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B.J. Widick, 1910–2008, by Alan Wald (Against the Current, No. 136, September/October 2008)

B.J. Widick and the UAW, by Nelson Lichtenstein (Against the Current, No. 137, November/December 2008)


March 1935: AFL to Aid Akron Bosses Fight ‘Reds’ (as Jack Wilson)

March 1935: Akron Workers Set for Siege in Rubber (as Jack Wilson)

March 1935: Auto-Rubber Alliance in Akron (as Jack Wilson)

March 1935: In a Billion Dollar Industry (as Jack Wilson)

April 1935: Akron Rubber Strike Impends (as Jack Wilson)

April 1935: Labor Rallies to Aid of Akron Strike (as Jack Wilson)

April 1935: Resentment Is Bitter Over Trickery of “Settlement” (as Jack Wilson)

May 1935: Claherty Hits at Akron Rebels (as Jack Wilson)

May 1935: A.F.L. Leaders Split Ranks of Canton Strike (as Jack Wilson)

May 1935: News Men’s Guild to Join A.F. of L. (as Jack Wilson)

June 1935: Perkins Hunts Reds in Akron (as Jack Wilson)

July 1935: Survey of Ohio Strikes Shows Value of Revolutionary Party (as Jack Wilson)

July 1935: Akron C.L.U. Head Backs Green Red Drive in the Unions (as Jack Wilson)

July 1935: Toiler’s Tale (as Jack Wilson) (book review)

August 1935: Forces Clash Before Rubber Union Confab (as Jack Wilson)

August 1935: Progressives Fight for Sway in Rubber Union (as Jack Wilson)

August 1935: Packed Convention Sure in Rubber Union (as Jack Wilson)

September 1935: Green Extols Capitalism on Labor Day (as Jack Wilson)

September 1935: Green in Maneuver at Meet (as Jack Wilson)

September 1935: Rubber Workers Ride Over Green Machine (as Jack Wilson)

September 1935: Rubber Workers Took Big Step Forward at Akron Convention (as Jack Wilson)

October 1935: Akron Bosses Union Revolts (as Jack Wilson)

October 1935: Opportunities Big for New Rubber Union (as Jack Wilson)

October 1935: Rubber Co’s Prepare for Price War (as Jack Wilson)

November 1935: Barberton Labor Rises (as Jack Wilson)

November 1935: Rubber Union in 2 Hr. Strike (as Jack Wilson)

January 1936: Rubber Baron Grants Union Demands (as Jack Wilson)

January 1936: Workers Pay for Tire War Report Shows (as Jack Wilson)

February 1936: Every Aid Promised by Akron C.L.U. Committee (as Jack Wilson)

February 1936: Perspectives of the Akron Strike (as Jack Wilson)

February 1936: Pickets Blockade Akron Co. (as Jack Wilson)

February 1936: Rebel Spirit Stirs Akron Gum Miners (as Jack Wilson)

May 1936: Progressives Triumph at Auto Workers Convention (as Jack Wilson)

September 1937: CIO Tested in Akron’s Gum Mines (as Jack Wilson)

October 1937: Rubber Workers Convene in Akron (as Jack Wilson)

November 1937: Goodyear Accord Imperils Union

November 1937: Labor’s Great Political Power Must Be Used for Independent Action, Election Vote Shows

November 1937: Plan Relief Cuts

December 1937: Akron General Strike Planned Against Nat’l Guard Tactics

December 1937: New Jersey C.I.O. Meets Challenge of Boss Hague (as Jack Wilson)

January 1938: The Question of Trade Union Unity

February 1938: Expulsions from A.F.L. Setback for Unity Drive

February 1938: Stolberg CIO Articles Faulty in Analysis

May 1938: Daily Worker Retreats from Anti-Martin Fight to Escape UAW Wrath

May 1938: 9,000 Rubber Workers Quit Akron Plants

May 1938: S.W.P. Labor Secretary Gives Account of Tour

June 1938: The Lessons of Akron – Organize Workers’ Defense!

