party
8-9  The Scottsboro Campaign: Boys Appeal from Death Cells to the Toilers of the World  Letter from the defendants in the Scottsboro case: Andy Wright, Olen Montgomery, Ozie Powell, Charlie Weems, Clarence Norris, Haywood Patterson, Eugene Williams, Willie Robertson
9-10  The Origins of Lynch Law in America  
11  Burn the "Nigger!" Report of the lynching of Henry Lowry, reprinted from Padmore's The Life and Struggles of Negro Toilers
12-14 T. Albert Marryshow Appeal to West Indians Overseas Editor of The West Indian, President of the Grenada Workers' Association, and an elected member of the Legislative Council of Grenada, Marryshow mentions a demo. by 10,000 against a proposed customs bill
14-15, 18-20 B. Jan How the French Imperialists Are "Civilizing" Madagascar  
16-17 Bradman How Britain Exploits India  
20  To Our Readers Introducing an up-coming series of articles by Cyril Briggs
21-22  Believe It or Not On, among other things, the South African Service Contract Bill, racial discrimination in Britain, and the execution of two African-Americans for petty theft
23-25 James Warren Negro Miners in South Africa  
26-27 Aug. J. Egyir-Benyarku Socialism is Only a Matter of Time Reprinted from The Gold Coast Spectator
27-28  They Shall Not Die! Scottsboro case
29  In the Land of Socialism Pictorial on the USSR
30-32  Our Study Corner - Capitalist War, Imperialist War, and the Workers' Way Out  
  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers? 
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 6 (June 15, 1932)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-3 Geo. Padmore What is Empire Day?  
3-4 T. Jackson (Johannesburg) South Africa and the Imperialist War  
5-8 Kolliselleh Tamba, Secretary of the Liberian Workers' Progressive Association Liberia and the Labour Problem  
9-11 B.J. (Hamburg) Scottsboro Campaign in Europe  
12-14  How the British Empire was Built  
14-15 A.R. (Trinidad) (this was Adrian Cola-Rienzi) "Negro Worker" Banned by Imperialists  
15-16  Colonial Dictators On British Conservative Secretary of State for the Colonies Sir P. Cunliffe-Lister
16-17  A Reply Account of a London NWA meeting on the banning of the Negro Worker from Trinidad
18-19  How Negroes Live in America  
20-22 J.M. Olgin In the Land of Socialism: A Brotherhood of Nationalities  
23-25  World Congress of Seaman Hamburg, 20-23 May 1932
25-27  Negro Worker Nominated for Vice-President The CP U.S. candidate for vice-president was James W. Ford
27-29 Cyril Briggs (New York)The World Situation and the Negro (pt. 1)  
30-31 L. Volinsky International News: Twelve Years of the League of Nations  
  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers? 
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 7 (July 1932)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-6 Geo. Padmore How the Empire is Governed  
6 ITUCNW, George PadmoreAn Open Letter to the I.L.D. (U.S.A.)To the U.S. section of the International Labour Defence
7-9 Lukuta te Atrocities in the Congo  
10-11  Mr. Vandervelde "Discovers" the Congo Vandervelde was President of the Second International
12-15 Charles Alexander (Trinidad)Against Illusions in the West Indian Masses Garveyism and false hopes of aid from the British Colonial Office
16 A Worker Correspondent Slave Labour in African Mines  
16-18 "West African" Reactionary Methods in Nigeria  
18-19 Jim HeadleyLet Us Close Ranks On a class rather than 'race' basis. Headley was a seaman who spent most of his life in the U.S.
20-22 A Correspondent Lynch Justice in America  
22-23  Letter from a Son to his Mother American Tom Mooney, imprisoned since 1916
24-28  In the Land of Socialism - A Challenge to the War Mongers  
28-30 J. Bilé, Secretary, League for the Defence of Cameroon workers How the Workers Live in Cameroon  
31  Revolutionary Poems "An Open Letter to the South" by Langston Hughes and "If We Must Die" by Claude McKay
  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers? 
The Negro Worker
Vol. II, No. 8 (Aug. 1932)
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Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-4 George Padmore The World Today  
5-8 T. A. Jackson Ireland Fights for Freedom Reprinted from The Daily Worker
9-10 Charles Alexander (Trinidad)Free Speech and Press for West Indian Masses  
11-13 J. E. The Situation, Kenya  
14-17 Cyril Briggs How Garvey Betrayed the Negroes  
18-20 J. Louis Engdahl Scottsboro Campaign in England  
21-22 S. P. R. (Grenada)Misery in the West Indies  
22-24  A Garveyite Offended An exchange between Padmore and a British Guiana Garveyite
24-2820 J. Komfeder Where Terror Reigns Re. Venezuela
29-31 Cyril Briggs (New York)The World Situation and the Negro [pt. 2]  
32  Romain RollandRomain Rolland Denounces Imperialism  
  What is the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers? 
Vol. II, Nos. 9-10 (Sept.-Oct. 1932)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-6  Looking the World Over: Congress Against War; British "Justice" in India; Negro Victories at the Olympics; World Congress of the ILD  
7-9 Special Correspondent Oppression in Nigeria Hut taxes
9-12 Yuraba Religion in the Service of Imperialism In Nigeria
12-14  Ottawa - Conference of Imperialist Exploiters  
14-16  Under the Banner of the Red Aid: Terror in Madagascar and the Scottsboro Case  
17-18  Believe It or Not On South Africa's pass system
19-21  In the Land of Socialism - Education in the Soviet Union  
22 Arnold Ward A Letter from London On a outing for 130 children to Southend-on-Sea sponsored by the Negro Welfare Association
23-25  Voices from the Colonies Letters from Liberian and British Guiana
26  Africa at Work On African skilled workers
27-28 B. Jan The Struggles of Seamen and Harbour Workers in British Guiana  
28-30  Open Letter to Gandhi's Agent To Vitalbai Patel from Reginald Bridgeman, Secretary of the British section of the LAI
31-32 Langston Hughes The Same A poem
Vol. II, Nos. 11-12 (Nov.-Dec. 1932)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-3  New Slave Law in South Africa The Native Contract Service Act
4-5  Hands Off Ovamboland! Southwest Africa, a League of Nations mandate under South African control
6-17 O.H. Labour Movement in South Africa - Problems and Tasks of the Revolutionary Trade Unions This was Otto Huiswoud, who the COMINTERN had sent to work with the CP of South Africa
17-24 Potechin How to Build the Unemployed Movement Re. South Africa, by I.I. Potekhin
25-27 A. Dombowski Under the Banner of the Red Aid - the Scottsboro Case  
28-31 George Padmore The Land of Socialist Construction - Fifteen Years of Soviet Russia  
32 Langston Hughes Good-bye Christ One of his most controversial poems
Vol. III, No. 1 (Jan. 1933)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
2-3  Free Tom Mann Mann was a 76 year-old Communist arrested in an 'anti-means test' demo.
