A. B. Ammon 1984

Ode to Maurice Bishop (1944-1983)

Source: The Rambler. Vol. 54 no. 7, February 1984, courtesy of Farmingdale State College, obtained from nyheritage.org;
Transcribed: for marxists.org by David Adams.

"Assassination is the act of anyone man: anyone man can assassinate a leader but only the people can make a revolution."
Walter Rodney

I know prime ministers, priests and choirboys carrying the tune will sing tonight
I know some will toast
Surely international puppets will perform
Alexander Bell will be proud tonight
Yes! Many will communicate long distant messages of joy, of relief
But Maurice I felt your presence
I felt your honest and total dedication
Maurice I believe
I don't fear what they say
I believe
I know
I understand your words
"The masses"
No Maurice you are blameless
For you fought the devil bravely but you had to face the deep blue sea
Maurice my children will know
You, a true leader
You are purposeful leader
Maurice you are
You are!
Comrade, brother, they will reflect
One day they will see
One day too soon they will pay; Oh yes!
You, Walter, Steve and others still to come
You will all be rightly honored and revenged
Every man has his time and you are a man
Maurice the revolution has only just begun
I love you Maurice
I believe you
Sleep confident tonight
Sleep contained
Rest assured tonight Maurice
I will love on.

Long Island New York
October 23