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July 1946: The Referendum in Poland

August 1946: Anti-Semitism in Poland

August 1946: Problems of the Polish Revolution

August 1946: The Polish Resistance Against Stalinist Rule

September#160;1946: Russian Imperialism in Poland

November 1946: A Triumph for Trotskyism in Bolivia (as J. Velasco)

December 1946: Stalinist Terror Dominates Elections in Poland

January 1947: Anti-Semitism and Polish Labor

January 1947: Miners of Bolivian Plateau Choose Eight Trotskyists as Their Deputies (as Luis H. Velasco)

January 1947: Poland: “Not Yet Ready For ... Democracy”

January 1947: The Polish Independent Socialists

February 1947: The South American Stalinists Sell Out for “a Plate of Lentils” (as Luis H. Velasco)

February 1947: The Traditions of Polish Socialism

May 1947: Stalin’s Agents in Bolivia (as Luis Velasco)

July 1947: Eastern Europe Structural Changes

August 1947: A Reply to a False Charge

August 1947: A Social Democratic “Innocent” Abroad

September 1947: A Latin American Manifesto (as Luis Velasco)

December 1947: Trotskyism in Bolivia (as J. Robles)

January 1948: Peron – Argentine Sub-Imperialist (as Luis Velasco)

January 1948: Rudzienski Replies to Oak

January 1948: Stalinist Terror Hits Polish Opposition

January 1948: Textile Strike in Lodz Revolutionary Protest Against Stalinist Regime

March 1948: Mikolajczyk’s Role Exposed

April 1948: Bolivia – Reaction Threatens Political Uprising (as Juan Robles)

April 1948: The Capitulations of Mr. Benes

April 1948: GPU Kills Another Polish Socialist

April 1948: Stalin’s Agents Assassinate Polish Socialist

June 1948: Liquidate Polish “Shadow Parties”

June 1948: Social Democrats in Russian Zone Form Bureau

July 1948: Polish Socialists in Exile Map Fight

July 1948: Ukrainian Problem – Past and Present

August 1948: Resistance in the Ukraine

September 1948: Cracks Appear in the Polish Stalinist Party

September 1948: Italy – Third Front versus CP

September 1948: Rebellious Spirit Penetrates Polish CP Ranks

November 1948: Purges Continue in Poland

November 1948: The Totalitarian Reaction in South America (as Juan Rey)

December 1948: The Class War in Eastern Europe

December 1948: In Latin America – Stalinism and Counter Revolution at Work (as Juan Rey)

January 1949: Bolivia – Totalitarian Victory an Imminent Danger (as Juan Robles)

January 1949: Mikolajczyk Makes New Appearance

February 1949: Russia Wars Against Polish People

June 1949: Violent Strike of Bolivian Miners Confused by Nazi-Peronist Politics (as Juan Robles)

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