3-4  Huang Ping Must Be Saved! Huang Ping was Chair of the Chinese Federation of Trade Unions
5-6  Imperialist Rule in Jamaica Concerning a riot involving the 1st Northumberland Fusiliers in Kingston
6-7 G. Padmore Nationalist Movement in West Indies Also mentions the London Negro Welfare Association
8-10 Cyril Briggs We Honor the Memory of an African Fighter Zulu leader Dingaan, finally subdued by the Boers on 16 Dec. 1838
11-12  Africa in Revolt: Natives Storm Jail in Rhodesia Also contains a section on events in French-colonized west Africa
12-14 Raoul Marquez Africa in Revolt: Portuguese Guinea  
14-18 R. Doonping In Japan the Protector of the Coloured Races?  
18-25 J. Kenyatta, General Secretary of the Kikuku Central Association An African Looks at British Imperialism  
26-28 Wal. Daniels Unemployment in Sierra Leone and the Way Out Daniels was a nom de guerre of I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson
28  Negro Longshoremen in New Orleans Efforts to bar African-American workers from the docks being fought by the Marine Workers' Industrial Union
30-31  Our Study Corner - What is Imperialism?  
32 Langston Hughes "Song of the Revolution" and "The End of War"  
Vol. III, Nos. 2-3 (Feb.-March 1933)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-6 George Padmore Negro Toilers Speak at the World Congress of the International Labour Defense Padmore's speech on this occasion
6-8 W. Taylor Conditions of Negroes in the U.S.A. Excerpts from his speech at the ILD Congress
9-12 T. Jackson, South Africa The ILD and the Negro Peoples  
13-15  South African Imperialism Institutes New Terror Actions Against Natives  
15-16  A Wave of Terror is Sweeping Over Haiti Ligue des Ouvriers en General d'Haiti made illegal; author Jacques Roumain arrested
16  Mass Protest Saves Working-Class Leader Huang Ping
16-19 Edgar Owens What is the ILD?  
20  America's "Honour" Role List of 37 people, including 2 'whites', lynched during 1932
21-24 Vivian E. Henry Class War in the West Indies A speech to the ILD Congress by a Trinidadian
24-25  Stop Murder of Workers Scottsboro case
25-26  Chairman of the ILD Engdahl - Symbol of International Solidarity  
27-28 T. Jackson Under the Banner of the ILD in Africa Speech by Nzula to the ILD Congress
29-30  Letters from Delegates From V.E. Henry (Trinidad) and Hubert Critchlow (British Guiana)
31 Langston Hughes Free Tom Mooney  
Vol. III, Nos. 4-5 (April-May 1933)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-3  Fascist Terror Against Negroes in Germany  
3-4  British Hypocrisy Exposed In South Africa and the Meerut case in India
4-7  Mob Rule in Germany A summary of information culled from the Manchester Guardian
8-15  The Scottsboro Case  
15-16  Land Robbery in Africa Kenya
17-18  British Refugees in Liberia People who had fled Sierra Leone
19-21 A Colonial Worker Anti-Imperialism Movement in the West Indies  
22-23 Sydney and Beatrice Webb (Lord and Lady Passfield) Russia Today  
24-26  Race Prejudice in England A letter from Cardiff, Wales
25-26 S.M.D. Peasant Distress in Jamaica A letter
27-28  Believe It or Not On various topics including Gandhi, literacy in the USSR, and Soviet plans for a film on the life of Toussaint l'Ouverture
28-31  Report of Negro Workers' Leader on the Soviet Republic Speech by Hubert Critchlow in Georgetown, British Guiana
31-32  Successful Fisherman's Strike in Africa South Africa
Vol. III, Nos. 6-7 (June-July 1933)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-4 George Padmore The Fight for Bread  
5-6  Land Robbery in Africa  
7-9  Terror Over Germany  
10-12 League Against Imperialism What is Empire Day?  
13-18 John L. Spivak The Scottsboro Trial  
19-21, 26 D.N. Pritt, K.C. Justice in Soviet Russia  
22-26  Believe It or Not Slavery in the contemporary world; illiteracy in India; abuse of Aboriginal Australians
27-29 E.R. Roux, Johannesburg Black Traitors Exposed  
30-31 ITUCNW United Front Against Fascism  
32  An Appeal For funds to aid the London NWA's children's program
Vol. III, Nos. 8-9 (Aug.-Sept. 1933)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2 Harold Williams Toussaint L'Ouverture  
3-4  The White Men's Civilizing Mission in Africa  
4-5  Bravo, British Guiana! Demo. by 1,000 on May Day
6-8  Religion in the Service of Imperialism  
9-17 George Padmore Notes and Comments On British Imperialism in India; slavery in the contemporary world; American "democracy"; the visit of a South African cabinet minister to Hitler: "Uncle Tom" Moody
18 George Padmore Au Revoir  
19-25  To Our Brothers in Kenya  
26  London Negroes Support West Indian Freedom The London NWA had adopted a resolution opposing the Trinidad Trade Union Ordinance of 1932, advocating refusal to register
27  A Voice from the Colonies A letter from Nigeria
29-31 Romain Rolland British "Justice" in India  
32 Nancy Cunard Lincoln's Grinding Verbiage A poem
(Oct. 1933-April 1934 - publication suspended)
Vol. IV, No. 1 (May 1934)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  We Resume Publication From Copenhagen, under the editorship of Charles Woodson
3-4  May Day  
5-8 E. Owens Lynch Terror in the U.S.A. In 1933, there had been more than 40 recorded lynchings
9  Albert Nzula Died, 7 Jan. 1934, in Moscow
10-16 ITUCNW To the Workers and Peasants of Liberia  
17-19 B.D. Amis National Recovery Act in U.S.A. means Negro Repressive Act  
20-26 Albert Nzula The Fusion Movement in South Africa  
27-29 Helen Davis The Negro Workers and the Cuban Revolution 'Helen Davis' was Hermina Dumont-Huiswoud (1905-98), originally from British Guiana
30-32  Notes and Comments Feb. 1934 execution of 9 African-Americans; the colonial government of Trinidad's Seditious Publications Ordinance banned 30 foreign publications including The Negro Worker
32 ITUCNW Expulsion of Kouyaté  
The Negro Worker
Vol. IV, No. 2 (June 1934)
Full Issue in PDF
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-4  Editorial On South African control of Swaziland, Basutoland, and Bechuanaland
5-8  An Appeal to the Negro Workers: Support the Chinese People in their Struggle Against Japanese Imperialism  
8, 15, 31-32  Gravest Danger for Thaelman's Life. Statement of Saar Delegation who spoke with ThaelmannErnst Thälmann (1886-1944) was Chair of the German Communist Party
9-13  The Struggle for the Independence of Liberia  
14 International Control Commission The Expulsion of George Padmore from the Revolutionary Movement As of 23 Feb. 1934, the COMINTERN expelled Padmore for "contacts with a provocateur [Garan Kouyaté], for contacts with bourgeois organizations on the question of Liberia, for an incorrect attitude to the national question".
