MIA: History: International: Communist International: Baku Congress 1920

Minutes of the
Congress of the Peoples of the East
September 1920

Zinoviev address the Congress with Radek at his side

Source: Congress of the Peoples of the East. Baku, September 1920. Stenographic Report;
Published: by New Park Publications, 1977;
Translated: by Brian Pearce;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.



Ceremonial Joint Meeting

First Session, (Zinoviev) September 1

Second Session, (Radek) September 2

Third Session, September 4

Fourth Session, September 4

Fifth Session, (Pavlovich) September 5

Sixth Session, (Bela Kun) September 6

Seventh Session, September 7

Documents of the Congress
Composition of the Congress
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