ETOL Writers: Charlie Van Gelderen

Charlie Van Gelderen

Charlie Van Gelderen (1913-2001)

(1913 – 2001)

Biography (not yet available)


August 1935: South Africa 4th Int’n’lists Back Ethiopia

April 1941: Britain’s People’s Convention

May 1941: Britain’s Copperbelt in Africa Reaps Gold from Exploited Labor

July 1968: A Payneful Travesty

August 1968: The Mind of Desmond Donnelly

September 1968: Government, party and the working class

October 1968: TUC & the Labour Party – the last warning?

November 1968: Postmortem on Blackpool

January 1971: Karl Marx – Early Texts (book review)

Summer 1974: Black American History (book review)

Winter 1975: How British Trotskyism began (book review)

January 1984: ‘It’s Poetry I Still Love Best’ (book review)

Winter 1995/96: Ernest Mandel – Revolutionary Socialist in Theory and Practice (obituary)

Winter 1995/96: Trotskyism in Italy (letter)

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