14-15 Charles Woodson (Secretary of the ITUCNW) Statement of the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers Statement on the expulsion of George Padmore
16-18, 22-23  The Second Five Year Plan in the Soviet Union  
19-20 A. De Kom Starvation, Misery and Terror in Dutch Guyana Due to his politics, Anton De Kom (1896-1945) was exiled from Dutch Guiana to the Netherlands
21-22 Helen Davis Stop the Disruptive Tactics of the Negro "Leaders"  
24  Scottsboro Case on Appeal May 24 
25-26 Nandi Noliwe The Native Revolt in Togoland (pt. 1)  
27-31  Notes and Comments On Liberia, the Congo, South Africa, and the Gold Coast
  Our Aims: 
Vol. IV, No. 3 (July 1934)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-5  Smash the Attack on Colonial Seamen  
5  Smash U.S. Fascist Terror - Rescue Herndon from Chain-gang Angelo Herndon (1913-1997) was an African-American Communist organizer of the unemployed
6-10  A Betrayer of the Negro Liberation Struggle Against Padmore and Kouyaté
11-13  Regime of Terror in Nigeria  
13-15 D.T. Education in Jamaica, British West Indies  
16-17 J.G. South Africa Greets the Negro Worker  
18  British Guiana Labour Union Reports  
19-21 M. Nelson, Liberia Liberia and Imperialism  
21  Virgin Islanders Fear U.S. Million Dollar Offer  
23-30  Notes and Comments Britain, France, and the U.S. talk disarmament while preparing for war; veterans march in the U.S.; German Jewish villages subjected to 'ethnic cleansing'; U.S.S.R. establishes a Jewish Soviet Region; Scottsboro defence outlawed in Haiti; in the U.S., a strike involving 25,000 Pacific and Gulf port-workers; U.S. postal workers display inter-racial solidarity; new forced labour laws in French-colonized Africa; spreading revolt in Angola; worsening conditions of Africans in South Africa, Kenya, and the Congo; Cuban workers organize
31-32 H.D. Stevedore Review of a play
32 Langston Hughes Union A poem
The Negro Worker
Vol. IV, No. 4 (Aug. 1934)
Full Issue in PDF
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2 ITUCNW To the Negro Peoples of the World! Editorial
2-3  A Century of "Emancipation" On 1 Aug. 1834, slavery had been abolished across the British Empire. It was followed by four years of 'apprenticeship' before true emancipation on 1 Aug. 1838.
3-4  The 143rd Anniversary of the Haitian Revolution  
5-8 Herman W. MacKawain, Assistant General Secretary, U.S. League of Struggle for Negro Rights The Negro Thinks of War  
8-9  Proposed Bill for Negro Rights in the U.S.A.  
10-11 Langston Hughes Negroes Speak of War  
11-12 B. The Soviets for Peace  
13-14  Greetings to the "Negro Liberator"Under the editorship of Ben Davis Jr., this was the new name of The Harlem Liberator
14  9 Years of Struggle The U.S. section of the ILD had been established in June 1925
15-17, 21 Helen Davis The Rise and Fall of George Padmore as a Revolutionary Fighter  
18  A Conference on "The Negro in the World Today" Held in London, 14-15 July 1934. Represented were the League of Coloured Peoples, the LAI, the NWA, and the Bus Workers' Rank and File Movement. Some colonial students were also present.
19-21 Nandi Noliwe The Native Revolt in Togoland (pt. 2)  
22 P.M. A British Worker Writes From Cardiff, on the National Union of Seamen's non-defence of the rights of colonial workers.
22-23 ITUCNW Our Reply
23  Fascist Activities in Africa In Southwest Africa and Kenya
26-27  Notes and Comments: The program fro human destructionOn arms bought by the imperialist powers
27  Bloody June 30th in Germany On Nazism's 'Night of the Long Knives' elimination of Ernst Röhm and his Sturmabteilung
28  South African Party Fusion  
29  Prohibition of German War Film in Kenya Prohibition of the making of a pro-German film on the First World War in Kenya
29  Intensified Repression of Kenya Natives 
30  Confiscation of Native Arms in Tanganyika 
30  Longshoremen's Strike The San Francisco General Strike
30  Scottsboro Decision Upheld - ILD Appeals  
31 War Film on Negroes About film on African-Americans in World War I
31  Portugal's Colonial Exposition 
3  Situation in Belgian Congo 
32 The Congo - Ocean Railway Completed 
32  French Medical "care" in Equatorial Guinea 
32  Profits of the Colonial Exploters 
  Our Aims 
The Negro Worker
Vol. IV, No. 5 (Sept. 1934)
Full Issue in PDF
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  This "Foul and Obnoxious" Tract Editorial on British Secretary of State for the Colonies Cunliffe-Lister statements on The Negro Workerq
3  "Democracy" and "Equality" in Britain On 1 Aug. 1834, slavery had been abolished across the British Empire
4-7 W. Daniels Development of Fascist Terror in the Gold Coast Daniels was I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson
7-8  Youth Anti-War Congress Supports Colonials 
8  Women's Congress Against War  
9-13 J.S. Fight for the Freedom of Abyssinia  
14-15, 22 H.D. Is Imperialist Japan the Friend of Negro Toilers? Referring to an article by Harry Haywood in the C.P.U.S. Daily Worker
16-19  Organizational Tasks Among the Water Transport Workers  Section titled "Organizational Points"
20-22  Resolutions Adopted at the London Conference 14-15 July, resolutions presented by the League of Coloured Peoples and the NWA
23-26 M.G. A Letter from South Africa: Fusion and "Die Bureger's" Attitude Toward the Natives 
26-27 Wallace-Johnson A Letter from the Gold Coast: The Criminal Code Ammendment Bill of the Goald CoastOn the Criminal Code Amendment (Sedition) Bill
28  Excerpts from letter from Trinidad, Br. W. Indies On organizing the unemployed
29  Mombassa Dock Strike  
29-30  Negroes active in Strikes In the U.S.
30  Herndon Out on Bail  
30  British Fascist Touring West Indies A representative of Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists
31-32  U.S. Government Sends Agent to Liberia  
32  Japan's Provocations Against Soviet Russia  
32  Indian Communist Party made Illegal  
  Our Aims 
Vol. IV, Nos. 6-7 (Oct.-Nov. 1934)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2 TUCNW The Negro Worker Shall Not Be Silenced Publication prohibited by the Belgian government
2  World Congress of Students To be held 29-31 Dec. in Geneva
3 Wal. Daniels Nigeria Again - Another Wave of Atrocity  
3  To the Readers and Supporters of The Negro Worker An appeal for articles and letters
4-6 J.H. - this was Trinidadian seaman Jim HeadleyJobless Trinidad Toilers Demand Bread  
7-9 A. Ward, Secretary of the NWA, London The Negro Situation in England  
9-11 Myra Page, author of The Gathering Storm and Soviet Main Street In the Black Belt of the U.S.  
