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Andrew Price

(1949 – 2014)


Socialist fighter honoured by lecturers’ union, The Socialist, 14 May 2008

Andrew Price: Fighter, teacher, party campaigner, by Dave Reid, Socialist Party Website, 7 October 2014


June 1976: Young Socialists fight racialism

September 1976: The Water Crisis – Who is to Blame?

January 1977: Nye Bevan’s Sister Opposes Witch Hunt

April 1977: Welsh TUC face jobs crisis

November 1978: £70 for 35 hrs

February 1979: Rubbish for Rubbish (with Chris Burns)

May 1980: Local Councils – Where the Money Goes

May 1980: NATFHE – Our fight is a political fight

April 1981: Cardiff South East – Right Manoeuvres

August 1981: A Travesty of Democracy

August 1981: No Backsliding (letter)

May 1982: ‘Nye Bevan’ (television review)

June 1982: Double standards over trades councils (letter)

November 1982: LPYS – Don’t go back to the stooge days (letter)

December 1983: A miners’ leader and 1926

February 1984: Tory MP in Nazi regalia

May 1984: Welsh LP conference – Looking for a way forward

July 1985: Educating Glamorgan’s Labour Council

November 1993: Capitalism, Culture and Decline in Britain (book review)

May 2003: Defend Education – Fight New Labour’s Attacks

June 2003: Lecturers Fight for a Living Wage

May 2005: NATFHE conference – Defend the members, safeguard union democracy

June 2005: NATFHE conference – Members prepare for future battles

May 2006: NATFHE demand pay justice

July 2006: Wales launches Campaign for New Workers’ Party

March 2007: UCU general secretary election – Vote for Roger Kline

April 2007: No victimisation – Support Deeside college lecturers

March 2008: Vote ‘yes’ in strike ballot

November 2008: Prescott – the class system and me (TV review)

April 2011: Black Friday – A warning for the workers’ movement

October 2012: The road to New Labour

December 2012: Clay Cross legacies (letter)

February 2014: Marxism in Today’s World (book review)

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