MIA: History: Haiti

Jean Jacques Dessalines Haiti

History of the
Haitian Independence Struggle

Toussaint Louverture Defiance

Toussaint Louverture Archive.

History of the Disasters in Saint-Domingue, Michel Etienne Decourtilz, 1791
Letter to Citizens of Color and Free Negroes of St-Domingue, Henri Grégoire, 1791
Decree of the National Convention, 1793
Broadside, In the name of the Republic, Léger-Félicité Sonthonax November 1793
Proclamation, In the name of the Republic, Léger-Félicité Sonthonax August 1794

Henri Christophe

Constitution, 1801
The Expedition to Saint-Domingue, Bonaparte 1801
Act of Independence, 1804
Dessalines, the Flag, and Independence, 1804
King Henri Christophe, 1811
The Detractors of the Black Race and the Republic of Haiti, Louis-Joseph Janvier, 1882

Period of U.S. Domination of Haiti

Hundreds Killed by Marines in Haiti, The Militant, 1930
U.S. Forced Loan on Haiti, Workers Age, 1932

Papa Doc

Latin-American Exiles Granted Asylum in Cuba, The Militant, 1959
Jacques Stéphen Alexis’s Letter to François Duvalier, 1960
Dictatorship in Haiti Decrees Death for “Communists”, 1969

Baby Doc

Dollars from Blood, 1972
Famine Strikes Haiti, 1975
Letter from René Théodore to José Francisco Peña Gómez, (PSF) 22 March 1979
Conference Hails Haitian Victory. Left groups prepare for post-Duvalier struggles, 1986

After the Duvaliers

The Forgotten Occupation, 2008