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Pierre Goldman

The Pierre Goldman Affair



Pierre Goldman, (1944–1979) was a left-wing French intellectual, who had visited Cuba and fought with guerillas in Venezuela, convicted of several robberies, including murders for which he always protested his innocence. He was assassinated apparently by the Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación.

Introduction, by Mitchell Abidor

A letter to the Court, from Pierre Goldman

Our Friend, Pierre Goldman, Marc Kravetz, Liberation, December 9, 1974

The Richard Lenoir Affairn, Marc Kravetz, Liberation, December 9, 1974

Pierre Goldman is Sentenced to Life Imprisonment, Le Monde, December 15-16, 1974

The Affair Begins, from Les Temps Modernes, #352, Nov 1975

Interview With Alter Goldman by Wladimir Rabi, from Les Temps Modernes, #353, Dec 1976

Goldman the Foreigner, from Le Monde, Sep 1979

Interview, with Régis Debray, Sep 1979