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Winfried Wolf

Winfried Wolf



August 1974: The End of Stability (with Werner Hülsberg)

11 December 1974: The Relative Strength of German Capitalism

22 May 1975: Turn in the W. German class struggle

30 May 1975: Not Yet an Upturn ...

7 :August 1978: The German Trade-Union Federation Congress

6 December 1978: The European Monetary System

25 :June 1979: New International Recession on the Horizon

18 November 1979: Big Shake-out Nearing for World Auto Industry

17 March 1980: International Capitalist Recession on Horizon in 1980

June 1997: The automobile society

25 March 2011: The EU White Paper on Transport 2011

10 September 2011: Today’s Mobility Mania and the Revolutionary Grab for the Emergency Brake

15 September 2014: The car society in the capitalist world system and in China

7 November 2019: The automotive industry will be at the heart of the coming economic crisis

17 March 2022: 15 theses on the war in Ukraine

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