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ETOL Writers: Jack Weber (Louis Jacobs)

Jack Weber
(Louis Jacobs)

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Biography (not yet available)


June 1932: Not Alone Comrade! (film review)

September 1932–February 1933: Japan – Its Rise from Feudalism to Capitalist Imperialism and the Development of the Proletariat (series)

February 1933: Breaking Point Approaches in North China Conflict of Imperialist Powers

February 1933: Japan Defies Other Imperialist Powers in China

February 1933: Japan Rejects League ‘Aid’

February 1933: Japan Widens Attack on North China

February 1933: Japs Plan to Extend Conquest

February 1933: League Obeys U.S.A. in Move Against Japan

March 1933: Chinese Bourgeoisie Is Impotent Before Advancing Japanese Armies

March 1933: Jap Advance Hits U.S.S.R.

September 1933: Discussion on the N.R.A. and the Slogan Nationalization of Industry (series)

17 March 1934: March of Events (column)

24 March 1934: March of Events (column)

31 March 1934: March of Events (column)

7 April 1934: March of Events (column)

21 April 1934: March of Events (column)

28 April 1934: March of Events (column)

5 May 1934: March of Events (column)

12 May 1934: Louis Fisher Slays “Trotskyism” Again

12 May 1934: March of Events (column)

19 May 1934: March of Events (column)

26 May 1934: March of Events (column)

2 June 1934: March of Events (column)

9 June 1934: March of Events (column)

16 June 1934: March of Events (column)

23 June 1934: March of Events (column)

30 June 1934: March of Events (column)

July 1934: New Trends Under the New Deal

August 1934: America and the War in the Pacific

September 1934: Roosevelt and the State

15 December 1934: March of Events (column)

22 December 1934: March of Events (column)

January 1935: The End of the Naval Truce

5 January 1935: March of Events – Naval Race Forebodes War of the Pacific (column)

12 January 1935: March of Events (column)

19 January 1935: March of Events (column)

2 February 1935: March of Events (column)

9 February 1935: March of Events (column)

16 February 1935: March of Events (column)

March 1935: Problems of the Pacific (book review)

2 March 1935: March of Events (column)

9 March 1935: March of Events (column)

16 March 1935: March of Events (column)

23 March 1935: March of Events (column)

30 March 1935: March of Events (column)

6 April 1935: March of Events (column)

20 April 1935: March of Events (column)

27 April 1935: March of Events (column)

4 May 1935: March of Events (column)

11 May 1935: March of Events (column)

18 May 1935: March of Events (column)

25 May 1935: March of Events (column)

15 June 1935: March of Events (column)

6 July 1935: March of Events (column)

13 July 1935: March of Events (column)

14 September 1935: March of Events (column)

21 September 1935: March of Events (column)

28 September 1935: March of Events (column)

5 October 1935: March of Events (column)

12 October 1935: March of Events (column)

19 October 1935: March of Events (column)

26 October 1935: March of Events (column)

2 November 1935: March of Events (column)

16 November 1935: March of Events (column)

23 November 1935: March of Events (column)

30 November 1935: March of Events (column)

14 December 1935: March of Events (column)

28 December 1935: March of Events (column)

4 January 1936: March of Events (column)

18 January 1936: March of Events (column)

21 March 1936: March of Events (column)

28 March 1936: March of Events (column)

April 1936: In Justification of Stalinism (book review)

11 April 1936: March of Events – America Plans for War (column)

25 April 1936: March of Events – Decline of the British Empire (column)

November 1936: War and the Comintern

September 1937: The Wave of Trials in the U.S.S.R.

