ETOL Writers: Ken Tarbuck

Ken Tarbuck

(1930 – 1995)

Biography (not yet available)


Summer 1968: The Making of Revolutionaries – Cadre or Sect

Autumn 1968: Trotsky’s Marxism – A Reply to Nicolas Krassó

Winter 1968/69: The Time-Bomb in the Engine Room – International Liquidity and the Crisis of Imperialism

Winter 1969/70: Condemned From the Dock (review)

Autumn 1969/70: A New Annual? (review)

Autumn 1969/70: Some Notes on British Trotskyist History

Spring 1970: A Letter to a Comrade

Spring 1970: Productivity Deals and Workers’ Control

Spring 1970: Tony Cliff, The Employers’ Offensive (review)

Spring 1970: The Workers’ Control Movement and the Building of a Revolutionary Cadre

Autumn 1970: Ernest Mandel, Europe versus America? (review)

February 1972: I.S. Writes Its Own History (review)

Summer 1977: Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution (review)

Autumn 1977: Ten Years Without Deutscher

1993: Ethiopia and Socialist Theory – The Blood on the Wall (pamphlet)

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