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Ronnie Sookhdeo

Ronnie Sookhdeo

(1946 – 2014)


Obituary: Ronnie Sookhdeo, by Linda & Peter Taaffe (from The Socialist, 29 October 2014)


September 1976: Seveso – Explosion destroys the environment

December 1976: Windscale Reveals Radiation Danger

March 1977: Nuclear Fission – The Horrifying Risks

May 1977: Scottish children threatened by lead poisoning

August 1977: Asbestos must be completely banned

November 1977: Nuclear Fission – A Threat to Us and Future Generations

December 1977: Guyana’s Sugar Strike Shows Capitalism has nothing to offer

Winter 1977/78: Guyana – Economic Crisis Deepens

February 1978: A Danger to Mankind

Spring 1978: ‘Caricom’ in Turmoil

May 1978: The Stench of Oil Profit

June 1978: PNP Youth Conference

July 1978: Spanish Holiday Disaster – Workers Sacrificed for Profit

August 1978: Another Tanker Spillage

August 1978: Workers Lives in Danger

September 1978: Carnival Spirit – Despite the Police

November 1978: Health and Safety Act – The Pitfalls

February 1979: Cadmium Poisoning – Profits Can Kill

April 1979: Caribbean at the Crossroads

April 1979: Nuclear Accident Threatens Thousands

September 1979: Revolt Sweeps Eastern Caribbean

October 1979: Burnham Regime Shaken by Mass Revolt

April 1980: The Poisoned Profits of 245 T

May 1980: 245T – Capitalism Damages Your Health

October 1980: Burnham Faces Growing Revolt

March 1981: Murder, violence and corruption – The Burnham road

March 1981: For a socialist Caribbean

May 1983: Lead – The most widespread poison

January 1984: Cancer – the hidden killer at work

January 1984: Stop the killer cancers

March 1984: Poisoning the world

August 1984: Major Life Threat

September 1984: Near nuclear disaster in Channel

December 1984: World’s worst industrial disaster

February 1986: Sellafield safety – Workers at risk

Autumn 1988: Global pollution threatens ecosystem breakdown

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