History of the French Revolution

Jean-Paul Marat

Jean-Paul Marat Archive


Brief Biography

Jean-Paul Marat. The People’s Friend, a biography by Belfort Bax

A contemporary account by Lebois of the murder of Jean-Paul Marat

From L’Ami du Peuple

Prospectus for L’Ami du Peuple, 1789
Jews, Executioners, and Actors, December 1789
Illusion of the Blind Multitude on the Supposed Excellence of the Constitution, January 1791
The Flight of the Royal Family, June 1791
Freedom is Lost, December 1791
The Hébertists Back Marat, April 1792
What Men Are More Vain than the French?, July 1792

From Journal de la république française

Prospectus for Journal de la république française, August 1792
To Louis-Philippe-Joseph d'Orleans, French Prince, September 1792
Louis Capet at the Bar of the Convention, December 1792
The Execution of the Tyrant, January 1793
What is a Law?, April 1793

From Correspondance de Jean-Paul Marat

Letter to the Representatives of the Commune, August 23 1789
Letter to the Convention, July 2 1793
Letter to the Jacobins, 1793
Letter to the Convention on the Sections, June 21 1793