ETOL Writers: Pat Wall

Pat Wall

Pat Wall (1933-1990)

(1933 – 1990)


August 1990: Pat Wall – A lifetime fighting for socialism

August 1990: Pat Wall Memorial Meeting – “Go well, comrade”


1960: Fazakerley Ward Election Leaflet

March 1962: De Gaulle’s dilemma

June 1966: Franco Regime Tottering

October 1967: Act Against Bosses, For Workers

February 1972: Housing – Tories Threaten Councils

December 1973: Clay Cross Must Not Fight Alone

December 1973: Jazz Genius (book review)

January 1974: Working Class a Special Case Says Arthur Scargill

October 1974: Bradford Trades Council Banner Destroyed by Fascists

March 1975: International Aid (letter)

September 1975: Introduction to ‘Bloody Sunday’ Eye Witness Account

September 1975: When the “Democrats” Ruled the Party

February 1976: How the 1929–31 Labour Government Fell

July 1977: Racism in America – Free Gary Tyler!

August 1977: Striking U.S. Miners Fight Hired Guns

September 1977: US Labour Faces Big Battles

April 1978: Trades Council Pledges Support

May 1982: Why I Am Standing for the Labour Party NEC

May 1983: Bradford – Worse Than the Thirties

1984: The Confidence of a Marxist

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