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November 1928: Statement to Canadian Party

April 1929: The Coming Elections in Great Britain

June 1929: Stalinism in the Canadian Communist Party

July 1929: The British Labor Government

September 1929: The Cult of the ‘Third Period’ – I

October 1929: The Cult of the ‘Third Period’ – II

October 1929: The Removal of Bucharin

November 1929: The A.F. of L. Convention

March 1930: The Paris Commune and the Proletarian Revolution

April 1930: A New Stage of the International Communist Opposition

May 1930: Biography and Revolutionary Struggle (book review)

June 1930: Back to Lenin! Manifesto to the Rank and File and Seventh National Convention of the C.P.U.S.A. (with James P. Cannon & 5 others)

June 1930: Defeat the Capitalist Offensive!

June 1930: The Hawley-Smoot Tariff and American Imperialism

June 1930: Indian Ferment and Chinese Lessons

June 1930: Jobless Millions Must Organize!

June 1930: Social Democratic Betrayal – Answer to a Socialist Worker

June 1930: Towards a Concrete Program of Action

July 1930: New York Demonstrates for India

July 1930: The 7th Convention of the Party – a Debacle

July 1930: What Fish Committee Means

August 1930: What’s Going On in China?

August 1931: Anti-Communist Arrests in Canada

November 1931: The Canadian Party Trial

November 1931: The Canadian Trials and the Opposition

December 1931: The Defendants Before the Docks in Canada

January 1932: Rosa Luxemburg – On the Anniversary of Her Assassination by the German Social Democrats

April/May 1932: The State and the Trade Unions in Canada

August 1934: The Crisis in Fascism – 1. The Events in Germany

November 1935: British Tories Sweep Election as Best “Sanctions” Party to Protect Empire

November 1935: The Danger of War and the Defense of the Soviet Union

December 1935: Sanctions and the Coming War

March 1936: The Tradition of the Communards

April 1936: British Imperialism Faces Dilemma as Line-Up in Europe Changes

December 1936: From People’s Front to French Front

January 1938: After Twenty Years (extended review article)

February 1938: Roosevelt Speeds Drive Toward War with Navy Budget

April 1938: The Record of the Democracies

June 1938: The Collapse of the New Deal

October 1938: Internationalism – Our Banner

October 1938: The Soviets and Democracy

November 1938: The Popular Front’s Guilt

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