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Julie Waterson after being batoned by police at the Welling demonstration against the BNP, 1993

Julie Waterson



November 2012: Julie Waterson (1958–2012) – our most fearless fighter, by Alex Callinicos (Socialist Worker, 20 November 2012)


March 1985: Equal jobs and rights?

July 1985: The poor are always women (book review)

March 1986: The tyrant topples

March 1986: You’re barking up the wrong tree Clare

June 1986: Rape – the socialist answer

July 1986: Left redundant (book review)

August 1987: What the inquiry will not reveal

January 1988: The Politics of Abortion

February 1994: A common enemy (book review)

July 1995: Continuity and change (book review)

Winter 1995: The party at its peak (extended book review)

January 1996: Live export (book review)

January 1996: True or false? (with Mac McKenna)

April 1996: Lost and found (book review)

January 1999: Behind Closed Doors (book review)

April 1999: Part inspiration, part frustration (book review)

October 1999: One conspiracy too many? (book review)

November 1999: Our father – who art not in heaven (book review)

April 2000: They Asked For It (book review)

September 2000: The Abuse of Power

January 2001: Spin doctors need miracles (book review)

July 2001: The Bitter Fruits of Blair’s Rule

January 2003: The missing links (letter)

March 2003: Beating the Bigots

March 2008: Leon Greenman (1910–2008) (obituary) (with Claire Dissington)

August 2009: Mosley’s fascists

October 2009: The rise and fall of New Unionism

November 2009: Why we can’t rely on left wing union leaders

June 2011: Don’t let the right turn back the clock on sex (letter)

January 2012: How we shut down the Nazis in Welling

The photo above shows Julie Waterson after being batoned by the police on the Welling demonstration against the BNP in 1993 (Source: Transpontine Blog)

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