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Tom Stamm


Biography (not yet available)


May 1930: From Hillquit to Lovestone (as Marsh)

August 1930: The National Miners’ Union Passes (as Marsh)

June 1931: The Party’s Unemployment Drive

July 1931: The Unemployment Councils at Work

September 1931: Lovestone 10 Years Ago (as Marsh)

December 1931: Swabeck Meetings in St. Louis and Stanton

January 1932: Stalinists Disrupt Mooney Confab

January 1932: Unemployment and Communism

January 1932: Unemployment and the Party

February 1932: Amter Speaks on the Radio

February 1932: The Annual Heresy Trial

February 1932: Is Mooney to Stay in Jail?

February 1932: The Split in the Brandler Group (as Marsh)

April 1932: Economic Crisis Continues to Deepen

April 1932: Execution of Scottsboro Boys Stayed

April 1932: Movie Chains Try to Smash Union

April 1932: Scottsboro Verdict Must Be Smashed

May 1932: A.F. of L. Fakers Betray Sign Writers

May 1932: Tom Mooney Must Be Freed!

July 1932: Bullets & Gas for the Vets!

August 1932: American Foreign Trade and the Question of Credits to the Soviet Union

August 1932: Lessons of the Bonus March

August 1932: The Opposition and N.Y. “United Front” Unemployment Confab

August 1932: Opposition Campaign on Germany

September 1932: Unemployed Activity in Retrospect

October 1932: Elephant, Donkey and Socialists Compete for Election Honors

November 1932: Scottsboro – What Now?

December 1932: New Expulsions in the Comintern (as Marsh)

January 1933: Nazis, Cops Provoke CPG

January 1933: Wall Street Rulers Force Wage Cut on the Teachers of New York City

February 1933: Mooney Congress Called

March 1933: Stalinists Discredited at Mooney United Front Conference in N.Y.

April 1933: Convict Patterson – United Mass Protest Must Save Scottsboro Boys

April 1933: The Mooney United Front – The Negotiations Must Be Conducted Publicly

April 1933: Party May Day Conference Reveals Inner Dispute on United Front Policy

April 1933: Scottsboro March on Capital

April 1933: S.P. Sabotages Mooney Struggle

April 1933: The Stalinist Shift to the Right

April 1933: A United Front from the Top?

May 1933: 30 Hour Bill Legalizes Stagger System and Furthers Plan for New Wage Cuts

August 1933: The Archbishop Benjamin Again

August 1933: Bosses Propose Starving Schools

August 1933: The Importance of the 6 Hour Day Slogan Under the N.I.R.A.

August 1933: Pinchot and Labor

September 1933: Civil War Looms in Cuba; Situation Tense

September 1933: Relativity and Pacifism

September 1933: The Stalinist Program for the Cuban Revolution

September 1933: The Teachers Can Organize with Aid of Workers

October 1933: The Cuban Government Moves to the Right

October 1933: Left Wing in Teachers Union

November 1933: The Crisis in the Cuban Revolution

December 1933: Biased Judge Rushes Negro Boys to Chair

December 1933: Cuba and Montevideo

December 1933: Movie Review: Noel Coward’s Cavalcade

December 1933: Movie Review: Wild Boys of the Road

December 1933: The Teachers and the Class Struggle

December 1933: Unemployment Insurance – A Slogan to Unite Teachers and Workers

January 1934: The Recovery Program of the Socialist Party

January 1934: Workers Oppose Mendieta Regime

February 1934: Here and There with the United Front

February 1934: Significance of Taxi Drivers’ Strike Analyzed

April 1934: End of the New York Taxi Strike

May 1934: The Cuban Revolution on the Defensive

May 1934: The Johnson Bill and Credits to the U.S.S.R.

May 1934: An “Underground Union”

June 1934: A Falsified Biography of Lenin (book review)

June 1934: Stalinist Record in the Cuban Revolution (series)

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