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1958: Religion and Social Revolt

1958: Race Riots: the Socialist Answer

1960: What is Revolutionary Leadership?

1961: Labour’s Fifth Column [PDF of original pamphlet]

1961: The Future for Labour’s Left [PDF of original pamphlet]

1962: Lenin on Dialectics. An Introduction to The Philosophical Notebooks of Lenin

1968: Trotsky’s Marxism Under Attack

1975: Marxist theory and class consciousness, from Marxism & the Class Struggle

1980: Literature and Revolution: Trotsky, from Marxism, Ideology, and Literature


1974: Opportunism and Empiricism from Trotskyism Versus Revisionism, A Documentary History, Volume 4.

1974: Trotskyism versus Revisionism, A Documentary History Volumes 1 and 2 combined with other documents from other sources on the split in the Fourth International:
The Fight Against Pabloism in the Fourth International
, ed. by Cliff Slaughter

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