July 1938: Akron Labor Defense Hit by Stalinists

July 1938: Ohio Unions to Demand Better Relief Scales

August 1938: Akron C.I.O. to Build Union for WPA Workers

September 1938: World War by Stages

October 1938: New Jersey C.I.O. Calls For Unity

October 1938: Rubber Workers Urge Labor Unity

October 1938: Stalinist Issue Paramount at CIO Convention

November 1938: Labor Unity – A New Stage

November 1938: CIO Convention Rubber Stamps Lewis Machine

November 1938: C.I.O. Faces Crucial Issues of Democracy in the Unions

November 1938: Labor Unity, Union Democracy Issues Stir CIO Convention

November 1938: Sidelights on C.I.O. Convention

November 1938: The Story of the CIO

December 1938: Slants on the News in the Unions

January 1938: Best Labor Paper Our Goal

January 1939: France and the CIO

10 February 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

14 February 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

17 February 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

24 February 1939: Demonstration Sidelights

24 February 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

28 February 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

3 March 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

7 March 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

10 March 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

17 March 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

24 March 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

31 March 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

11 April 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

14 April 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

21 April 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

25 April 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

28 April 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

2 May 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

5 May 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

9 May 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

12 May 1939: In the Trade Unions (column)

16 May 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

19 May 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

23 May 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

26 May 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

30 May 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

2 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

6 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

9 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

13 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

16 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

20 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

23 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

27 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

30 June 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

4 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

7 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

11 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

14 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

18 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

21 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

25 July 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

1 August 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

8 August 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

11 August 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

22 August 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

22 August 1939: A Review of the Developments Leading to the Actors’ Dispute

25 August 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

29 August 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

11 September 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

15 September 1939: SWP Meetings Prove Masses Against War

18 September 1939: Food Profiteering Is Hint of Days to Come

20 September 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

26 September 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

29 September 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

29 September 1939: Refuse to Shoulder Burden of Boss War

October 1939: Organizing Negro Labor

3 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

6 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

10 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

13 October 1939: CIO Meet Vacillates on Program

13 October 1939: The Red Army Marches

17 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

20 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

24 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

27 October 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

3 November 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

7 November 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

14 November 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

17 November 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

21 November 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

24 November 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

9 December 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

23 December 1939: In the Labor Unions (column)

6 January 1940: In the Labor Unions (column)

June 1940: Pro-War Faction Carries CIO Council Meeting

June 1940: East Indies – A Tender Morsel for the Imperialist Appetite

June 1940: These Sharecroppers Meet to Break the Bonds of Slavery

July 1940: Lewis Seeking Third Party Deal with Wheeler and Townsend

July 1940: ”Powder Keg” in Sharecropper Plight

August 1940: Auto Workers Oppose Draft

August 1940: A Summary of the Auto Convention

November 1940: Vultee Strike Vital Test for Labor (as Jack Wilson)

December 1940: Calif. Business Men Rally Anti-Union Forces (as Jack Wilson)

December 1940: News from Our West Coast Correspondent (as Jack Wilson)

December 1940: Our West Coast Correspondent Writes on the New ‘Gold Rush’ (as Jack Wilson)

December 1940: Red Scare Proves Dud (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Aircraft Worker Sees Victory for CIO in Douglas Drive (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Conscription Threat Fails to Balk Ryan Strike Plans (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Hollywood Swings into the War Drive (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Imperialism Writes Its Profits in the Blood of Countless Millions (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Labor Organizes as War Industries Boom (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Our West Coast Correspondent 1 (as Jack Wilson)

January 1941: Our West Coast Correspondent 2 (as Jack Wilson)

February 1941: CIO Organization March Has Ford Company on the Run (as Jack Wilson)

February 1941: CIO Workers March on Every Front (as Jack Wilson)

February 1941: Consolidated Aircraft Uses AFL Union to Block CIO Organization March (as Jack Wilson)

February 1941: On Freedom of the Press and Movies (no author given)

February 1941: What’s for the Army Officer Ain’t for the Buck Private (as Jack Wilson)

March 1941: Calif. Labor Takes to the Picket Line (no author given)

March 1941: Shop Steward System Is Vital to the Union (as Jack Wilson)

March 1941: On Life and Democracy in the Army (as Jack Wilson)

April 1941: Open-Shoppism Gets a Terrific Jolt (no author given)

April 1941: We Are Proud of American Labor’s Victories (as Jack Wilson)

May 1941: AFL-CIO Ranks Stand Solid Against Shipyard “Yellow-Dog” Contract (as J.W.)

May 1941: Bridges Hearings Reek of Frame-Up (as Jack Wilson)

May 1941: The Cost of Living Shoots Skyward (as Jack Wilson)

May 1941: Shipyard Workers Defy Jingo Intimidation in Coast Strike (as J.W.)

