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Chanie Rosenberg

(1922 – 2021)


Chanie Rosenberg 1922–2021, by Donny Gluckstein (Socialist Worker, 6 June 2021)

True Believers: Chanie Rosenberg (video interview – offsite)


March 1957: Colour Bar in Britain (written as C. Dallas)

July 1958: Education and Social Class (written as C. Dallas)

Summer 1967: The Notebook – Teachers (written as C. Dallas)

21 :September 1968: Young Teachers Step Up Fight for More Pay

Autumn 1971: Education and Revolution

1972: Education and Revolution (pamphlet)

June 1973: Bride of the Revolution (book review)

April 1974: This New Season (book review)

June 1976: Food for the Children (book review)

October 1986: Hope of change (book review)

September 1987: Class and the classroom

June 1988: Heroes of the Holocaust (book review)

Summer 1988: The Labour Party and the fight against fascism

October 1989: Accumulated waste

November 1992: My favourite books (book review)

April 1994: The cry of unity (book review)

September 1994: Revolution in the Air

April 1995: ‘World revolution and happiness for all’ (book review)

January 1999: From world war to class war

January 2000: Art that’s both bold and brave (art review)

April 2000: A swift response to bigot (letter)

February 2002: Civilised behaviour? (book review)

March 2002: When Black and White Unite (theatre review)

April 2002: A People’s History (book review)

June 2002: Love Story South of the River (theatre review)

July 2002: Wheels of Change (film review)

October 2002: Shaken and Stirred (theatre review)

November 2002: Document of Brutality (film review)

November 2002: Duncan Hallas – An Agitator of the Best Kind (obituary)

February 2003: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (book review)

March 2003: Beautiful Picture (film review)

April 2003: Hitting the Right Notes (film review)

April 2003: Migrating Across the Waves (book review)

June 2003: The Personal and the Political (book review)

June 2003: A Revolution in the Making (film review)

July 2003: Stand Up and Be Counted (book review)

September 2003: Hope and Courage (film review)

January 2004: Low Pay – The Underbelly of the Beast (book review)

March 2004: Geometric Smiles (art review)

June 2004: Israel – Yet More Roadblocks on the Road to Peace

November 2004: Revolutionary plates and teapots broke the mould (art review)

January 2005: The Fire First Time (book review)

January 2005: The First of a New Genus (book review)

May 2005: Choreography takes centre stage in this adaptation of Billy Elliot (theatre review)

September 2005: Hero or Sneak? (book review)

April 2008: K is for Kollontai

May 2008: Palestine Voices

April 2012: By my 100th birthday I want to see socialism (interview)

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