12-14 J. Kenyatta British Slave Rule in Kenya His speech to the July 1934 London 'Negro' Conference
15 W. Daniels Das sdrarstwuiet A poem reprinted from The Gold Coast Spectator
16-17  Rescue the Scottsboro Boys from the Hangman  
18, 24 Samuel Weinman Roosevelt Goes Slumming in the Virgin Islands Reprinted from the C.P.U.S. Daily Worker
19-20  Our Letter Box Letters from England and South Africa
21-24  Notes and Comments On British colonial 'justice' in Kenya; continuing revolt in the Congo; revolution in Spain; solidarity victory of South African 'Bantu' miners; other South African trade union activity
Vol. IV, No. 8 (Dec. 1934)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Dingann's Day In South Africa
3  On the Anti-Imperialist Front: Conference of the LAI in London  
3-4  Indian Conference in London  
4  Italian Imperialism Attacks Abyssinia  
5-6 Helen Davis The Approaching War of "Defence"  
10 Barney Conal War is Murder of the Masses A song
11, 15 John Reed Club of New York Another Scottsboro Victory  
12-15  Organizing Tasks Among the Mine Workers  
16-17  Do You Know That On the British Incitement to Disaffection Bill; British inflation; the arms race; arrest of 350,000 annually in South Africa; the Duke of Kent's £25,000 annual "dole"
18-19, 24 A Negro Delegate to the Soviet Union Seventeen Years After 17 years since the Bolshevik Revolution
20-21  South African Events  
22-24  Notes and Comments Re. South Africa's 'poor whites'; Alfred Rosenberg's The Myth of the Twentieth Century; Japanese budget for 1935-36; government outrages in Spain; la Cri des nègres in the Belgian Congo; Chinese Red Army battles foes
Vol. V, No. 1 (Jan. 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Italian Imperialists Grab at Abyssinia  
2-4  To the Toiling Masses of Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland  
5-6 Charles Woodson The United Front of the White and Native Workers in South Africa  
7-9 J.Q. Fusion in South Africa  
10-16 H. Jordan (a pseudo-name of I.I. Potekhin)What is the Independent Native Republic?  
16  Mayibuye (Give Us Bank Our Land) A song from South Africa
16  Albert Nzula Commemorating his death, a year earlier, age 29
17-20  Organizational Points Concerning agricultural workers
21-23 J. Mansey Strikes in South Africa  
23-26 John Izotla - another nom de guerre of I.I. PotekhinOn the Question of the Native Cooperative Societies in South Africa  
27-28  Do You Know That? On Ceylon's new constitution; Britain's arms budget; the fall of palm-oil prices in Cameroon; Japanese versus British trade with Morocco
29-31  Notes and Comments On recent strikes and demonstrations in Mombassa, Kenya; Road workers' strike in Jamaica; demonstrations in the Virgin Islands; election of West Indian Robert Robinson to the Moscow city Soviet
Vol. V, Nos. 2-3 (Feb.-March 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  "They Sell Us and Our Children" Re. Bechuanaland
2  London Theatres Ban Scottsboro Aid  
3-5 Charles Woodson Italy's Grab for Africa  
5-6 Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party and Young Communist League Hands Off Abyssinia!  
6  Italian Troops Sail to Make War on Abyssinia  
7-8 Lester Hutchinson The New Constitutional Straight-jacket for India  
10-12  The Struggle Against Fascism in South Africa  
12-13 D.I., South Africa What the A.C.C. Mean The African Congress Clubs
13-15 Helen Davis Supporters of Colonial Rule Against missionaries
16-19, 15 Albert Nzula The Struggles of the Negro Toilers in South Africa (pt. 1)  
20-21 Akim The Handicrafts Men of Africa Belong in the Fighting Front of the Workers  
22-24, 28 M. Nelson The Situation in Liberia (pt. 1)  
25-28  Our Letter Box Letters from South Africa and A. Ward of the London NWA
29-31  Notes and Comments On a 'Race Museum' in Moscow; victory by the Chinese Red Army; strike in St. Kitts; Germany's colonial ambitions
32 W. Daniels The Declaration of Capitalism A poem reprinted from the Gold Coast Provincial Pioneer
Vol. V, No. 4 (April 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-3  Slave Rule in the Belgian Congo  
3-4  Imperialist Apologists On Charles Roden Buxton's visit to east Africa
4-5  "Europe is Dying" - Mussolini  
6-10, 24 Charles Woodson Italian Troops Pour into Africa  
11-14 Albert Nzula The Struggles of the Negro Toilers in South Africa (pt. 2)  
15  Colonial Program of the British Communist Party As adopted in Feb. 1935
16-20  Organizational Points - How to Organize the Unemployed  
21-24 M. Nelson The Situation in Liberia (pt 2)  
25-26 H.F. Our Letter Box: Gold Coast - Why Farmers Get So Little for Their Cocoa  
26  Our of Their Own Mouths Quotes from Lord Curzon and G.M. Huggins, Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia
27-? (pp. 28-30 missing)
  Notes and Comments On the plight of West Indians; Congress of U.S. unemployed workers; jailing of Haitian revolutionary writer Jacques Roumain; strike in Natal coalmines; South African importation of workers from Mozambique
31-32 Helen Davis Rakosi Stands Before His Judges Mathias Rakosi had been a leader of the 1919 Hungarian Soviet, sentenced to life imprisonment
Vol. V, No. 5 (May 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-3  May Day  
3-4  Jubilation and Thanks-giving for Profits Why Lever Brothers, the United Africa Co., Ashanti Goldfields, etc., should celebrate the 25th anniversary of George V's coronation
5-7 James W. Ford For Defence of Ethiopia Extracts from a speech, 7 March 1935, in New York
7, 24  Italy Continues War Preparations  
8-9 Hermann Eugene The Fight for Bread - A General Strike of Agricultural Workers Martinique
10-11 RILU Executive Bureau Letter to the International Trade Union Federation  
12-14  Letter from Tom Mann to the South African Trade Unions and to all Working Men and Women in South Africa  
15  Victory for Scottsboro Boys  
16-17  Slavery: 100 Years Ago [and] Today  
18-19, 22 A.Z. Is There a Class of Native Capitalists in South Africa?  