June 1941: West Coast Labor Resists Jingo Attack on Strikes (as Jack Wilson)

June 1941: 11,000 North American Workers Rally Around “75–10 or Strike!” (as Jack Wilson)

June 1941: It Took 3,000 Bayonets to Push the Picket Line Back (as Jack Wilson)

June 1941: Army Keeps Its Bayonets Poised at North American (as Jack Wilson)

June 1941: Draftees Oppose FDR War Program (as Jack Wilson)

July 1941: For the Defense of the Soviet Union! (as Jack Wilson)

July 1941: A Reply to Shachtman (as Jack Wilson)

August 1941: Strike Wave Sweeps Over Los Angeles (as Jack Wilson)

August 1941: Sweatshops Yield to Pressure of ILG Pickets (as Jack Wilson)

September 1941: Army’s Morale Worries Brass Hats (as Jack Wilson)

November 1941: CIO Convention Votes Full Support of Mine Strike (as Jack Wilson)

November 1941: Movie Moguls Imported Willie Bioff (as Jack Wilson)

December 1941: Bosses Try to Blackmail Labor at Washington Confab (as Jack Wilson)

December 1941: Coal Retreat Is Dangerous Precedent (as Jack Wilson)

December 1941: 40 Hour Week Will Be the First War Victim! (as Jack Wilson)

December 1941: The KKK Cancer Must Be Cut Out of the Trade Union Movement! (as Jack Wilson)

December 1941: Labor Taken for a Ride at Capital Conference (as Jack Wilson)

January 1942: All Out for Labor Unity as the Road to Organizing America 100% (as Jack Wilson)

January 1942: Auto Bosses Insist on Profits as Usual (as Jack Wilson)

January 1942: OPM Bungling Causes National Crisis (as Jack Wilson)

January 1942: Workers Face Unemployment, CIO Reports (as Jack Wilson)

February 1942: Explanation! (as Jack Wilson)

February 1942: Government Seeks Ceiling on Wages (as Jack Wilson)

February 1942: The Role of Labor in the War (as Jack Wilson)

February 1942: Roosevelt Trips Up Labor Unity (as Jack Wilson)

February 1942: What Attitude Should Workers Take to the Murray Plan? (as Jack Wilson)

March 1942: “Good Neighbors” (book review, as Jack Wilson)

March 1942: Stalinists Against Labor “Sharing War Profits” (as Jack Wilson)

April 1942: The Balkan Debacle (book review, as Jack Wilson)

April 1942: The Case of Lew Ayres – A Courageous Man – a Futile Gesture (as Jack Wilson)

April 1942: Du Pont Dynasty Deals With Hitler (as Jack Wilson)

April 1942: Milk Monopolists Fear UMW’s Dairy Union Drive (as Jack Wilson)

April 1942: Should Labor Surrender Extra Pay for Overtime? (as Jack Wilson)

April 1942: UAW Sacrifices While the Auto Barons Profiteer! (as Jack Wilson)

May 1942: FDR Would Knife Wage Raise for Ship Workers (as Jack Wilson)

May 1942: Labor’s Balance Sheet Since Last May Day (as Jack Wilson)

May 1942: A Portrait of John L. Lewis (as Jack Wilson)

June 1942: CIO Ranks Should Halt Split Crisis! (as Jack Wilson)

June 1942: Sidelights on the Steel Convention (as J.W.)

March 1944: European Labor and Fascism (book review) (as Walter Jason)

April 1944: Art of War – Ancient and Modern (as Walter Jason)

January 1945: Airpower in World War II (as Walter Jason)

1 January 1945: What Is the Meaning of the German Offensive? (as Walter Jason)

March 1945: Wechsler on John L. Lewis (book review) (as W.J.)

30 April 1945: The War Theories – After Six Years of Fighting (as Walter Jason)

21 May 1945: The War in the Far East (as Walter Jason)

29 October 1945: Marshall Report – A Program for War (as Walter Jason)

5 November 1945: Marshall Report – What Kind of an Army Gen. Marshall Wants – 1 (as Walter Jason)

12 November 1945: Marshall Report – What Kind of an Army Gen. Marshall Wants – 2 (as Walter Jason)

10 December 1945: American Legion – What Does It Offer the Enlisted Man? (as Jack Wilson)

17 December 1945: UAW Strikers Stand Firm! (as Jack Wilson)

17 December 1945: Company Security Means Insecurity for Unions! (as Jack Wilson)

January 1946: De Gaulle as Military Theoretician (as Walter Jason)

