ETOL Writers: Nimrod Sejake

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Nimrod Sejake

(1920 – 2004)


Obituaries: Nimrod Sejake (from CWI & Irish Times, 19 June 2004)


November 1983: Workers’ Power and the crisis of leadership

June 1984: Irish workers strike to support boycott of SA goods (letter, with Fergus Cassidy)

September 1984: Defying apartheid laws

September 1984: The power of the workers

September 1985: Solidarity with South African workers

December 1985: The best traditions of socialist struggle

February 1988: “Sabotaging machinery” is not the workers’ method

September 1988: No Retreat from the Freedom Charter

February 2000: “The ANC has sold out!” (interview with Laurence Coates)

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