20-22 Albert Nzula The Struggles of the Negro Toilers in South Africa (pt. 3)  
23-24 M. Nelson The Situation in Liberia (pt. 3)  
25-27  Our Letter Box From R. Bridgeman on Roden Buxton's African visit
27  Imperialism the Enemy A quote from Lenin on British imperialism
28-31  Notes and Comments On a riot in Harlem; a U.S. anti-sedition bill; anti-war demos. In New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago; unemployed demo. in the Gold Coast; malaria epidemic in Ceylon; 19 March 1935 massacre in Karachi, India; protests by British farmers
32  Chinese Reds Reap Victories  
Vol. V, No. 6 (June 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1  Impending Conflicts in West Africa  
2  Tightening the Shackles South Africa
3-5 ITUCNW To the Gold Coast Trade Unions  
6-9 Akim The Struggles of the Workers in West Africa  
10-13 Kofi Kwessi Struggle of the Workers of Sierra Leone and Gambia  
14-15 Soukt The Gold Coast Delegation and the Anti-Imperialist Movement  
16-19 William L. Patterson The Abyssinian Situation and the Negro World  
19, 25  War Menace Hangs Over Abyssinia  
20-22 Albert Nzula The Struggles of the Negro Toilers in South Africa (pt. 4)  
23-24  The Ashanti Confederacy  
26-28  Workers Shot in the West Indies St. Kitts sugar strike, Jan. 1935
29  Dockers Strike in Jamaica  
29  Gold Coast Mine Strike  
30  Nazis Persecute Negro African-born wrestler Jim Wango
31  British Colonial Seamen Face Destitution and Deportation  
32  Another Strike in Jamaica  
Vol. V, Nos. 7-8 (July-Aug. 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-3  Five Years of Struggle The fifth anniversary of the formation of the ITUCNW
3-5 ITUCNW Hands Off Abyssinia  
6-10  The Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Northern Rhodesia  
11-12  The Rhodesian Mine Strike On the copper-fields of Northern Rhodesia
15  "God Save the King" On the fatigue of King George V
16-19, 34 Watt Nolan Preparing New Land Expropriations in Kenya  
20-22  Fifth Anniversary Greetings From R. Bridgeman, the African Federation of Trade Unions, the U.S. branch of the ILD, the London NWA, and H.E. O'Connell representing Black workers in Cardiff
24-27 William L. Patterson Negro Harlem Awakes  
28  Monster May Day Rally in British Guiana With emphasis on the defence of Abyssinia
29  Negro Worker Elected in Paris Felix Merlin, from Martinique
29  Workers Sentenced Martinique
30-31  Organizational Points: A Few Hints on How to Carry on a Strike  
32-34  "I am Among My Own People in My Own Land" From African-American Margaret Glascow, living in the Soviet Union
35-3830  Our Letter Box From Hubert Critchlow (British Guiana); from London, giving extracts of a speech by S. Saklatvala to the Coloured Nationals Mutual Social Club
38  Trade Union Unity in Dutch Guiana  
39-40  Notes and Comments The Divide-and-rule tactics of South African capital; U.S. relations with Liberia; Japan's invasion of China
Vol. V, No. 9 (July-Aug. 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2 ITUCNW An Appeal - Stop this Fascist Robber's War Ethiopia
3-5  International Conference in Paris in Defence of Abyssinia  
5-6 Durban Committee of the South African Communist Party Refuse to Ship Goods to East Africa (an appeal to the Harbour Workers of South Africa)  
7-9 Lorenzo Gault An End to Empire-Building  
10-11, 18 Cardiff Coloured Seamen's Committee Coloured Seamen's Struggle Against De-Nationalization  
12-14  International Actions in Support of Abyssinia In the U.S., Europe, St. Lucia, Trinidad, British Guiana, India, Egypt, and South Africa
15, 24  Call for a United Front India
16-17  Nationalities in the Soviet Union  
17-18 Nomad Gypsies  
19-20  Workers' Victory In a Johannesburg strike, reprinted from Umsebenzi
20  "Sedition Craze" Reprint of an editorial in The Gold Coast Provincial Pioneer of 18 May 1935
21  Henri Barbusse - Friend of Oppressed Colonials Dead  
22-23  Notes and Comments Cardiff port-workers threatened with deportation; a colonial seamen's organization formed in London; African-American L.A. Walton appointed to Liberia; Polish investment in Liberia; ILD efforts to save Anglo Herndon; riot in Kenya; Henderson, an African-American woman, represents the C.P.U.S. in Moscow for the Seventh Congress of the COMINTERN; union growth in Dutch Guiana
Vol. V, No. 10 (Oct. 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: End the Bloody Slaughter in Abyssinia  
2-3  To the Negro People Defend Abyssinia
4-5, 26-27 E. Varga Italy and the Struggle for Abyssinia Abridgement reprinted from the British Daily Worker
6-7 ITUCNW An Open Letter to the Negro Workers and Toilers of [Northern] Rhodesia, to the Watch Tower Movement and to the Members of the Watch Tower Organization  
8-11  The Struggle Against Fascism in South Africa  
12-13  New Anti-Native Bills! Reprinted from Umsebenzi
14-15  German Imperialism Seeks Colonies in East Africa  
16, 27 An E. African Gold in East Africa  
17-18  Aid Your Journal  
20-21  "Loin Cloth" On Japanese versus European competition in selling textiles to Africa
22-23, 25 Albert Nzula The Struggles of the Negro Toilers in South Africa (pt. 5)  
28-31  Notes and Comments 20th birthday of Umsebenzi ("the South African Worker"); Trade union unity in France; Haiti condemns Italy in the League of Nations; most Italian-Argentinians are anti-fascist; British CP demonstrates in support of Ethiopia; events on India's northwest frontier; whites split in Kenya (settlers versus the colonial government); Nazi Germany bans jazz; four South African CP members on trial; sugar-workers revolt in British Guiana
32 Langston Hughes The Same A poem
Vol. V, No. 11 (Dec. 1935)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: Defeat the Imperialist Sell-Out! Of Ethiopia by the League of Nations
2  Dingaan's Day  
3, 28 G.R. Johannes Nkosi Commemorating his death, 16 Dec. 1930
4-5  The Robber "Peace" Project An Anglo-French plan to dismember Ethiopia
6-7  Ethiopia's Protest At the League of Nations
7-8  Red Cross Protests Italian Murder Bombing of the Tafari Makonnen Hospital in Dessie, Ethiopia
8-9  Conference of the Negro Welfare Association London, 20 Oct. 1935
9 NWA, London Resolution on Abyssinia  
10  The New English parliament Results of the Nov. 1935 election
11-13 Communist Parties of Canada, Ireland, England, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand An Appeal to the people of all part of the Empire against war  
13, 20-21 Harry Pollitt How the "Jolly George" was Stopped In 1920, London dockworkers had refused to load munitions intended for use against the USSR
14-16 Charles Woodson Peoples' Candidate Victor in the Gold Coast A.W. Kojo-Thompson elected to the Legislative Council
16  Indian Opinion on the Italo-Ethiopian Conflict  
16  European Deported from Africa A representative of the Watch Tower (Jehovah's Witnesses) society
17  Soviet China Hails Abyssinia  
17  West African Youth League Growing Rapidly in the Gold Coast Its leader was I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson
18-19, 24 Helen Davis Egypt Awakes Opposition to British policy on Ethiopia
21  Mutiny on Italian Ship  
21  Anti-Fascist Balloons Carry leaflets into northwest Italy
22 Saratu Kaidun Liberia Greets Soviet Russia  
23  British Congress on Peace and Soviet Russia  
23  Statement of the World Youth Committee (Paris) against Italian Aggression in Ethiopia  
25-28  Notes and Comments Angelo Herndon released on bail; Japanese advance further into China; Cardiff worker Harry O'Connell arrested; racist policies in Southern Rhodesia; further segregation of South African Cape 'coloureds'; San Pietro, Italy, anti-war/ unemployed demo; Trinidad dockworkers refuse to unload Italian ship 'Virgilio'
Vol. VI, No. 1 (March 1936)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: The Geneva Proposal Selling-out Ethiopia
2-3  A South African "Compromise" Creating separate voters roles in Cape Province
5-6 Shapurji Saklatvala British General Election In Nov. 1935, creation of a second coalition "National" government
7-9  Sidelights on the Italo-Abyssinian Conflict Increases in draft-evasion and desertion; Vatican supports invasion of Abyssinia
9  The First French Field Hospital Goes to Abyssinia  
9-10  Maritime Federation of the Pacific Votes to Stop all Transport of War Material to Italy  
10  Conference of Negro and Arabs to take place in Paris, 12-13 April International Committee for the Defence of the Ethiopian People
12  London Scottsboro Resolution  
13-15 R. Bridgeman Fight Against Colonial Oppression: Election Methods in the Gold Coast  
15-16  Conference of the LAI Fifth annual conference held in London, 25-26 Jan.
