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Keith Narey

Keith Narey

(1947 – 1997)


An end to the struggle, by Andy Beckett, The Guardian Weekend, 18 October 1997

Obituary: Keith Narey, by Pete Watson, The Socialist, 17 May 1997


January 1976: Bradford Left Back Bevan

May 1976: Bradford Fines

November 1976: “How Militant Helps Me Fight Cuts” (letter)

December 1976: Marxists in Bradford Labour Party

October 1977: Keep Your Feet on the Ground!

December 1977: Labour Student Campaign

August 1978: The Great Manningham Mills Strike, 1890

Marc 1979: Never Cross a Picket Line

May 1979: Dyers and Bleachers – Defend the closed shop

October 1979: Room at the Bottom (book review)

September 1981: Renold Victory

March 1982: Trade Unions and the Labour Party

April 1982: Bradford councillors oppose cuts

May 1982: Metal Box

July 1982: Pat Wall increases vote

September 1982: Bradford – A future if we fight for it

April 1983: Kraft – 100% Resistance

May 1983: Hindle Swindle

May 1983: Local election reports – Bradford North

June 1983: ‘Not animals – but workers fighting for our rights’

August 1983: Battles in Bradford and Halifax

November 1983: Workers give warning at Carter Gears

August 1984: Armthorpe’s ‘martial law’

September 1984: Armthorpe YS protest

September 1984: Police riot in Armthorpe

September 1984: Protest called over jailings

September 1984: Young Socialists among seven jailed

March 1986: Baildon setback by AUEW leaders

April 1986: ‘Dirty Half Dozen’

June 1987: Tory vandals at work

September 1992 Tommy Hare (obituary)

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