7 January 1946: Background to the Coming Steel Strike (as Jack Wilson)

7 January 1946: Veterans Protest Homecoming Delays (as Jack Wilson)

14 January 1946: GI’s in Philippines Protest New Demobilization Delays (as Jack Wilson)

21 January 1946: Why Don’t They Send All the GI’s Home? (as Jack Wilson)

28 January 1946: No More Alibis! Bring the Boys Home Now! (as Jack Wilson)

4 February 1946: GIs’ Return Used as Pawn for Big Army (as Jack Wilson)

11 February 1946: Litchfield – A Product of Army System (as Jack Wilson)

18 February 1946: Auto Workers Blast UE Pay Settlement (cable) (as Jack Wilson)

4 March 1946: GM Vital Issue for UAW (as Jack Wilson)

25 March 1946: UAW Caucuses Dispute GM Strike Strategy (as Jack Wilson)

28 April 1946: UAW Heads Compromise on Offices (as Jack Wilson)

29 April 1946: The “New Line” of Stalinism – A Danger in the Trade Unions (as Jack Wilson)

27 May 1946: Auto Speed-Up Cuts into Pay Work Standards (as Jack Wilson)

1 July 1946: Fight on Stalinists Imminent in UAW as Leonard-Thomas Seek Way Out (as Jack Wilson)

22 July 1946: Ask CIO to Adopt UAW Wage Plank (as Jack Wilson)

22 July 1946: CIO Vets for Profit Tax to Pay for Bonus (as Walter Jason)

29 July 1946: UAW Board Meeting Will Discuss Prices (as Jack Wilson)

18 August 1946: UAW Adopts Compromise Formula (as Walter Jason)

2 September 1946: UAW Factions Vie over Policy (as Walter Jason)

14 September 1946: UAW Faction Fight Heads for Showdown (as Walter Jason)

6 October 1946: Layoffs Highlight UAW Meet (as Walter Jason)

7 October 1946: Ask Special UAW Conference (as Walter Jason)

20 October 1946: UAW Launches New Wage Drive! (as Walter Jason)

27 October 1946: UAW’s Wage Drive Marked by Caution (as Walter Jason)

28 October 1946: UAW Vets Outline Program (as Walter Jason)

2 November 1946: Showdown in UAW Coming (as Walter Jason)

20 December 1946: Sloan Statement Illustrates Economics-Politics Relation (as Walter Jason)

26 January 1947: Reuther Takes Union Situation to Ranks (as Walter Jason)

17 February 1947: Brophy Backs Reuther in UAW Tilt with Thomas (as Walter Jason)

2 March 1947: Faction Fight Intensified in UAW Local Elections (as Walter Jason)

9 March 1947: Faction Fight Intensified in UAW Local Elections (as Walter Jason)

13 April 1947: UAW Strike Notice on Chrysler (as Walter Jason)

16 April 1947: Half-Million Detroit Workers Down Tools (as Walter Jason)

12 May 1947: Traces UAW Bad Pay Settlement to Political Weakness (as Walter Jason)

14 June 1947: Chrysler Delegates to Back Labor Party Resolution at Michigan CIO Conference (as Walter Jason)

16 June 1947: State Convention to Test UAW Groups (as Walter Jason)

21 June 1947: Reuther Forces Win at State CIO Meet (as Walter Jason)

18 January 1948: Auto Workers Spearhead Struggle for Third Round Wage Increases (as Walter Jason)

19 January 1948: Wage Fight Is Major Issue for Auto Workers in ’48 (as Walter Jason)

1 February 1948: UAW Prepares Showdown with Big Three in Auto (as Walter Jason)

2 February 1948: The GM Strike (book review) (as Walter Jason)

15 February 1948: See Unified Strategy Key to UAW Demands (as Walter Jason)

16 February 1948: Mass Layoff Hits Detroit Auto Center (as Walter Jason)

15 March 1948: Local Auto Union Votes Show Militants on the Alert (as Walter Jason)

29 March 1948: Unified Wage Demand Strategy Missing (as Walter Jason)

5 April 1948: Wayne Council Illustrates CIO Problem (as Walter Jason)

18 April 1948: Auto Negotiations Reach Crucial Stage (as Walter Jason)

25 April 1948: Reuther Murder Attempt Is Concern of All Labor (as Walter Jason)

1 May 1948: UAW Sets May 12 Date for Strike Against Chrysler (as Walter Jason)

17 May 1948: UAW Is Set for Showdown Fight with Chrysler Corp. (as Walter Jason)

24 May 1948: UAW Fight Key to CIO Wage Victory! (as Walter Jason)

25 May 1948: UAW Cracks Boss Front in GM Pay Settlement (as Walter Jason)

30 May 1948: Auto Workers Union Debates Issues in GM and Chrysler Settlements (as Walter Jason)

31 May 1948: UAW Struggle at Decisive Stage (as Walter Jason)

12 June 1948: Detroit Roused as Cop Kills Negro Youth (as Walter Jason)

28 June 1948: UAW Workers Boo Ford Offer; Michigan CIO Convention Meets (as Walter Jason)

19 July 1948: Ford Workers Slap T-H Act, Vote Solid for Union Shop (as Walter Jason)

August 1948: Folklore of Fordism (book review) (as Walter Jason)