16  Stop This, English Workers! Harassment of a distributor of The Negro Worker
17-18  Aid Your Journal  
19  National Negro Congress in the U.S. Chicago, 14-16 Dec. 1935
19-20  Chinese Soviet Greetings to the U.S. Negro Congress Sent by Mao
20-21  China's Students Arise Reprinted from China Today
22-23  Resolution Adopted by the All-Africa National Convention Bloemfontein, 16 Dec. 1935
24-26  Our Letter Box A letter from British Guiana, and a letter and poem from 'Charlie' in Liberia
26-27 A white seaman Exploitation of Indian Labourers  
28  Saklatvala - Kipling Their deaths, 16th and 18th Jan. respectively
28-29 Helen Davis Two Epitaphs in an English Graveyard Contrasting the role of Saklatvala with that of arch-imperialist Kipling
30-32  Notes and Comments The 16 Feb. Spanish election; Twenty African-American prisoners burned to death in the U.S.; the Franco-Soviet Pact; Gold Coast railway workers protest; tax-resistance in Kenya
Vol. VI, No. 2 (April 1936)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: The Great Betrayal! Of Abyssinia by the League of Nations
3-4  The Struggle for Colonies  
4, 30  Tom Mann is Eighty Years Old!  
5-8  Who Rules British Africa and the West Indies  
9  Colonies - For Whose Benefit?  
9-10  The Plight of the Poor Peasants and Oppressive Taxation In the face of falling prices for exported raw materials
12-15, 22 Helen Davis Hitler Germany Demands Colonies  
16-17, 36  The "Haves" Reply to the "Have-nots" British, French, Portuguese, Dutch and other colonials reply to German demands
18-20 ITUCNW An Appeal to the Negro Workers and Toilers  
21-22  Do You Know That: The British Empire covers a quarter of the earth; the extent of white-settler occupation in South Africa and Kenya; the extent of illiteracy in India; the state of education in Britain's African colonies
23, 36  Native Labour in the Colonies By colony and economic sector
24-26 Henri Morice The Marine Workers' Fight Against the Fascist Italian War in Ethiopia  
27  Rotten Sardines for the Ethiopian Army An English company at fault
27  Doctors boycott German goods In India
28-29 I. Richter The Coloured Workers in South Africa  
30  Ernst Thaelman His 50th birthday
31-34 Vivien Jackson Shapurji Saklatvala An obituary
35  British Fascist Propaganda  
35  Youth Peace Conference Brussels, 29 Feb. to 1 March
35  Why Hitler Got 99% On recent German 'election'
Vol. VI, Nos. 3-4 (May-June 1936)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: Mussolini Occupies Ethiopia  
3 ITUCNW An Appeal to the Negro Workers and Toilers  
3-5  International Conference on Abyssinia Paris, 9-10 May
6-9, 34 R. Bridgeman Britain and the System of Colonial Mandates (pt. 1)  
10-12, 35-36  Notes and Comments New Registration of Natives legislation in S. Rhodesia; Land Question in Kenya; Gold Coast election case re. Kojo-Thompson; labour migration from Nyasaland; N. Rhodesia government 'native' newspaper; struggles in the Belgian Congo; National Congress Convention in India; Subhas Chandra Bose imprisoned without trial
13-16 A Friend of South Africa A Memo. on South Africa with Special Reference to Native Conditions (pt. 1)  
17 British Guiana Labour Union May Day Message  
18-19  Reaction Beaten in Cape Town Charges against Minnie Gool and John Gomas dropped
20-21 John Marks Native Oppression in S. Africa  
22-27 Herbert Newton The National Negro Congress Chicago, 14-16 Feb., attended by some 900 delegates
28-29  Our Letter Box Letters from Hubert Critchlow (British Guiana); John Marks (South Africa) and H. O'Connell (Wales)
30-34  News About Abyssinia  
36  The Woman Today New York: A new monthly for women workers begins publication
Vol. VI, No. 5 (July 1936)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: Britain Turns Tail Withdraws sanctions against Italy
2-3, 7  First Steps in Roman "Civilization" In Ethiopia
4-5  The People's Front Spain and France
5  Accra Election Results Kojo-Thompson defeats his opponent 1,022 to 867
6-7 K.B., Jerusalem An Appeal from Palestine  
8-11 Helen Davis Palestine Arabs Revolt  
12  Sixth Anniversary of the ITUCNW  
13-16 A friend of South Africa A Memo. on South Africa with Special Reference to Native Conditions (pt. 2)  
17 Alex Gossip, General Secretary, U.S. National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association A letter About the union, formed in 1865
18-19, 35 John Marks, Johannesburg Transvaal Native Teachers and their Conditions  
20-21 Our English Correspondent Arrival of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I in London, 2 June
22-24 Our English Correspondent Gold Coast Levy Bill Passed Extending indirect rule
25, 35  German Colonial Campaign  
26-32  Notes and Comments Poisoned in Prison? (Jolibois, Haiti); Gold Coast arrest of I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson and detention without trial of the former Dadiasuabehene of Kumasi, Kofi Sechere
18-21, 32 Robertson, London For Equal Rights and Freedom in South Africa  
22-23, 36 John Gomas All-African Convention to be Permanent - Make it a Mass Liberation Movement  
24-26 Harold Preece Negro Disfranchisement in Texas  
27-29 Charles Alexander, West Indies Emancipation Day and the Struggle for Real Freedom  
29-30 D.R. Slavery in the Colony of Trinidad and Tobago  
31  Negro for Vice Presidency James W. Ford again running as CP U.S. candidate
32  Native Trade Union Conference Johannesburg, 5 July 1936
33-36  Our Letter Box Letters from South Africa, Jamaica, and Boston
Vol. VI, No. 8 (Oct. 1936)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: The Menace of Fascism  
2-3  The New Soviet Constitution  
4-6, 15 Ray Alexander, Cape Town The Fight for Trade Union Unity in South Africa  
7-14, 22  Non-European Railway Workers' Conference Cape Town, 3-4 Aug. 1936
15 Aubrey Lowe Need for a United Front with Natives Reprinted from The South African Worker
16-19 A. Mathews, South Africa For a Peoples' Front in South Africa - For Bread, Work and Land  
20-22 Frank O'Brien Harlem Shows the Way Abridged article reprinted from The New Masses
23-24, 32 Harold Preece Negro Slaves and Mexican Solidarity Against efforts to victimize Mexican migrant workers
25-26 D.R., Trinidad British Imperialisms' Hunger Drive in Trinidad Against the colonial government's Cocoa Relief Scheme, Shop Closing Hours and Minimum Wage Ordinances
27-28  Notes and Comments Eight Puerto Rican nationalists sentenced to 2 to 6 years imprisonment; Sharecroppers Union Convention of delegates from Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi; Herndon wins Stay of Appeal; Haitian writer Jacques Roumain released from jail; Arrests of 300 Jehovah's Witnesses in the Belgian Congo
29-30  The Struggle in Abyssinia  
30 D. Matini, South Africa National Liberation League formed in Port Elizabeth  
31-32  Our Letter Box Letters from the South African Railway and Harbour Workers' Union, Cape Town, and the Dock Workers' Union of Dutch Guiana
Vol. VI, No. 9 (Nov. 1936)
1-2  Editorial: Nineteen Years of Soviet Rule  
2  On Going to Press German recognition of the Italian empire
3-4 Ray Alexander, Cape Town The League Decision on Abyssinia  
5-10 Charles Woodson No Colonies for Hitler  