April 1938: The Jewish Question

July 1940: Japan and America in the Pacific

August 1940 Burnham’s Letter of Resignation

November 1940: War Strips the Lovestonites

March 1941: The British Workers – Not Churchill – Can Defeat Fascism

March 1941: The Immortal Paris Commune

March 1941: Stalin’s Analogy Between Himself and Bloody Ivan

April 1941: The Balkans – Pawns of the Great Powers

April 1941: Britain’s Labor Leaders – Their Actual Role

April 1941: Histadrut in Its 20th Year in Palestine

May 1941: British Workers Can Lead Way to World Revolution

May 1941: The Depth of the Post-War Crisis Is Already Clear

May 1941: Nazi War Economy – Some Fiction and Some Facts

May 1941: The Permanent Revolution

May 1941: The Problem of National Freedom for Poland

May 1941: Stalin Is Now Groping Around for a New Line

May 1941: What “Negotiated” Peace Means

June 1941: The Balkans

June 1941: British “Labor” Party Refuses Aid to India

June 1941: Bundles of Old Clothes for Britain

June 1941: Our Stand on “Taking Over” War Industries

July 1941: The Aims of the United States in China

July 1941: Why Stalin Has Again Instituted Army Commissars

July 1941: Will Japan Now Attempt to Attack the USSR?

August 1941: Hopkins Covers Stalin and the Moscow Trials

August 1941: Japan May Now Seize Opportunity to Attack Siberia

August 1941: Progress in India Hindered by British Exploiters

August 1941: Social Democrats Come to the Aid of Imperialism

September 1941: Japan’s Dilemma – Dare It Attack the USSR Now?

September 1941: Stalinists and the Question of Aid to the Soviet Union

September 1941: What Program Will Rally the Masses of Europe?

4 October 1941: Not the Bosses, but the Workers Will Save the USSR

11 October 1941: Japan’s Moves in China Are Prelude to New Adventures

18 October 1941: Petty Bourgeois Opposition Shows Its Bankruptcy

25 October 1941: Social Patriots Call for ‘Unity of Labor’ for War

1 November 1941: Post-War Crisis Will Grip All Capitalist Lands

8 November 1941: What the Capitalists Think About the Soviet Union’s War

15 November 1941: How Stalin Will Return Aid Given Him by ‘Democracies’

22 November 1941: Davies Suddenly Remembers About the Moscow Trial

22 November 1941: Japan Sends Another Special Envoy to “Discuss” Far Eastern Crisis

29 November 1941: British Bosses Are Worried About Aims of U.S. Imperialism

6 December 1941: Why Did Hitler Resurrect the Anti-Comintern Pact?

10 January 1942: They Fear Revolts in Europe Above Everything Else (as A. Roland)

17 January 1942: Relations Between Great Britain and the U.S. in the War (as A. Roland)

24 January 1942: Deep-Going Effects of War Costs on American Economy (as A. Roland)

31 January 1942: The Burmese People and Their Struggle for Independence (as A. Roland)

February 1942: Twilight in the British Empire (as A. Roland)

14 February 1942: Vladivostok – Key to the Pacific War (as A. Roland)

21 February 1942: Lessons of the Last War (as A. Roland)

28 February 1942: Lessons of the Last War – 2 (as A. Roland)

7 March 1942: The United States Is for Free Trade in British Empire (as A. Roland)

14 March 1942: America After the War – Golden Future or Chaos? (as A. Roland)

21 March 1942: Guthrie Resignation Shows Bosses Can’t Plan Production (as A. Roland)

28 March 1942: Technocracy Evolves Openly Toward Fascism (as A. Roland)

4 April 1942: The Russian Phase of the Pacific War (as A. Roland)

11 April 1942: The New Leader, the Dies Committee and Civil Liberties (as A. Roland)

18 April 1942: The Dilemma of the Capitalist Class of India (as A. Roland)

18 April 1942: Laval Will Try to Make France Part of Hitlerite Order (as A. Roland)

July 1942: Stalin Bolsters His “New” Tradition (as A. Roland)

April 1943: The Kremlin Bureaucracy and the War (as A. Roland)

November 1944: Political Economy Under Stalin (as A. Roland)

March 1946: The Great Conspiracy Against the Revolution

1 June 1946: A Condemnation of the SWP Stand on the Nuremberg Petition

3 April 1947: To the Editors of the Nation

July 1947: Stalin’s Slave Laborers

October 1947: James Burnham, A Modern Cato

May 1948: Benes Aided Moscow Frame-Up Trials

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