16 August 1948: Leonard Launches New UAW Caucus (as Walter Jason)

23 August 1948: The Leonard Caucus? Well, It’s Having a Hard Time (as Walter Jason)

13 September 1948: Delegates Smash Stalinist Grip in Wayne County CIO (as Walter Jason)

22 November 1948: The Labor Veteran and the AVC (as Walter Jason)

22 November 1948: Workers Show Confident Mood in Chrysler Tie-Up (as Walter Jason)

7 February 1949: Cites Growing Sentiment in UAW for Political Action (as Walter Jason)

7 February 1949: UAW Conferees Back “One at Time” Pension-Wage Strategy; Ford First (as Walter Jason)

9 May 1949: Ford Provoked Strike; Reuther Faces Hard Test (as Walter Jason)

16 May 1949: Ford Strikers Bitter; Co. Insists on Speedup (as Walter Jason)

22 May 1949: New Strategy at Ford Announced by Reuther (as Walter Jason)

23 May 1949: CIO’s Dilemma – Labor Movement Faces Prospect of Defensive Fight (as Walter Jason)

31 May 1949: Reuther Retreats in Ford Strike – Discontent Grows (as Walter Jason)

7 August 1949: UAW Prepares for Action at Ford; – Ranks in Fighting Mood (as Walter Jason)

2 October 1949: UAW Men Disappointed by Contract with Ford (as Walter Jason)

11 October 1949: Discontent Spreads in UAW Ranks Against Ford Contract Provisions (as Walter Jason)

31 October/1 November 1949: Murray Takes Burocratic Road to Purge CP Gang in the CIO (as Walter Jason)

1 November 1949: Steel Settlement Strengthens Murray; Relations with Reuther Strained (as Walter Jason)

12 November 1949: UAW-Fair Deal Candidate for Mayor in Detroit Beaten in Racist Campaign (as Walter Jason)

13 November 1949: Reuther Offers Program for Better GM Contract Than at Ford in 1950 (as Walter Jason)

December 1949: A Turning Point for the CIO (as Walter Jason)

January 1950: A Service to Labor (book review) (as Walter Jason)

9 January 1950: The Dynamite Plot Against UAW (as Walter Jason)

23 January 1950: UAW Sets Strike Date to End Chrysler Stall (as Walter Jason)

25 January 1950: UAW Strikes Chrysler for Pension Demands (as Walter Jason)

30 January 1950: UAW Up Against Fact That Pension Issue Lacks Appeal for Men (as Walter Jason)

6 February 1950: UAW Faces Tough Struggle in Strike Against Chrysler (as Walter Jason)

12 February 1950: UAW Broadens Demands for New Contract with Chrysler (as Walter Jason)

27 February 1950: Reuther Speaks on Pie in the Sky (as Walter Jason)

27 February 1950: Big UAW Locals Call for Help to Miners; Union Pays Medical Plan for Chrysler Men (as Walter Jason)

March 1950: John L. Lewis (book review) (as Walter Jason)

6 March 1950: Morale in Chrysler Strike Shoots Up as Miners Win (as Walter Jason)

12 March 1950: Is Another Race Riot Nearing in Detroit? KKK Forces Mobilize Against Negro Housing (as Walter Jason)

13 March 1950: Chrysler Strike Front Is Firm; UAW Heads on Spot (as Walter Jason)

27 March 1950: Lewis’ Victory and Proposals Create Ferment in Labor Ranks (as Walter Jason)

28 March 1950: UAW Exposes Phony Offer on Pensions by Chrysler (as Walter Jason)

2 April 1950: Chrysler Local 7 Demonstrates in Mass Rally at Plant Gates (as Walter Jason)

24 April 1950: Labor – Let’s Harness Labor’s Power! (as Walter Jason)

1 May 1950: Labor – Let’s Harness Labor’s Power! (as Walter Jason)

7 May 1950: UAW Gains Victory at Chrysler But Dangers Loom for Future (as Walter Jason)

22 May 1950: Charges Against Gosser Create Scandal in UAW (as Walter Jason)

27 May 1950: UAW’s Contract Victory at GM Marks a Turning Point (as Walter Jason)

4 June 1950: Michigan – What’s the Line, Walter? (as Walter Jason)

10 June 1950: Norman Thomas Girding to Reverse SP Convention Line on Elections (as Walter Jason)


September 1953: Present and Future of U.S. Labor (as Walter Jason)

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