11-13, 16 Henri Morice Italian Fascism Has Installed its Regime of Terror and Slavery in Ethiopia  
14-16 Leo Wanner Fascist Danger in N. Africa  
17-19 Charles Alexander, West Indies The Struggle of the Unemployed in St. Vincent  
20-21  The Fascist Rebellion in Spain  
21-22  Declaration of French Minister of Colonies Marius Moutet: "... we shall seriously carry on our role of civilizers and emancipators"
22  How to Fight Against the Anti-French Propaganda of Germany in Our Colonies Moutet statement reprinted from Le Petit Parisien of 9 Sept. 1936
23-24  Speech of Cypril Philip Black delegate to Brussels International Peace Congress
24-25  Resolutions Concerning Colonial Peoples Introduced at the Brussels International Peace Congress  
26, 31 Nandi Review of Should Colonies Be Given Back to Hitler? by Francis Jourdin  
27-29  Notes and Comments Native 'stay-in' strike of some 100 members of the South African Laundry Workers' Union; Miami strike by 250 African-American dock-workers; Martinique workers organize; plans to curb Black population growth in Bermuda; tragic condition of labour migrants from Nyasaland; taxation in Nigeria; education in Southern Rhodesia; Trinidad in the Vanguard - letter from T. Harris (President of the southern section of the Trinidad Labour Party) to The People newspaper, opposing anti-communist propaganda and urging anti-fascist unity re. Spain
32  Aid Your Journal  
Vol. VI, No. 9 (Dec. 1936)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorial: The Fascist Front  
3  Hail The Dawn Published by the Gold Coast West African Youth League
4-5, 11  Transvaal All-African Convention  
6  The Peoples' Front in S. Africa  
7-11 Wm. L. Patterson Helping Britain to Rule Africa Pt. 1 of an attack on George Padmore's book How Britain Rules Africa
12  How They Rule! British rule in Malaya
13-18, 22  Notes and Comments ID cards in Nyasaland; Cape Town African voter challenges the National Republic Act in the Supreme Court; South Africa Native Trust and Land Act of 1936; in memory of Zulu King Chaka; Johannesburg mine strike; Austria, Hungary, and Yugoslavia recognize the Italian empire; taxation methods in Kenya; Prof. H.J. Fleure and Sir Cyril Fox denounce theories of racial superiority at a conference of the British Association for the Advancement of Science; Dr. Van Broekhuizen (S. African ambassador to Belgium) promotes apartheid; representatives of the Gold Coast Aborigines Rights Protection Society return home; an Arkansas cotton-planter is indicted for slavery
19-20 Wm. L. Patterson Who Are the War Makers? Letter reprinted from the Baltimore Afro-American
23-28  Our Letter Box A Letter from Garveyite J.R. Ralph Casimir (Dominica) and a reply; a letter from Dutch Guiana
29-32 Monte Review of two books: The Preparation and First Operations by Marshal de Bono and The Ethiopian War by Marshal Bodoglio  
Vol. VII, No. 1 (Jan. 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorials: 1937 - Japan Recognizes Italian Conquest  
3  The Fate of Ethiopia  
4  Sovereign or Slave? On the Gold Coast sedition trial of I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson
4, 10 11  Two Worlds Adoption of the new Soviet Constitution contrasted with the Edward VIII abdication 'crisis'
5-7 Helen Davis Who Really Rules Britain  
7  English Popular Front Campaign  
8-9, 15 Wm. L. Patterson Helping Britain Rule Africa (pt. 2) Continuing the attack on Padmore
10 West African Youth League 27 Nov. 1935 telegram to the LAI, London, on the 114-day detention-without-trial of four WAYL  
10 R. Bridgeman, representing the LAI 30 Nov. 1936 letter to the Colonial Office  
11, 16  Culled From the Press What is Detribalization (from The Gold Coast Spectator); The Issues of War or Peace Are in Our Hands (Daily Worker); Unjust Taxation of Native (South African Worker)
12-14  Notes and Comments British punitive expedition on India's northwest frontier; Nehru re-elected Congress President; 11,000 Chinese street-sweepers strike, Singapore; Chief Tshekedi Khama of Bechuanaland loses his claim; Jamaicans reject tariff bill; Italy's other victims - North Africa; death of Italian writer Luigi Pirandello; Angelo Herndon victory; Spain promises Morocco self-government
15-16  Our Letter Box From W.A. Domingo of the Jamaica Progressive League (New York); from P.K. (North Shields, England), a "colonial able seaman with an international outlook"
Vol. VII, No. 2 (Feb. 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1-2  Editorials: Support the Spanish People; German Foothold in Morocco; Spread the Negro Worker Campaign  
3 ITUCNW An Appeal to All Negro Organizations To keep Germany imperialism out of Africa
4  British Left-Wing Unity: Support for Colonial People Declaration by the British CP, the LAI, and the Socialist League
4  Colonial Seamen Conference London, 29 Nov. 1936
5-6  Negro-Blooded Pushkin to be Honoured by Soviet Toilers with Great Jubilee Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) honoured on the centenary of his death
6 Helen Davis Frederick Douglass On the 120th anniversary of his birth (12 Feb. 1817)
7, 10 Charles Alexander, West Indies Bermuda Government Plans to Sterilize Negroes  
8-9 Wm. L. Patterson The Negro Spirituals and the Robeson Concerts Paul Robeson visiting the USSR
11, 15  Culled From the Press In Defence of Soviet Russia (News Chronicle, 9 Jan. 1937)
12-13, 16 Wm. L. Patterson Helping Britain to Rule Africa (p. 3) Again, against Padmore
14 Monte Soviet Film: Circus An anti-racist film
14, 16 Ben Davis Jr. Soviet documentary: Abyssinia  
15  Two Conference of European Youth on Spain  
15  Our Letter Box A message from Basutoland
Vol. VII, No. 3 (March 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1  Editorial: An Ethiopian Fights for Spain Ghvet, son of Ras Imru
1, 7  No Colonies to Hitler Resolution adopted by the Colonial Seamens Association, London
2-3 A Pole Fascist Poland - Prison of Peoples  
3  A Progressive Parson African-American Baptist minister Marshall Shepard
4  Two Ethiopians: Father [Ras Imru] Italian Captive - Son Fighting for Spain  
5  Bermuda Bosses Ban Births, to Solve Unemployment they Say In reality, to prevent the Black population from becoming a majority
6-7 Charles Alexander Frederick Douglass: Great Negro Abolitionist  
8-9, 13 Wm. L. Patterson West African Youth and the Peoples' Front  
10-11 Charles Alexander, West Indies 1937 - A New Year of Struggle for the West Indian Masses  
11, 15  Culled from the Press South African Native Affairs Minister's New Year's 'gift'
12-13  Paul Robeson Speaks Over Radio Moscow
14-15 Nandi Some Results of the French Peoples' Front Government in Favour of the Colonies  
15  Two Conference of European Youth on Spain  
16  Notes and Comments South African Native doctor and curfew regulations; slave conceptions in South Africa; All-African Convention wins a case against tram-car segregation; transit strike in Nigeria; West African Youth League protests; Cuba deporting 50,000 Haitians and Jamaicans
Vol. VII, No. 4 (April 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1  Editorial: Atrocious Massacre in Abyssinia Of some 6,000 people in Addis Ababa
