Third Congress of the Communist International

Resolution on Work in the Co-operatives

Source: Theses Resolutions and Manifestos of the First Four Congress of the Third International, translated by Alix Holt and Barbara Holland. Ink Links 1980;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.

10 July 1921

The III Congress of the International charges the co-operatives with the responsibility for the organisation, as the necessity arises, of international co-operative meetings, conferences and congresses held to assist the implementation on an international scale of the tasks listed in the theses.

In addition, the sections must: a) strengthen co-operative activity amongst agricultural workers and artisans by amalgamating small semi-proletarian enterprises, and also by encouraging workers to manage and improve their enterprises collectively; b) fight to change the entire national distribution of goods and consumer-goods; c) conduct propaganda, explaining the principles and methods of revolutionary co-operation, and showing that proletarian co-operative activity must concentrate on providing material support for the militant working class and; d) co-operate to establish international commercial and financial contact between different workers’ associations and organise combined production projects.