2 World Commission Against War and Fascism Save the Spanish Republic, the Bulwark of Liberty and Peace!
3-4 Wallace-Johnson "No Sir! No Colonies Back" for Germany  
5-6 Ben Bradley India Goes to the Polls: Election Under the New Constitution  
6  Share-croppers' Union Presents Proposals: 40 acres and a mule  
7, 14-15 Wm. L. Patterson The Negro and the Centenary of Alexander Pushkin  
8-10  Civil Liberties for Colonial Peoples Sixth annual conference of the LAI, London, 27-28 Feb. 1937
10, 16  Minimum Wages in the Windward Islands [Caribbean] From ILO publication Industrial and Labour Information
11  Culled From the Press Soviet Ambassador to Britain M. Maisky warns the aggressors; "Negroes Pledge Aid to Steel Drive" (from U.S. Sunday Worker)
12-13, 15  Our Letter Box A letter from and a reply to J.R. Ralph Casimir (Dominica); a letter from the U.S. replying to Casimir's Dec. 1936 letter to The Negro Worker
16  Notes and Comments Native Court in South Rhodesia; Gold Coast representative to the coronation of George VI
Vol. VII, No. 5 (May 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1  Editorials: May Day, 1937; Terror in Abyssinia  
1  The Negro Worker Confiscated In Cape Town, South Africa
2  Negroes on the Spanish FrontEthiopian Ahmed din Joseph, and African-American nurse from Harlem, Salaria Kee
3-5 South African News 
4 W.D.L. MatiniNational Liberation League of South Africa Active in Port Elizabeth 
6-7  African Workers on the MarchOn recent strikes
7 W. DriverSuid Afriknanse Spoorweg En Hawer Werkers Unie
8 Edward E. Strong, U.S. National Negro CongressThe Negro Youth Offensive 
9, 13-14 Wallace-JohnsonThe W. African Youth League: its Origins, Aims and Objectives 
10-12  Voices from South AfricaLetters
14-15, 19 Jacques RoumainHaiti a Dictatorship - Lessons and Results 
16 Concerning Sterilization in Bermuda 
16  No Colonies for GermanyStatement to the League of Nations by two Trinidad groups - the Negro Welfare and Cultural Association and the Amalgamated Building and Woodworkers' Union
16  Negro Expert Heads Soviet Farm He was George W. Tynes
16-17Helen DavisBook Review: W. Adolphe Roberts' pamphlet Self-Government for Jamaica
17, 19Austin WorthHow Religion and the Church Mislead the Negro People 
20 Our Letter BoxLetters from Trinidad, Haiti, and Dutch Guiana
Vol. VII, No. 6 (June 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1  Editorials: Aid for Negro Fighters [support from Paul Robeson]; Herndon Lives!; Free the Scottsboro Boys!; Keep Ethiopia at Geneva  
2  Paul Robeson He calls for Aid to Negroes Defending Democracy in Spain
2   Abyssinian [Ahmed din Joseph] killed in Spain
2  James For in Stirring Appeal [to aid Spain]
3 L.P.Angelo Herndon is Free! 
4John Gomas2000 Protest Against New Anti-Colour Legislation, Spirit of Unity GrowsCape Town, 22 March
5, 15Charles Alexander (W. Indies)The New King [George VI] and the W. Indian Masses 
6 Helen DavisAbyssinia - A Year After [the Italian victory] 
6  May Day CelebrationsIn the U.S., France, London, the USSR, and Spain
7 Congress of the National Liberation League [of South Africa]: Resolution 
7  Native Delegation for GenevaSouth African Trades and Labour Council asks to attend an international labour conference
7 Nazis checked in S.W. Africa 
8-9 Ray Alexander (Cape Town)One More the Fight for Trade Union Unity in S. Africa 
10-11 Austin WorthSome Negro Workers in the Soviet Union 
12Robert Warren"Follow the Drinkin' Gourd"A story about the Underground Railway
12 African chiefs at CoronationAdemola II, Alake of Abeokuta (southern Nigeria) and Yeta III of Barotseland
13 With the Paul Robeson familyParis interview
14-15Wallace-JohnsonGreat Britain and the Bond of 1844A British treaty with kinds and elders of the Gold Coast
16 Notes and Comments: No equality for natives [re. South African Minister of Defence Pirow]; Stay-in Strike in Salvation Army [by 100 junior officers in Tokyo]; Two young New Zealanders jailed in London as stow-aways; Some Britons Are Slaves [British seamen sentenced to 3 months hard labour for mutiny]; Peaceful use for Soviet Planes [spraying to eradicate malarial mosquitoes] 
16 Our Letter BoxFrom Dutch Guiana and South Africa, the latter opposing return of colonies to Germany
Vol. VII, Nos. 7-8 (Sept.-Oct. 1937)
Pages Author HeadlineDescription
1  Editorial: Japanese Imperialists invade China 
1  A donation from SpainFrom a 'white' American fighting in Spain
2-3 ITUCNWStatement ... To all our Supporters! To all readers of The Negro Worker
2-4, 16Charles Alexander (W. Indies)The Fighters for EmancipationCudjoe and the Jamaica Maroons
5-6William L. PattersonThe Scottsboro Case 
6-7H.A Story of the Great StrikeOn the oilfields of Trinidad, June 1937
7, 14Helen Davis"Black Dogs Only Bark - They Cannot Bite"Contravening this idea from the experience in Trinidad
 Copy of a Leaflet which Encouraged the Workers in the StrikeIssued by the Trinidad British Empire Workers' and Citizens' Home Rule Party
8-9, 11 Wallace-JohnsonBritish Armaments and the West African Colonies as I See Them 
10-11Langston HughesSpeechTo the second International Writers' Congress, Paris, July 1937
12-13, 16 Call for National ConventionIssued by Cape Province organizations
14 Revolt in "Little England"Barbados uprising of July 1937
15 T. Harris (a colonial worker)What is Fascism? 
15  A Trinidadian Writes on FascismA poem reprinted from The Barbados Observer of 12 June 1937
16 Sugar Strike in Mauritius 
16 Jamaica Banana workers strike 
16 Inquiry Commission Sails for TrinidadCommission headed by Forster

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